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Sod the pundits, let’s get a gauge of Forest fans opinions as the next manager of Nottingham Forest. Not who do you think we’ll get – who do you want.  I’ve tried to include the candidates that have been doing the rounds, however there is an ‘Other’ option for those I’ve missed out, which will invite you to add your own candidates.  So make sure you have a good look at the list first so we don’t end up with multiple entries.

Thanks for voting!

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  1. Long shot for me is that we should try and prise Martinez away from Swansea. Knows the english game, plays it the right way, the Forest way and has worked minor wonders with Swansea on a limited budget.

  2. Didn’t ask me to add a name when I voted nffc – is your poll thing working OK?

  3. Clearly not 😦 Bugger. It must only do that for me.

    I’ll amend the instructions to get people to leave comments in here. Martinez is a great shout, but you’re right – it would be a long shot!

  4. Id go for Martinez but why change and come to club in crisis like ours????

  5. Brian Laws or Glen Hoddle to work with Pembo !! I think Pembo and Glen Hoddle would Make a good management team !!!!

  6. why is nobody mentioning darren ferguson?!
    he’s done wonders at peterborough….

  7. We could try an experienced foreign manager, such as Carlos Bianchi. He is argentinian, and won 9 titles with boca juniors. Bit of a legend over there, but he may want to prove himself in Europe.

  8. Not a bad shout Worthy, I also think Pembo should be on the list

  9. I think pembo should be given a chance for at least a couple of games to gauge the effect he could have. He surely carries alot of respect within the club, plays football the right way, and has shown a great knack of winning games.
    100% i want keane in if he wants it. I know he is an arsehole sometimes, i still cry at what he did to us (the irish) in 2002, but backed him as have no time for mccarthy. He may have bottled it at sunderland but if he could do the same thing at forest and walk out on us when we’re in the premiership, i’ll take it. Can’t see him being offered it though
    Don’t think clough would leave burton now, and can’t blame him he should have been offered it a long time ago, even if he didn’t want it.
    So the only option for me is Hoddle. He is a good manager, has an excellent ideology regarding how football should be played, not his reincarnation beliefs!
    He has a great record, could have gone a long way in WC if not for beckham petulance, was unfairly sacked and nothing has really worked for him since. Seems like an arrogant fool sometimes but the great man himself was.
    Honestly don’t know………..just thank christ CC has gone, the football was killing me!

  10. Hoddle – you must be joking! He knows nothing about today’s football having been out of it for too long and we don’t need a prima donna.

    One name that no-one has mentioned who would surely shake us out of our stupor – Souness!

    Any takers?

  11. I agree Ryan that Pembo should be given a few games to show what he can do,and possibly bring someone experienced to work with him until the end of the season.
    He deserves the chance and I just hope he gets off to a winning start at norwich !!!

  12. why vote for stuart pearce????…he didnt manage us 2 well last time…..lets not rush into signing BD ffs….show some class forest!!!…for a change….suprise us all…show some ambition

  13. Best answers……

    Ronnie O’Sullivan…. because we need so many points we need snookers.

    Jim Henderson…. With our board we need someone who can work with muppets.

    Any more?

  14. GARY JOHNSON!!!!

  15. Cloughie or Keano would do it for me if Pembo is clueless. McFarland did well when he came in for those last games after Megson f’ed up but was axed. Keano obviously did not buy so badly at Sunderland as they are all flying now. Dream Team would be Keano as manager and Cloughie as coach. Couldn’t afford Keane. Hoddle’s half mad! I’ld be happy with Davies or Boothroyd though.

  16. Sb – i agree with you to an extent, yes he is a prima donna, but so are most of the best players. He did an ok job at Wolves, just drew too many games, and he is still involved via his academies and punditry. SB, i like many others am just simply confused as to who can take us forward, but it certainly isn’t souness. You want to talk about a prima donna, then they don’t come bigger than that p***k! The man manages to alienate so many of his own playing staff, he has zero people skills and has achieved f all as manager, bar a couple of league cups (in an era when the big clubs were ignoring its importance), and a decent record at rangers, which was a gimme when you consider the shambles celtic were in while he was managing. The guy is a joker and him and b. robson are simply the people i truly do not want.

    As far as pembo is concerned, i would like to make a comparison with what has occurred at Barca. Now i know there is a huge difference in the situations, but on a relative note there is a similarity in the expectation levels at both clubs.
    At the end of last season, barca were in chaos, the players had lost faith in the manager, there was too many playboys not playing to their ability. What many thought was needed was a man like mourinho, etc, with proven winning track records and so on, but the barca board plumped for a man who had zero top-flight experience, but was a huge success at youth level and he was loved within the club. Josep Guardiola had no qualms about ridding the club of dead wood, and keeping faith in the football he believed in, he was backed by the board and they have seen the rewards as barca are storming their league by going out out playing the best football in europe.
    Now i can’t stress how much i appreciate the gulf in quality between the two squads and the relative league positons, yet the ideology is correct and true to the club. Give him a chance and it could be the best thing we have done in years.

  17. Cant understand why Ince has not been mentioned, he did well at MK Dons and Macclesfield and would be an ideal role model for our young squad.

  18. What about Jonny Metgod! The man is a legend, and highly coveted in Holland

    Absolute corker! http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=1XysTzt–ik

    Know you prob seen it, but its a nostalgic time of year

  19. Ryan – understand your comments about Souness and Pembo, if given the chance would have my full support, but we need someone who is going to make the hard decisions.

    Our club has great history, which has to be embraced without becoming a millstone. As fans we like attractive football which is loyal to the Clough era, but the rest of this season might have to be a series of ‘ugly wins’ if we are to enjoy our share of the re-negotiated Championship millions.

    We need some calm, confidence and directions, but most of all some of the players need to realise that they need to retain some humility and perspective. I attended the recent ‘Kit Sponsors Lunch’ which was eye-opening in terms of how some of the players regard themselves!!

    Chambers, Lynch, Wilson (probably) are just not ready for this level. I thought McGugan was shocking yesterday (was it really only yesterday) and therefore I think we need someone who can bring the dressing-room with him but is confident enough to make the tough decisions that we, as committed supporters can see need to be made every game.

    As it is now less than 24 hours and there doesn’t appear to have been an announcement, I presume Pembo will be in charge tomorrow. At least Davies hasn’t been installed as that would really scare me! I just hope we sign Camp and bring back Breckin for the Norwich game – paired with Morgan and flanked by Maloney and Heath, we may (just) have the start of something!!

  20. Rearrange the following into a well known phrase or saying:-
    “don’t give I sh’t a”

    Because there’s something rotten in the woodshed.

    If Balsawood ended up with the best managerial win-rate since Frank Clark according to the EP* whoever comes in is going to get us winning a few games again.
    Then what . . .succombing like the others to the City Ground, post-Clough black magic ?
    No – we need a bloody exorcist before a new manager 🙂
    Meanwhile, get out your pins and juju dolls of Souness, Robson, Hoddle . . .


  21. It jut goes to show what a hard job Arthur & Doughty have! But it appears that unless its someone with Forest connections that whoever comes in is going to divide the fans which means any honeymoon period is going to be short lived!

    What about Colin Cooper, currently assistant at Boro ans strikes me as the sort who would want to be a manager

  22. Darren Ferguson is a good shout….

  23. Whoever takes over (hopefully Martinez/Curbishley/The Skipper/Keano) will have their work cut out. To be fair to CC the team yesterday, with the exception of maybe Tyson, was about the strongest we’ve got. Hold your heads up Maloney, Tyson, Wesley and Cohen. The rest were absolutely shameful; as for our most inventive, creative and indeed best midfielder- Mcguigan’s performance, attitude & lack of effort was absolutely shameful!! From a Notts boy as well. CC made huge mistakes but his efforts, loyalty and endeavour shouldn’t be questioned; but that of some of the players who are paid huge money was disgusting. Nevertheless a change was necessary and if we’re honest about a year overdue.
    I did quite like the idea of Davies taking over but I think NFFC’s opinion has influenced mine!! Anyway Up the Reds!!!

  24. Im astounded at some of the suggestions that some are making for a new gaffer YOU GUYS DONT KNOW FOOTBALL.We are in a mess need 9 wins from remaining games with a bunch of kids and lazy bastards.We need an experienced head calm,but assertive and will nock a few out there comfort zones.

    Wilson,chambers ,bennett,lynch,perch,are poor players and all need emptied.New guys will take time to settle WE DONT HAVE TIME WE ARE IN A MESS AGAIN.
    The man chosen has a hard job iits became a poisoned chalice

  25. Interesting that not a single manager has come out and thrown his hat into the ring.
    Surely SOMEONE out there wants to manage our wonderful club??

    Or maybe they’ve all been reading the comments from the Forest faithful and thought “f**k that, impossible job, and they all keep harping back to Clough”

  26. I’ve just noticed the skybet link to odds no longer works – in fact all the online bookies seem to have closed the book… does this mean BD is now our manager?

  27. I find this hard to swallow but I have just been informed that Big Ron was seen at the City Ground today with David Pleat! Guess at least he knows where the dugout is now! The source may be wrong in makind 2+2=5 and this may just be a coincidence but he would not say this as a joke!

  28. Well, apart from Hoddle non of the Managers mentioned are good enough. For those who dont want Hoddle put your prejudice to one side and see the reality. We currently have no class, the last ounce went with the traitor Commons. We need a tactician, a play maker and a reader of the game, if Hod comes he will bring John Gorman to sort out the defence and lets face we leak worse than a broken sieve at the back, Bring on the Hod……………

  29. Darren Ferguson deserves a shout… and Pemberton has worked wonders at Reserve level. Roy Keane for me though. He dragged Sunderland out of a simialr situation.

  30. Poach Neil Warnock! Ithink he think he can realistically

  31. Martin Allen. He’s the closest thing to a proper ‘character’ around at the moment. Inspirational, brilliantly eccentric and a really good team builder and organiser. He did wonders at Brentford and Milton Keynes (Ince’s reputation was pre-made for him by Allen) and he didn’t take any nonsense from a tricky chairman at Leicester. He walked away rather than have anyone meddle with HIS team. He reminds me of you know who And he is blinking good at the job.

  32. I agree with myself completely

  33. I can’t believe Billy Davies has more votes than Terry the Kitman!

  34. Where does all this talk of Billy Davies come from? Is it a done deal, like the bookies seem to think ? I have this sense that we’ve all been softened up by a month’s worth of nudges and winks. I don’t want to start bad-mouthing the bloke who might be our next boss – but I don’t think I’m the only one struggling to be inspired by the thought of him succeeding CC.
    Having said that, all of our moaning and groaning may just be a factor in the Forest job being as dificult as it seems to be. We’re not the most supportive supporters are we? So if he does get the job, his air of discipline and his level of experience are not to be scoffed at. We could clearly do with a bit of both.

    On a related point – what was ‘Premiership manager ‘Gary Megson talking about when, he said he had to deal with things at Forest that no other club manager in the country had to put up with? Was that about his players, the supporters – or his boss? After all, two out of that three haven’t changed.

  35. Everyone agrees this is a tough job/posioned chalice. So….. we must get behind him/her (?). I predict CC will eventually go on to be a good manager for a better team than us.

  36. Hopefully Pemberton will be given a few games to show what he can do before anyone is appointed. Good comments Ryan, and Pembo knows who is not good enough. He has seen all the games.
    I´m sure he will restore Brecks,and he has a lot of contacts in the game regarding players needed in January. I´m sure we will have a good performance at norwich !!

  37. Sunderland have just done it. Caretaker manager given 4 games,slotted in easily and now given the job !!. Lets hope Pembo has the same opportunity !!!
    Everyone would be happy . The man is a winner !!

  38. whoever gets the poisoned chalice will eventually be hounded out when we fall on hard times again, we should have stuck with paul hart and gone down with him in charge and rebuilt back then. instead we do it the hard way and keep on appointing kinneer’s,megson’s,calderwood’s etc this time will be no different guaranteed-when billy davies gets anything wrong he’ll suddenly become that ex-derby b******.not that i want davies but me thinks he’s odds on, roy keane for me.

  39. Why Nigel Clough..? He has zero experience in any higher level of football than the conference. Leave him known to the club as a legend and get Roy Keane in, clearly proven he can do it at this level.

  40. Hi,

    Apart from the sheep side of things, why is everyone so against Billy Davies.

    He got a very average (at best) Derby side promoted to the Premier League and they did better with him in charge than they did with Jewell. (Davies got 6 points in his 14 games in charge and they ended up with 11 from 38 games after Jewell took over)

    He also made the play-off finals with Preston.

    I’m not saying he’s my number one choice, but I think we could do a lot worse.

    On that subject, we need to act quickly as if Derby lose again today Jewell will probably be looking for a new job too and we don’t want him or his cardies 🙂

    We’ll see eh?

    Happy Christmas one and all 🙂

  41. Gary Johnson please!

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