The next Forest manager.. what the bookies think..

Sorry Mark, I didnt quite catch that, was that a ten year contract on £2m a year?

"Sorry Mark, I didn't quite catch that, was that a ten year contract on £2m a year?"

When the future needs predicting, football fans will look not much further than the bookmakers to provide them with a list of likely events.  Of course, those of us who enjoy a trip to Ladbroke’s before a game will know that betting on the favourite in terms of odds isn’t a failsafe method in making cash – and I’m hoping the early indications for the odds on the next Forest manager are supportive of this comment.

The list is as follows, in order of the odds from Sky Bet:

  1. Billy Davies – evens
  2. Aidy Boothroyd – 4/1
  3. Nigel Clough – 6/1
  4. Alan Curbishley – 8/1
  5. Laurie Sanchez – 12/1
  6. Iain Dowie – 12/1
  7. David O’Leary – 12/1
  8. Alan Pardew – 12/1
  9. Alan Shearer – 14/1
  10. Gary McAllister – 16/1
  11. Roy Keane – 16/1
  12. Bryan Robson – 16/1
  13. Trevor Francis – 33/1
  14. Garry Birtles – 50/1

Most of that list is downright scary.  I hadn’t even considered the horrors of Bryan Robson being our next manager.  The runaway favourite type positioning of Billy Davies is awful, in my opinion, and the accuracy is hopefully weakened by the ever-unreliable Nottingham Evening Post also opining that Davies is as good as lined up as the replacement for Smoulderwood.  Ready to instantly alienate Earnshaw and Camp ready for our crucial game with Norwich.  Joy!

Birtles makes it on to the list, bizarrely, although the unshaven madman himself champions number three on the list, Nigel Clough.  Now, I have huge huge huge affection for Nige, as do we all.  Would I want him as manager?  I’m not sure – certainly more so than Davies or Boothroyd, but well, I have few Forest heroes and I’d like to preserve those I do have in heroic mode.  Plus would he want the job?  I’m not so sure.

Shearer is a surprise entry, and he’s above Keane who so many people seem to want, and then we come to the utterly terrifying prospect of Bryan Robson.  Thankfully Trevor Francis and Birtles are clearly there to make up the numbers given the long odds.  At least I hope so.  Let’s hope it doesn’t give Doughty and Arthur ideas for new lows to reach in their Forest manager selection policy..

.. with the local media reporting a quick appointment is desired, that would suggest that the manager-to-be has already been sounded out.  It will be an interesting day tomorrow.  Or not.  I wonder if we can drag out the appointment as long as Swindon managed, who actually appointed Danny Wilson today – only to find one of their top candidates, Smoulderwood, would’ve been available on a free if they’d dragged it out one more day!

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  1. What a really scary list! My choice would be Alan Curbishley, but hey what do I know! I’m just someone who has forked out hard-earned cash for 30 years as a season-ticket holder.

    Other thoughts – bit numb to be honest. Took my daughter to the game today (she is also now a season-ticket holder) and whilst we feel a bit sorry for CC, like Chambers, Lynch, and one or two others, he had probably risen too far too quickly.

    If anyone gets chance – go onto Forest World and listen to the interview with Robbie Earnshaw to realise how much players really do ‘feel the pain’!

    I think we need someone who knows hoe to operate at this level, has recent experience; so knows how players are currently performing, understands the inherent pressures of being involved with a club which has such a history and who can be calm and decisive. Neither MA, nor ND are the types to work well with ‘hot heads’ so I’m not sure that either Davies or Keane would really be in the frame – but then again, what do I know!!

    At this point, a chance to finish 21st on the last day of the season would get me almost as excited a 3rd May 2008. All-in-all, a very sad and hugely disppointing day.

  2. Another thought – I hope Breckin is now taken off the transfer list; he may not be quick, but he’s experienced, very strong in the air and provides a level of calm and confidence at the back. Pair him with Morgan, keep Maloney, bring in an experienced Left-back to play in front of Camp and we can then build from the back.

    Management – easy really!!??

  3. I´m sure the new manager will give all the players a fresh start,including brecks and after seeing videos of Brecks in action will restore the captains armband to him.
    I still hope Pemberton takes over for the norwich game and we get a good win..
    Give the board something to think about.
    Whoever comes in …A contract until the end of the season with a good bonus for keeping us up..Then take it from there !!!!
    That list IS Frightening !!!!

  4. What a list, god help us. If thats all the managers that are around at the moment that I will put my name forward. On a serious note there is only a couple with any credibility and that is Alan Curbishley and Aidy Boothroyd. I just hope Nigel Doughty gets it right this time, but given his track record I doubt it very much…….
    Its time Nigel Doughty consulted us fans about a replacement and not go on his limited knowledge of football managers. I am suprised Roy Keane and Paul Ince are not on the list.

  5. At least with Lynch and Bennett crocked it will give Heath a chance, I know he lacks experience but he looks better than those 2 and with Brecks back in, he and Campy would lend the experience that the defence need. I would be tempted to go 4 4 2 with
    Heath, Morgan, Brecks, Maloney
    Tyson, Cohen, Thronhill, Anderson
    Earnshaw Garner

    But like SB says, what do I know!

    I thought McGugan looked one dimensional yesterday and was quickly found out by the Donnie players. They really deserved that win with 2 of the goals coming after they had slowly built up play by passing the ball at least 20 times. I am not a Davies fan either but will be right behind whoever we get. I left early yesterday to demonstrate my strength of feeling and get back to my family and 8.5 month pregnant wife but did not boo the players. They have a large element of responsibility for CC’s demise but if he had the nouse to find a formation and am and stick to it, they may just have had a chance of knowing what they were doing. I would be tempted to give Pembo a shot until the end of the season, he has done wonders with the reserves and if the talk of no money is true, we will need someone who knows the capabilities of our young reserve team

  6. My 5yo thinks we should appoint the Red Power Ranger as new boss with the Black one as assistant.

    Probably a better option than some on that list!

    Personally, I think we need an experienced manager, not a so called up and coming one. Which rules out Mr Parr, sorry Phil!

    My choice would be Hoddle. I just think his style of management and football would suit our players. But we’ve had two opportunities to appoint him in the past and not done it so probably not going to happen now. Keane would exite me. Not fill me with confidence but it’d certainly breathe life into the club and stands. Plus “Roy Keane’s Red & White Army” just sounds right.

    I’d also be happy with Curbishley. Not inspired by the appoinement but I think he’s exactly the sort of man we need. And first thing he can do is bring in Danny Gabbidon from his old club to replace Wilson (quite scary that Perch looked a damn site better at CB yesterday than Wilson has all season – that speaks volumes).

    Bring on the Curb.

  7. I think there are some good names on the list. It does seem that the number one remit is to stay up though. Biggest problem I have is that they’re all out of a job (apart from the one bloke who is running away with his League, gets his teams to play the right way, lives locally, talks common sense and would have his team of part timers playing at a higher level if it weren’t for the one up rule in the lower leagues …. therefore this rules him out, because he’s related to one of the greatest men ever to walk the planet).

  8. Birtles!!! Reading that was the biggest laugh I had on Boxing Day! Clougie, Keane and Pearce would be a hit with the fans but I don’t think Cloughie or Keane would be up to or want the job; Pearce is a diferent matter but again not sure he’d want it after the last time. Hoddle, Dowie, Robson, Francis, McAllistair, Shearer, O’Leary – please no, no, no. Sanchez, Boothroyd, Davies, Pardew not a fan but they may do a job. I guess that means Curbishley would get my vote and he is a guy I rate. Surprised Laws isn’t up there somewhere.

  9. I’m not sure of the correct email address but I suspect it’s something like – perhaps we could bombard our illustrious owner with “No to Billy Davies – Get Martinez from Swansea emails”? I hear it was fan power (albeit stupid fanpower) that got Ince in at Blackburn.

  10. That list IS scary!!! There arent many on there that offer me much comfort I have to admit.

    Im not a sentimentalist so I dont think Clough is the right choice.

    Curbishley for me!

  11. Wilson and Lynch need shipping straight out, how they have managed to play so much under CC amazes me. What did he see in Wilson? All I see is mistake after mistake and then reward of the armband. Get Brecks back alongside Wes and try and keep some stability.

    Does anyone know anything about the Mousse?

  12. its needs to be a forest man, otherwise we will hound out the next nanager like we always do. I have never been convinced by cc, however recently I have had more time for him. you can see he is trying to play the right way, you can see the majority of his team are young and will only get better. some of the football when they are playing well has been great. however after yesterday the majority of the fans got thier way. we should be very careful what we wish for. also if the new manager is the one you wanted or not please let give him time for christ sake, and I mean at least 4 years I only think this is possible at forest if we pick a forest man. I cannot see davies or any of the other non forest hopefuls getting more than 12 months before we are calling for thier head unless we stay up and are in the top ten this time next year.

  13. it wont be but I really hope it would be Nigel, he is one person who I believe we would give time to, play the forest way and because he would have the fans backing he could be very strong around the players and owners. to be 100% in charge with fan power in your favour is key

  14. Redash. Why come on this blog and make obvious, blatantly correct and completely well-founded comments?

    Look at the down-side. If we do get relegated who would you want to still be in charge? I think you answered the point 110% correctly.

  15. Apart from Clough they are all failures ! Bring in the Hoddle, win with style, great contacts and a mate of Doughty’s !

  16. Pleat & Pemberton then. Might not be a bad idea after all ??

  17. Judging by John Mcgovern´s intelligent comments during his commentaries he would be a far better bet than most on that list,certainly ahead of birtles. Hoddle ,if available would aappeal to most of us. Davies would immediately upset Earnie and possibly camp so no to him.
    Still no news of Pembo taking charge for the norwich game….Funny….I thought we were playing tomorrow!!!
    I hope that doesn´t mean the deal with davies is already done…

  18. Unless I’ve missed something, looks like SkyBet closed the book on this one… sounds horribly like Davies. Oh dear.

  19. VCbet have also stoped taking bets on it so it looks like they have info to say who it is

  20. It’s going to be Davies, isn’t it? 😦

  21. I think that Clough is the right choice – and not for sentimental reasons either.

    The past isn’t irrelevant though – especially at Forest. Repeating what I said here a while ago, we have near-proof that the manager isn’t the problem at Forest. Megson, JK and CC were all decent enough. In sacking CC we’ve postponed solving the real problem (and we don’t know what that problem is) until the next sacking <18months by my estimate.

    My best guess at the problem (the only thing the fans could know about) is the negativity of the supporters – inflated expecations caused by Nigel’s dad’s record. Nigel (or psycho) could possibly appeal to the fans a bit more than anyone else and get a bit of optimism in the club again.

    But then again, there may be a bigger reason why every manager fails at Forest – and we don’t know what it is – do we? Which kinda makes conversations like this a bit pointless…. 😦

  22. What chance of a Pearce Clough partnership again ??

    Pearce has applied for the Forest job the last 2 times its become available and not got an interview due to lack of experience, since then he’s had two years in charge of a Prem team and a fair amount of time working alongside Capello.

    So he’s gained a fair bit of experience.

    Pearce loves Forest and clearly would love to come back, whats to say he wouldn’t apply this time.

    He has also said that his first move would be to bring Nigel in to work alongside him.

    Arthur said that CC going has resulted in a lot of applications from Managers currently in employement.

    Obviously there is alot of sentiment involved and these names will always get banded about.

    Well worth mentioning tho

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