Who do you want?

Sod the pundits, let’s get a gauge of Forest fans opinions as the next manager of Nottingham Forest. Not who do you think we’ll get – who do you want.  I’ve tried to include the candidates that have been doing the rounds, however there is an ‘Other’ option for those I’ve missed out, which will invite you to add your own candidates.  So make sure you have a good look at the list first so we don’t end up with multiple entries.

Thanks for voting!

The next Forest manager.. what the bookies think..

Sorry Mark, I didnt quite catch that, was that a ten year contract on £2m a year?

"Sorry Mark, I didn't quite catch that, was that a ten year contract on £2m a year?"

When the future needs predicting, football fans will look not much further than the bookmakers to provide them with a list of likely events.  Of course, those of us who enjoy a trip to Ladbroke’s before a game will know that betting on the favourite in terms of odds isn’t a failsafe method in making cash – and I’m hoping the early indications for the odds on the next Forest manager are supportive of this comment.

The list is as follows, in order of the odds from Sky Bet:

  1. Billy Davies – evens
  2. Aidy Boothroyd – 4/1
  3. Nigel Clough – 6/1
  4. Alan Curbishley – 8/1
  5. Laurie Sanchez – 12/1
  6. Iain Dowie – 12/1
  7. David O’Leary – 12/1
  8. Alan Pardew – 12/1
  9. Alan Shearer – 14/1
  10. Gary McAllister – 16/1
  11. Roy Keane – 16/1
  12. Bryan Robson – 16/1
  13. Trevor Francis – 33/1
  14. Garry Birtles – 50/1

Most of that list is downright scary.  I hadn’t even considered the horrors of Bryan Robson being our next manager.  The runaway favourite type positioning of Billy Davies is awful, in my opinion, and the accuracy is hopefully weakened by the ever-unreliable Nottingham Evening Post also opining that Davies is as good as lined up as the replacement for Smoulderwood.  Ready to instantly alienate Earnshaw and Camp ready for our crucial game with Norwich.  Joy!

Birtles makes it on to the list, bizarrely, although the unshaven madman himself champions number three on the list, Nigel Clough.  Now, I have huge huge huge affection for Nige, as do we all.  Would I want him as manager?  I’m not sure – certainly more so than Davies or Boothroyd, but well, I have few Forest heroes and I’d like to preserve those I do have in heroic mode.  Plus would he want the job?  I’m not so sure.

Shearer is a surprise entry, and he’s above Keane who so many people seem to want, and then we come to the utterly terrifying prospect of Bryan Robson.  Thankfully Trevor Francis and Birtles are clearly there to make up the numbers given the long odds.  At least I hope so.  Let’s hope it doesn’t give Doughty and Arthur ideas for new lows to reach in their Forest manager selection policy..

.. with the local media reporting a quick appointment is desired, that would suggest that the manager-to-be has already been sounded out.  It will be an interesting day tomorrow.  Or not.  I wonder if we can drag out the appointment as long as Swindon managed, who actually appointed Danny Wilson today – only to find one of their top candidates, Smoulderwood, would’ve been available on a free if they’d dragged it out one more day!