Disgrace vs Donny costs Smoulds his job…

Gone in the wake of a shameful performance against Doncaster..

Smoulders: Gone in the wake of a shameful performance against Doncaster..

Nottingham Forest – 2
Doncaster Rovers – 4

Those two lateish goals make this scoreline, whilst not respectable, appear not as bad as this game actually was.  Without being disrespectful to our visitors, to be three-nil down – and deservedly so – at half time against the bottom of the league team is generally a pretty unacceptable state of affairs.  To do so whilst being so hopeless and without any fight doubly so.

Of course, Donny are no strangers to us of late – we know they’re a passing side, and today they showed that – passing rings around us at will.  They typically don’t score many, nor do they let many in, today our clown defending allowed one of those statistics to be emphatically shattered before half time, and some Nathan Tyson-inspired resurgence saw Rovers ship a couple too later on in the game.

Oddly Smoulds opted to change the side that performed well at Southampton, dropping Thornhill and Davies in favour of Perch returning from suspension, and McGugan recovering from injury.  Now, on paper that’s understandable, I’m a big admirer of the role of both players, but I’m also a big believer of not changing something that works.  Tough call, really, I suppose – and had the result been better we probably wouldn’t have questioned it.

Having moved seats to the Upper Brian Clough stand to accommodate some seasonal familial visitors, it was interesting to listen the fans in Capital One corner, who graduated from chants of ‘Calderwood’s red n white army’, and berating some fellow fans who presumably had some kind of banner (and were eventually ejected to jeers of ‘You should’ve sat with the Donny!’.

In the midst of this Rovers scored their second, and of course it wasn’t long before vitriol was being spat in whatever direction fans were facing.  Understandable, as we were awful – but it really shows up Forest fans as so fickle that they can’t make their mind up over 90 minutes – because within an hour they’d be singing ‘You will be sacked in the morning!’  Silly or what?  Perhaps, but well, if that were 11 men playing for a manager they like, then they don’t like him very much.

Smoulds got it pretty much spot on post-match, he said we were awful with the ball – but even worse without it.  We were hopeless.  Lynch was horrifically bad-mouthed by sections of the crowd, and he was pretty awful, no, he was terrible.  Smoulderwood suggested that he was injured rather than subbed at half time just before being rubbish, which perhaps might mitigate some of the terribleness.

So anyway, the game – it was woeful, turgid and poor – you don’t need to hear any more than that.  Nathan Tyson really made a difference when he came on as a substitute; and that’s about all there is to smile about.  Except breaking news that this result has cost Smoulderwood his job.

Thanks for your efforts, Colin – but you really had to go.  Kerslake has gone too.

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  1. Let´s hope Pemberton has the team for the next couple of matches as he already knows the players and he is used to winning. It´s a mental thing as much as anything else so why not.
    I´m not sure about davies who ,it seems from reports tends to be arrogant and not the best motivator.
    Maybe bring someone in to ensure our survival this season if Pembo doesn´t deliver,and then see who is available to take charge of our championship side next season,with time for the new manager to bring in his own players and organise Pre season. Interesting times ahead.

  2. finally it has come but i cant take much pleasure from the news. master of your own downfall colin, today your team selection, tactics and substitutions summed up the last 3 years and it cost you your job, at last!

    first job for the new man is to send lynch back to brighton, next get a big man up front and another for the centre of defence, find a club captain and then send them out chomping at the bit.

    Come on you Reds!


  4. About time too. Should have gone after 15 games, I am concerned because i think it may be too late to avaoid relegation.
    Nigel Doughty has got to pull a rabbit out of the hat on this one. He must get it right to save his own reputation otherwise the fans will turn on him and vote with thier feet, the city ground will then be nothing more of a ghost town. So Mr Doughty get it right this time. Show some ambition and dont go for second best like you have done with the past three managers.
    Roy Keane or Brian Laws. Both have Forest in thier blood. Please dont bring in Billy Davies.

  5. Its going to be interesting for the next month or so now. I, like Alan above, hope that Pemberton gets a crack as he has done great with the reserves for the last 2.5 years, he knows the team and will probably play a system that the players understand 4-4-2! Agree also that we need a big centre half with command of the players and experience. I refuse to believe that these players are as bad as their league position indicates. I’m sure they can do better.

  6. You know Doughty has always wanted a celebrity manager, it’ll be Pembo against Norwich then Roy Keane (then prolly league one).

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