Colin: You’re fired!

Colin, youre fired!

Colin, you're fired!

It’s true.  Check it out.

Regrettably, it’s about bloody time Forest – it has become increasingly clear that he isn’t going to get us out of it.  Smoulders has never really won the hearts or minds of Forest fans, so would always be afforded little leeway in times such as these.

The new gaffer has to be able to operate in the January transfer window as it becomes abundantly clear we don’t have a squad good enough for consolidation in this league; and the squad was largely assembled by Smoulderwood.  So it would be difficult to trust him to strengthen effectively.

Whether this was a ‘final straw’ move by the board in the wake of a truly shameful performance or whether it was planned – it’s hard to know.  I suppose the speed with which a replacement is announced will give us that answer – there are some truly terrifying names out of work at the moment, so it leaves me feeling very much out of the frying pan and into the fire.

However, something did have to change – and whilst I always quite liked Smoulderwood the man (and indeed, the ‘Smoulderwood’ character), he’s never quite cut the mustard as a manager.

So best wishes to you, Colin.  And well done Forest board, I was thinking on the way home listening to his post match interview that those two late goals might have saved him, thankfully not.  It’s not the nicest Christmas for the Calderwood or Kerslake households, but frankly, needs must.

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  1. Huzzah.

    Maybe we have a chance of staying up now. Although the team needs a serious kick up the arse.

  2. looks like i’ll be the first to comment , although in away i feel really sorry for colin because he was a really nice guy who tried his best . having said all this thank god he’s gone .”nice guys don’t win trophies” thanks to colin and all the back room staff for all their help over the years. now lets get us a manager to keep us up and challenge for honours next year . i say let wilson , chambers and lynch go , keep breckin as we will need him, oh and by the way i say bring in billy davies before charlton snap him up !…please not nigel clough not yet !!

  3. Whilst I’m not surprised he’s been sacked after a truelly woeful performance today i cant help but fel he was let down badly by his players, especially the likes of mgugan who was returned to the line-up at trhe expense of thornhill who had played well, but let us down badly, hios short passingf was dire and so saw his positioning and general play. but his long passes were dreadful, if he cant pass it 5 yards he shouldnt try passing it fifty! I hope at least that we get someone in quick to make the most of the the january window. No doubt CC will jion the other failed forest managers in the prem, doing inexplicably well, along with Kinear and Megson!

  4. He was let down by his players, that’s true.

    I need to make a new site header now, too, dammit!

  5. I agree with johno, Calderwood had to go. Somehow, I expected a poor performance today as that typically happens after a good away result but I was still shocked by the ineptitude shown today. Truly shocking, and worst of all were the, once again, bizarre tactics. CC has gone. but I fear the Board have dithered for too long and whoever will replace him will have little time to make best use of the Jan transfer window. As such I hope TTSBU is right & that someone has alreay been lined up.

  6. Give Pembo a chance for the next couple of matches.!!!!!!
    And bring someone ín,if necessary,just until the end of the season.we then have time to recruit a decent manager for our championship side who can organise pre season and bring his own players in…. Hey Brecks !! You might be back in the team again….Please !!!

  7. yh breckin shouldnt have been transfer listed
    he has the xperience and id prefer him to wilson

  8. It’s always a crap result boxing day at home.

    Calderwood? Not before time.

    Sad but there ya go.

  9. There’s no time for sentiment.

    We need wins and wins quick. We probably need a Manager who can hit the ground running with an immediate impact. I would say, however, that our players are in no small part responsible for where we are, so we do need some new faces pretty quickly as well.

  10. Maybe Brecks will be back as captain.
    I agree on Lynch, Chambers and wilson going.They are not championship material. There can be no excuse for today´s performance.
    I hope Camp stays though.Another potential captain when Brecks is not playing….until we sign an experienced strong commanding centre half to be our next captain.
    Pity arthur´s not going as well……….

  11. i have just heard from a very reliable source that the new nottingham forest manager will be / is PAUL INCE !! frying pan fire springs to mind !!!!

  12. Oh lord, define ‘reliable source’, Johno.

    I can’t imagine Paul Ince ever coming here, although it would fit with Doughty’s policy on appointing managers who the fans won’t unite behind.

  13. someone i know who works at forest on the hospitality side of things told me that if forest lost today there would be a new manager in charge by the next home game and that man would be PAUL INCE …i do hope this is a christmas wind up ! surely the board wouldn’t ..would they ? you know ..i don’t know ..surley …watch this space !!!…that’s what he tod me …well they did lose today and it looks like the next man will be in charge by the next home game ????

  14. Reeeeeeeellllllleeeeeeeeeffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.

    You were spot on nffc CC has never won us the fans over nice guy but poor manager.
    Out of his depth by a counrty mile.However i hold the board as culpable i dread to think who they will appoint.There are also a few players who need emptied aswell.

    and a few need a good kick up the arse

    U reds

  15. Ince ! you must be bloody joking ? He’s got less on his managerial CV that Smoulds. I was there today and freezed my nuts off for £26 and a supposed game of footy, can I claim back the £26 against the tades description act ? I have no idea who could be the manager, certainly not Davies, Curbishley or Ince. I know Dooughty is mates with Hoddle ? Dont want Pearce or Clough although Pearce said something earlier in the week and hinted he might not renew his U21 job with the FA, thinking about it I reckon Pearce would be a good choice ? …………………………

  16. Sorry colin but you weren’t getting the players behind you. I guess it will be billy davies if earlier reports saying he was lined up are to be believed. Lynch and Wilson have to go. I think the team have the ability but need better coaching. Look at Gomez the spurs keeper, he has been much better since redknapp sacked the keeper coach. Good luck colin, I am not sure Davies is the answer but we need a change

  17. Hmm, I’m not sure the board would talk to the catering team about such a sensitive matter – particularly when it was clear from Smoulderwood’s post-match interview that he wasn’t expecting to be sacked (either that, or his metaphorical ‘poker face’ is a bloody good one).

    Ince wouldn’t come here, I don’t think. He’d remember only too well those chants of ‘Paul Ince is a mardy c**t’ whenever we’ve encountered him 😆

  18. Here are the possible candidates:

    Paul Ince – Not too bad, no reason to come to forest
    Nigel Clough – Wouldn’t leave Burton, especially as they are top
    Roy Keane – Candidate #1 in my eyes, ex-forest player, out of work, played under Clough.
    Billy Davies – Supposedly contacted before the Blackpool game, unfortunately, he’s a Sheepshagger.

  19. Leeds showed us the way. Poach someone.

  20. Hmmm. Wonder who The Next Poor Sap will be?

  21. In reply to Oli, I don’t think Keane will come back to forest. He wanted/needs a break from the game and he has only walked out of Sunderland.

    I do think that Curbs fits the bill for Forest. He took Charlton up on a fairly tight budget and consolidated them in the PL. He kept West Ham up a couple of seasons back and left West Ham cos of the transfer policies there. (or so I’ve read).

    I think Ince has nowhere enough experience and got the job at Blackburn on hype.

  22. Had to go but I feel the players let everyone of the 26,501 crowd down today. Piss poor attitude and effort from a lot of them.
    Felt a bit sorry for Lynch who I think was even booed when he did something correct which is slightly unfair given some out there – Lewis take a good hard look at yourself if you want to play at the highest level young man!

    Despite the performance I cannot believe some of the crowd booed the team coming out at half time, you are a disgrace !

  23. Out of the candidates listed keano i think would raise the roof and add a bit of spice to the city ground.A dangerous choice but would certainly fire things up.Plus he loves the club and is well liked by the fans but i dont think MR ARTHUR AND CO WOULD HAVE THE BALLS.

    Keano would be my choice

    Go on nffc stick your neck out who would you like as next gaffer ?

  24. Is this a fair roundup of the options anyone has come up with?

    Nigel Clough & Stuart Pearce
    Brian Laws
    John Pemberton
    Alan Curbishley
    Roy Keane
    Billy Davies
    Paul Ince

    I know that no1 is just a little fantasy by the way….

  25. Ric, I have no idea mate. I’m terrified.

    I know who I don’t want, and top of that list is Davies and Ince. And Dowie. With Keane not too far behind.

    I’d have Pembo in charge for Norwich certainly. Curbishley might be okay, and I have a massive soft spot for Lawsy.

    Whilst I could easily buy into the Pearce / Clough bandwagon, I would be scared to see them fail – which is what seems to happen at Forest.

    Perhaps we should ‘do a Leeds’ and go and make Gary Johnson or Roberto Martinez an offer they can’t refuse?

  26. Well you lot finally got what you wished for. Our spineless chairman has once again bowed to public pressure. Across the road at Meadow Lane, the chairman has openly quoshed talk of Charlie Mc being sacked. Our gutless board failed to do the same to CC. He was therefore under pressure everytime we had a bad result. If you had said at Southampton that he would be out by the following weekend I wouldn’t have believed you.

    Already the ‘oh no I don’t want him brigade’ are trying to rule out candidates. The truth is, Forest supporters haven’t had universal support for any manager since Cloughie. We are a fickle crowd who are yet to grasp the concept of supporting the shirt. The fucking wankers near me who thought it clever to cheer Doncaster’s fourth goal deserve some long ball kick and rush merchant as their next manager. As I’ve said many times, be careful what you wish for.

    Forest were awful today I grant you. However, in the majority of games I’ve seen we have been far and away the better side. Why is the away form now better than the home form? To me, the players are now scared of the supporters and for the vitriol that comes their way at the first sign things aren’t going the way we hope.

    I couldn’t imagine Roy Keane standing on the touchline taking the shit CC has had to in the last few home games, nor Martin O’Neil or Cloughie himself.

    Have a look at yourselves and get some backbone. When we go behind, cheer the team and they may respond. If you get anxious, so do they!

    No doubt, the new man will have a honeymoon period and we must hope results improve very quickly. We have seen both sides of this with Kinnear keeping us up one season and Megson failing to halt the slide the next.

    Personally, I am not convinced a change will improve things although with the basis of a good squad, I do not think the team needs major sugery, merely an influx of some experience to help the young lads through games like todays where the wheels came off totally.

  27. I’m hearing you, Barrow Red… to a point; although I do think that Smoulds’ time had come, he was close – but not close enough – and time was running out. He said himself to judge him after 10 games, and he had longer.

    However your observations of some of our ‘support’ers is depressingly accurate.

  28. Thanks Santa, justice served at last.

    To the fans who are in & out week after week, I can only trust your opinions and I hope they are not rush judgements. Lynch I understand is a loan deal so we’re talking about not renewing it when you talk about letting go.

    Breckin hopefuly will be taken off the list now (as well as Benchreif).


    Like I said so many times to my cousins, thanks for promotion but that’s it. He’s out of his league & now ND finaly agrees.

    We all await news of the new manager….

  29. Stuff the caution/let’s be careful/do we have the backbone?? What kind of question is that ??

    Show some ambition and let’s poach a winning Manager. Simple.

    26,000 turned up today on the basis of one win away at Southampton. There are an awesome amount of fans wating to get down to the ground, they just need some real footy ….

    This is a massive club with a crowd who know & love their football. It’s just we have high standards ….. we’ve been there before and we know what it will take.

  30. Hmm, one’s man’s ‘crowd who’ll come back for good football’ is another man’s ‘bunch of fickle fairweather buggers’

    Just to play devil’s advocate 😉

    To be honest, watching our fans today and reading the message boards – Forest fans aren’t painting themselves in a very good light at all at the moment. Well, in my opinion of course. Other people might think the same reading my ramblings!

  31. Good comment BarrowRed i agree that lots of so called fans are numbskulls.Most havent played football and are fickle minded.I played semi pro and crowds do affect you there is no doubt however these facts are true.

    Forest fans have endured failure after failure for a decade.CC was clearly a decent guy but people in the know could see he was out his depth at crucial times.There is a problem at forest thats for sure the board are as much to blame as CC.They dither and have made some shocking appointments in times past.The core of our support is loyal and i have been a red for 31 yrs and forest fans generally are quite levelheaded we need managemnet with nouse and some passion for FOREST keano would shake it up but hes a risk.Pearcey and nigel we would all love that but who knows eh.

  32. BARROWRED – r u sure what u wrote; U truly believe Calamitywood was the man for us? If so, can you justify his tactics of changing the team week in week out? Can you say in your heart on your shoulder he was right to swap a wining team around the next game? Can you say his tactics were good & the players knew what was their job?

    He was on borrowed time for a long time – he’s not won this season 2 on a trot, his tactics have not helped players and injuries have been more frequent this season than any other of the previous 2. He has not made the step up. he continues to say A when he means Z, he piles unnecesary pressure on his players with his comments when the obvious thing & right thing is to take 1 game at a time.

    Beating the Saints away & then coming home to a side below us and losing in the manner they lost cannot be the players fault entirely, can it? They are heros 1 week & the next useless? Look at Lester, Holt for starters – 2 strikers on fire this season. You can say that there in a lower league but you can’ t deny they are seeing the net this season more than they did under CC.

    Let’s look at it this way, Lennon & Cole with so much experience & history & medals come to Forest & are made to be nothing? Is that right? Are these players past it? OK, so Sherringham & Windas & in the past Peter Shilton who were playing football being older these players are nothing? The truth is NO.

    When would you be happy Barrowred? When we are relegated? The fans gave him hell because he couldn’t produce the results. His players, his team, his tactics. Yes?

    As for experience – CC felt it’s not needed. That’s the only thing I can think of to justify Breckin, Lennon, Cole, Holt & Lester.

  33. BARROWRED. CC had to go, indeed I think he should have gone after the Norwich game but as ever the Board dithered and I accept you point about one extreme to another and not expecting this after the Saints game. I also think you make a very valid point about the home support. I find it dreadful that we don’t lift the team when they need it and whilst I sympathise with the shit the fans have had to endure, its no worse than Newcastle – in a relative way – and they would never boo. But then again, even in the good days we were renowed as a miserable lot at home.

  34. Newcastle fans bloody would boo – they’re more fickle than we are! One of the biggest myths in football, that is.

  35. I actually left early with my 10 year old son, not because of the score line or performance, but because of the behavoir of our fans ! I didn’t want to subject him to the spite and hatred being directed at CC and some of the players. He asked me why the team were booed on to the pitch at half time ? What do you tell him – he supports Forest no mattre what and can’t understand it.

  36. Nffc. Don’t agree with you. Fact of life is that we get older (in body if not in mind). There’s the next generation of Forest fans on the way all the time. you get some good footie it becomes compulsive to be at CG. We are a big city, with a massive football fan base, the boo boys will soon disappear ….

    Paul, that’s why I “had” to stop going (Kids don’t give an Eartha who’s the Manager). Junior reds area not bad though.

    Nigel or Martinez for me (Grant as well).

  37. I´m sure Pembo could handle it with someone experienced to help to the end of the season.
    As we have a young team and most have won games regularly under him and would give him the respect.
    Buy out Brian Laws contract,but not Davies..The more I read about him the worse he would seem to be for our young team.
    Gary Johnson..Yes. Why not. What happened to Peter Taylor,Former u 21 manager? Would he be suitable working with Pembo?. Bring Paul Hart back ..???He would work with Pembo……

  38. Spot on BARROW RED, I think whoever gets the job will be on borrowed time right from the start (agree Yiannaki? I don’t think you do but it’s true).
    Well done “CC-outers”, including the permanent booing party at the CG, your wish has been granted at last.
    CC has made mistakes, I agree. But you can’t deny that game in and game out for two and a half long years he was feeling the same: his chair being sawed little by little. Now, that’s not the way you back a team in my humble opinion.
    Anyway, the times when a manager spent long years in a club (Clough-like) are long gone, with just one exception in the whole League if I’m not wrong (Dario Gradi). I would like Keane to come back and “do a Sunderland” again… After all, he, Psycho and Nigel are the only ones who for obvious reasons wouldn’t feel the sword over their heads from the very first moment, because of an apparently spineless management and some professional grandstand booers.
    NO, I’M NOT CONVINCED change will keep us up nffc, I’m sorry. I still remember Megson’s era but I will try to keep my optimism going. I just wish some of our fans, particularly those who have NOT experienced the double European Cup success as I have, were a little more patient.
    Whoever comes, I WILL ALWAYS BE A RED (and not any manager’s supporter), and that’s all what matters for me. And I will still cheer my team no matter what, INCLUDING THE PLAYERS I DON’T REALLY LIKE.
    Gutted but alive and ready for my beloved club’s resurrection.

  39. I was at the game today (back in the Midlands for Xmas!) and can’t believe how awful Forest were. It was embarrassing.

    Moving forward, NFFC’s analysis of our potential next managers is spot on. Ince would fill me with dread, as would Davies – both would be terrible choices.

    I think we SHOULD try and ‘do and Leeds’ and poach someone, although I am unsure who. What about the Donny manager!? 🙂

  40. Here here vassilis !

  41. Well, I didn’t go today, family stuff, and I’m glad. Not because of the result but the reaction of our fans. My 3 lads don’t want to be hearing all that. They love their team and will cheer the players (their heroes) through thick and thin. They dont understand that its directed at the manager.

    Nevertheless, thank god he’s gone. At least now we have a chance of staying up. With CC in charge I’m afaid we were going down. End of. And even you CC sympathisers knew that, didn’t you.
    Yes yes yes, stability, nice chap and all that. But we were getting relegated.

    Now the real problem. Who???

    Reading this evenings comments it’s clear none of us have the answer.

    Curbishley for me, if we don’t give Pemberton a chance.
    Keane played with fire and fear, never managed with it though.
    Davies, noooooo!
    Ince, nooooooooooooooooo!
    Laws, 3 years ago, not now.
    Pearce, no.
    Clough, no.

    The last 2 names I do not want to hear the sort of crap being shouted at if it all goes wrong for them.
    One thing for sure though, I don’t envy ND the next decision. Fancy loaning your local team 40 million and still getting stick, eh?!

  42. I have to say I feel a bit sick today. And full of fear for the future.

    The players have let CC down repeatedly this season – since he switched to 4-4-2 he’s done OK (even though I don’t like him) but the players looked like they were still drunk on Christmas sherry today – they need to look at themselves in the mirror and ask themselves if they earned their several grand this week.

    As for his replacement, Pearce has a cushy job already, Clough doesn’t want it, Ince (while I actually quite like him) would be hated, as would Davies, Keane isn’t stupid enough to come here after the way he left, and Curbishley would wilt under the pressure as soon as a pass went astray.

  43. I agree with a lot of you – CC has not demonstrated his ability to win at this level, and if I remember last year right, it was a bit of a shock that we got up at all ( I was dreading the playoffs). And the year before that was awful, and the year before that…

    He will do well, in time. I agree with the comments about our support – if it stays as bad as this, we can forget it. Barrow Red – I agree about the chairman’s role, too. We need no pressure at home.

    If I had a vote, it would be for Pemberton. Keane, Clough and Pearce have got more sense than to risk their reputations here. Nigel, in particular, looks set for a very successful season. Pearce is an ever-present with Capello, and looks a candidate for his replacement, eventually – you don’t give that up easily to come to a team likely to fall into the third tier (again), however much you love them.

    I’m not looking forward to the next few days.

  44. Vas – I’m curious to find out why u believe the next manager will be on borrowed time? (Yes, I don’t agree but yes he will be under pressure from the start because of results under the previous manager). 25 games this season, 4wins, 9 draws and 12 defeats. Is that a manager who will keep us up?

    Doncaster – do they have the same expectations as us? (Barrowred the same question to you as well). What about Notts County? If yes, then compare the situations of their managers. If not, then explain the blatent support for CC? He will do well in time but Forest are not a club for experiments.


    He had to go, he’s not but results together with his team and as much as I hate writing this all the time the truth is their in the statistics. YOU DON’T BEAT THE TEAM ABOVE YOU 2-0 AWAY, CNG THE TEAM AND LOSE 4-2. It seems as we played better with 10 men (2 goals) than 11 (conceded 4).

    I’m gonna get a good night’s sleep & I’m sorry if some Trickies don’t agree with me or facts.

    PS Borrowed time & pressure are different time scales/lines if that makes sense to anybody!!)

  45. 1 more point, I understand the booing, yes it doesn’t help, yes it should be left for outside of the ground but when results don’t go your way for a prolonged period of time what do you expect? Furthermore, Away they were getting cheerd – so it’s not confidence the problem – it’s contrasting reactions from the crowd caused by mass frustration. From where? Where to start…. If I do, I might not stop…

  46. Cannot agree more with Barrow Red. As I have said before, Forest fans are suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) and cannot get over the fact they are not a top team anymore. 10 years nearly now since last (briefly) in Prem league. Who wants to manage us with our fans like they are AND a crap chairman who is not backing manager as they take flack. Forest will be looking to stay up now but will still struggle in CCC with this lot on the board for years to come. Forest fans get over yourself, get out of the boo boy cycle and back the team/shirt. There has been NO stability at the club since frank clark left.

  47. Blimey – calm down will ya? Its not as though someone died. We lost a football match. Again. CC had to go. Once you’ve lost the crowd like that, there’s no way back. Although I suspect the majority of the booing/chanting eminated from the 8000 odd additional “supporters” there today rather than the regular crowd. Even the chanting was half-arsed. Sums us up as a club perfectly. I’m not entirely sure all of it was directly at CC. I think a lot was aimed at the ref initially but others caught on and it ended up being hurled CC’s way.

    FWIW, I agree with them. He proved, yet again, that he is a clueless idiot. He has zero motivational ability and even less tactical nouse.

  48. …it was 4-0 with 25 minutes remaining and was the first time Donny had scored more than once in a match all season!……

    Then a few fans still want CC in. For what please tell me? Oh I know, to play Norwich with 10men & lose…. 😆

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