Let’s see that sublime Garner strike again!

Okay, so I said I wouldn’t be online now ’til Christmas, but I just had to fire up the computer before I disappear for a few days to post a link to the goals from the Southampton game.

The first goal – great delivery into the box, and if Big Wes hadn’t got his bonce on it, it looks like Lynch would’ve done!  And well, the grand finale was of course Garner’s wonderfully struck lob.  Moloney does really well – after Anderson initially lost the ball he wins it back, takes it forward and finds Garner.  You’ll then notice that he continues his run, and with Earnie lurking up front too, Garner had two much less selfish options.

I’m certainly very glad, in this instance, he chose to be a selfish wee bleeder!  A top finish and a perfect way to begin the festivities!  What ever things you celebrate (or don’t celebrate!) over the next few days, let’s hope we can all unite for three points against Doncaster.  You Reds!

For those of you outside of the UK, the quality isn’t as good – but you can at least see Garner’s goal here. (Until YouTube get wind of it, at least!).  And failing that, you can check it out with a glorious soundtrack on Stress and Pie.  There, don’t say I never do anything for you!

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  2. Go on, you wee spotty ginger lad! LOL!!

  3. The goal celebration was the celebration of the week, as decided by Soccer AM. I didnt see any other teams do it on the goals round up so there’s a good chance the players involved will be on the christmas day show claiming their prize money – £10 between them!

  4. Trouble is, you can’t really convert his name into Garninho – it doesn’t quite work. Nor does Garnaldo – sounds more like a character in Lord of the Rings.

    Well, Merry Christmas all, and here’s ho-ho-hoping for another 3 points on Boxing day, followed by 3 points on Sunday, followed by, oh let’s see now – 3 points on…

  5. great goal by Garner… loved the celebration… Earnshaw seemed unsure on whether to join in though!

  6. almost a week later and still, what a goal!! Had it been in the Premiershp they would be having orgasms on MOTD!

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