Making up and Breckin-up has never been easy..

I’m a bit sad that it’s been announced Ian Breckin can leave in January.  It probably lends some credence to the rumours that he’s fallen out with Smoulders, because when he’s featured in our defence this season he’s performed well and we’ve looked more solid.  Indeed, we’ve been crying out for an experienced head at the back all season, but clearly the management don’t see it that way as the club captain has been deemed surplus to requirements.

It’s been an interesting few seasons for Brecks since joining us from Wigan.  He started solidly, seemingly glancing corner after corner into the ‘net, whilst winning everything aerially at the back, but certainly he had tougher times too – and was frequently the scapegoat for poor defending.  Never the quickest on the deck, it did seem for a spell that his age was starting to catch up with him – although at only 33 I imagine that he’s got a season or two left in him for somebody.

This season it was looking really promising, he came into a side shipping goals far too easily and steadied the ship, and offering the kind of encouragement you want to see your captain offering; something I’ve yet to see from Captain Casual.  I am hoping that this admission suggests that Forest have an experienced replacement lined up – because even without losing Breckin I was looking for them to sign a commanding centreback.  Now it would seem somewhat essential!

Although given Smoulderwood’s track record in dealing with ‘experienced’ players, I’m not getting my hopes up – Lennon and Cole should have offered more than they did whilst at the club, and I still think Breckin had plenty to offer, but he’s now being offloaded for whatever reason.  I like the idea of a young side, but experience is key too.  Of course, Breckin could have asked for the move given his lack of appearances even in the 16 man squad in recent weeks despite apparently not carrying an injury, and if he has, I don’t really blame him.

So all that remains is for us to thank Brecks for his services; he’s a been a steady-if-unspectacular stalwart in defence – and personally I’d prefer it if we could keep him on ’til the end of the season.  Fare thee well, skipper, and all the best for the future (unless of course you sign for the Sheep botherers!).

Oh, reserve centre-back Hamza Bencheriff is off as well.