Will he stay or will he go?

Is he in?  Is he out?  Or is he just shaking it all about?

Is he in? Is he out? Or is he just shaking it all about?

Well, the 3:30pm deadline some rumour-mongerers were stating with cast iron confidence has been and gone, by some distance, and Smoulderwood is still the Forest manager. There’s lots of whisperings about him supposedly being on the verge of a move to Swindon, pending compensation being agreed between our board and theirs.

Which frankly sounds like a load of horse shit as far as I’m concerned.  For a number of reasons.

Supposedly Curbishley is lined up as successor to Smoulds, and will be in charge in time for the weekend’s trip to Southampton.  This sounds like more nonsense.  If the club had appointed a successor and had the agreement in place, it would be done – I have no idea what Smoulds earns, but he’s on a rolling contract – paying it off would be small potatoes in football terms, it would be sorted, he’d be free to go to Swindon, and the new manager would be in place as quickly as possible.

That’s why I don’t think this has any legs at all, and if it does then it’s a rather sad indictment on the board for the way they’ve handled themselves over the whole thing.  As I’ve said time and again, I have strong empathy with those demanding the removal of Smoulders, I’ve done so myself in the past on numerous occasions, but right now it worries me, because of all the vacant managers kicking around at the moment none of them particularly excite me.

As there’s so many ridiculous stories doing the rounds, I’m interested to gauge what the good people of Nottingham Forest fandom are thinking on the subject matter, and since I discovered how to add these new fangled voting things into my posts, I thought I’d break one out here – so please feel free to participate!

The always unlikely appointment of Big Sam would have been quite exciting, but he’s been very quickly installed as Blackburn’s manager – which unleashes the terrifying prospect of Paul ‘mardy c–t’ Ince being on the job market again.  I suppose we’ll know one way or another whether these are just more silly rumours which seem to be in overdrive at the moment, or whether our board is behaving in a rather shameful manner.  Sad thing is, either are possible I suppose!

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  1. I have never been a fan of CC and if I were honest I wouldn’t loose any sleep if he left the club. We were promoted by luck last season and CC has underestimated this league. before a ball was kicked he was already backpedling due to his lack of preperation. Any decent manager would have realised this. The team have not performed to the expectations of us supporters and is too inexperienced to cope with the challenges of this division. There needs to be a blend of youth and experience and a manager who can motivate the team, unfortunately CC is not that manager.
    The rumours are being banded around at the moment and my choice would be Roy Keane. A hero in his playing days, commands respect and motivates his players. let Swindon Town have CC and they can witness players being played out of position, negativity and lack of imagination.

  2. Relief that Big Sam has gone to Blackburn as that rules him out when the inevitable happens.

    1st choice has to be Nigel Clough, though everyone says he wouldn’t take the job, we’ll never know unless we ask.

    2nd Roy Keane, he took Sunderland from the bottom of this division so is qualified for the task and another ex-Forest legend, so will put bums on seats = support = confidence = wins

    Anything else will be a disappointment, but better than what we have.

  3. I’m with you with regards to the new man McGaribaldi , and we do need one… Keane for me.

    Give us something to cheer about Mr Doughty because the only great day you’ve gave us till now is Yeovil in May and that’s nothing to write home about now is it.

    Roy Keane’s red and white army.

  4. Hate 2 say this, I voted yes 4 him 2 b still here come Sat. Y? ND is the reason. As for Keane, he may have walked but we need a manager right now to move us in the right direction & b4 it’s asked, I wouldn’t mind relegation from the Premiership as long as we fight to stay up unlike a certain team not 2 long ago!:p

  5. I could almost be sold by Keane; but the Haaland incident still leaves a sour taste regarding his character, and he seems a man who flees from adversity a little too easily. I question his moral courage.

    I’ve given up on having a preference; I’m very much in a l’aissez faire mindset. Which is troubling in itself.

  6. Brian Laws is the only one that interests me and he has signed a new contract,whatever that means these days.
    So lets get on with winning games and see what happens.
    All I care about is that we don´t go back down !!!

  7. nigel clough all the way.. btw why are we chasing forwards ? we need a manager and a defender. blackburn have done what we should have done

  8. Nigel Clough for me all the way, but can’t see him leaving a side top of the Conference about to be promoted to the League for the first time in it’s history. Does Curbishley really want to venture out of the smoke? Keane. Think he’ll certainly shake things up, but might be too soon. Davies, has got a really good track record pre Derby in the premiership days. When they got promoted I thought they looked a good side, but my Derby mates say he produced boring 1-0 football. Why can’t we poach someone? Martinez and Swansea now that’s football.

    I can’t help thinking the Forest not approaching Nigel is like his old man never getting the Engalnd job. There ain’t a football fan in this country who wonders “if only”.

    We’ve lived with regret ever since.

  9. Don’t know how many have voted but it seems 95% of us think he’ll still be here.

    I reckon thats more a case of us accepting neither party are prepared to do the right thing for this Club.

    I heard Malpas had taken the Swindon job? If so, CC has nowhere to go, so wont resign.
    But if ND does happen to wake up, please not Ince.

    Sadly nffc I share your view…quite frankly its depressing, embarrassing and the silence from the board is shameful.

  10. I think Ince is a good manager but he would be too unpoular with our fans from the outset, as would Davies. Another unpopular man is NEIL WARNOCK but I think he is more of pantomine villian and if we could bring him to Forest he would keep us up and I think have us challenging for promotion the following season. I think he could be tempted with the off-field stability Forest have as opposed to Palace/Simon Jordan, a move back up North, the big transfer budget and the chance to manage the biggest club of his career. I’ve also heard him say in the past that Brian Clough was his hero and the chance to emulate him may be enough to twist his arm!

    Nigel, Laws, Martinez – No chance of them coming so keep dreaming. Curbishely? He would have gone back to Charlton if he wanted to get himself stuck into a Campionship relegation battle. Keane? Would be interesting but he is too tempremental and I doubt that Doughty would trust him with his money nor can I see Keane adapting to our player recruitment policy of having to work with Pleat, Arthur etc

    BEST SCENARIO – We win the next couple of games and Calderwood keeps his job and we start to makes moves towards safety!!

  11. Have you all not watched what Roy Keane has been doing at Sunderland? The money he has spent on avearage players? The apparent lack of man management skills? No thanks.

    I’m with Steve, if Calderwood ever does leave, lets poach a good manager from another club. Martinez would be ideal but I also like Johnson at Bristol.

  12. I think Keane was a awesome player who was and still is a hard nut.
    Not a great coach.
    Different teams need different coahing style just like different players also need different coaching. Keane coaches one way an it usually invovles pain.

    The best result would be CC to stay win 4 from 4 stay up, sack him in the off season, we would probably attract a better type of coach. As a coach you never want to take over when the club is in the relegation zone.

    In the off season we need a coach that has had some Premiership and Championship expirence, old head, has the confidence of the players. You cant tell me that CC has the 100% backing of the players after the results and tactics used.

  13. Nice article again NFFC, maybe a poll asking..

    “Do you want Calderwood to be the Forest manager for the rest of the season?”

    …might be a better question?

  14. …I’m with NFFC re Keane, the tackly on Haaland was a disgrace and I lost all admiration in the man. Voted yes on the poll – CC is here until the NY….

  15. Now I’ve discovered polls who knows what we might fund? 🙂

    I think I could guess the result of a Smoulds in/out poll though, as Yiannaki would log onto every PC he can to vote OUT. 🙂

  16. fiona phillips is out of a job !!! she’d be easily best looking manager anywhere plus she watches chelsea so she might know a bit !!! LOL

  17. seriously – my choice was roy keane just because of his past links to us, it’d be like him coming home to give something back. like psycho really but there’s no chance with that one so keane next choice possibly a double act with young cloughie ? we can only dream cos ND wont get rid of CC till it’s too late then we wont have any chance of attracting the sort of manager we all crave.

  18. What about J Metgod? He seems to be a coveted coach and after recently joining Portsmouth, has shown he is prepared to work outside of Holland.

  19. CC is, and will prove to be a very capable manager. I think we need to get a grip on reality, the team we have is simply inexperienced, they don’t lack heart though, which compared to previous seasons is a huge improvement. I’d def let Tyson go, he’s unable to play at this level. Maybe the lack of inexperienced players purchased is the only downside to CC

  20. This is totally unrelated to Forest but made me and my son smile.

    Happy Christmas NFFC

  21. Here’s a poll for you NFFC. With Perch suspended, the moose & McGugan still injured, who will play the holding role in midfied on saturday?

    Earnie? Jules? Big Wes?!!

    This must be a worry for us. We seem to have an abundance of centre halves (Wes, Wilson, Brecks, Lynch, Chambers) but a lack of defensive midfielders which may lead to Calderwood changing the formation once again. My money says he goes back to 4.3.3

    Saints expecting 25,000 + crowd with the reduced prices. It’s going to be a real crunch game.

  22. I think CC will have until Charlton game to sort it. If he can’t get out of the bottom 3 by then, then he probably never will. It still leaves enough of the season for a proper salvage job and the board will have been more than fair. Read a report today stating that CC will be given money in the transfer window so who knows. I like others am not excited by any of the potential replacements on the management carousel and while I question a few of CC’s decisions like what he is trying to do and would like him to succeed. Certainly not one for chopping and changing. The pre-season talk of play-offs was silly in hindsight and you could say avoiding relegation would have been our ultimate goal at the beginning of the season so in that sense he hasn’t yet failed.

  23. I’m supporting our manager. The policy to fill the team with young, home-grown talent is surely set at a level above that of manager. I think it’s a great way to run a club. Granted you do need a bit of experience to help the kids along. We’ve been dead unlucky in that respect in that first Lennon and then Cole weren’t able to do that for us. On paper both looked ideal (Shame about the grass!).
    The thing about young players is they make mistakes, which can be costly in the short term but it is how they end up getting better – much like inexperienced managers.

  24. Anyone but Ince. I remember Forest playing Man U at home in c. 1994-1995 and the Trent End singing “Paul Ince is a mardy c&nt” for 20 minutes solid. It was great! I think we drew the match 1-1, goal from Paul Britpop.

  25. Yeah I’m for all this local kid policy as well.

    Pyscho, Des, Roy Keane, Webby, Stan, Nigel …. all the lads I call hereos. Lot of them grew up in Bestwood I think …. may be wrong though


    (& Bencherif).

    In otherwords HE’S DONE IT AGAIN!!!

  27. Ian Hall: my favourite chant of all time. I remember the Blackburn fans looking extremely nonplussed as we sang it a couple of weeks later as well.

  28. Another cc blunder. Brecks should have been captain this season instead of dithering wilson. We would certainly not been in this position had he played.
    I can only assume that an experienced captain is lined up,as wilson is certainly not an effective captain. So wilson is captain for the next 4 matches……This is no good for my nerves…..

  29. I watched Big League weekend on SKY. All of the Managers when interviewed say they’ve got some good young players coming through, although a little bit inexperienced.

    Warnock when he gets interviewed, and although I’ve never really liked his attitude about football, you can actually understand what he’s saying. Not like the plonker at our club.

    Anyway, my conclusion is that Calderwood is the Mr “Yes Sir, I’ll do it” for Arthur and Doughty. Both of them have don’t really know how to build a successful sports team and have turned to Mr Pleat for his wealth of advice (God help us …. another Tottenham reject).

    Whoever, the Manager is, I think they’ll always have someone with no real bollocks to stand up to the pair of them.

    A manager who loves the game for what it is … now there’s a dream.

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