Will he stay or will he go?

Is he in?  Is he out?  Or is he just shaking it all about?

Is he in? Is he out? Or is he just shaking it all about?

Well, the 3:30pm deadline some rumour-mongerers were stating with cast iron confidence has been and gone, by some distance, and Smoulderwood is still the Forest manager. There’s lots of whisperings about him supposedly being on the verge of a move to Swindon, pending compensation being agreed between our board and theirs.

Which frankly sounds like a load of horse shit as far as I’m concerned.  For a number of reasons.

Supposedly Curbishley is lined up as successor to Smoulds, and will be in charge in time for the weekend’s trip to Southampton.  This sounds like more nonsense.  If the club had appointed a successor and had the agreement in place, it would be done – I have no idea what Smoulds earns, but he’s on a rolling contract – paying it off would be small potatoes in football terms, it would be sorted, he’d be free to go to Swindon, and the new manager would be in place as quickly as possible.

That’s why I don’t think this has any legs at all, and if it does then it’s a rather sad indictment on the board for the way they’ve handled themselves over the whole thing.  As I’ve said time and again, I have strong empathy with those demanding the removal of Smoulders, I’ve done so myself in the past on numerous occasions, but right now it worries me, because of all the vacant managers kicking around at the moment none of them particularly excite me.

As there’s so many ridiculous stories doing the rounds, I’m interested to gauge what the good people of Nottingham Forest fandom are thinking on the subject matter, and since I discovered how to add these new fangled voting things into my posts, I thought I’d break one out here – so please feel free to participate!

The always unlikely appointment of Big Sam would have been quite exciting, but he’s been very quickly installed as Blackburn’s manager – which unleashes the terrifying prospect of Paul ‘mardy c–t’ Ince being on the job market again.  I suppose we’ll know one way or another whether these are just more silly rumours which seem to be in overdrive at the moment, or whether our board is behaving in a rather shameful manner.  Sad thing is, either are possible I suppose!