Notts girls get their kits out for the lads (in Iraq and Afghanistan)..

CoverA calendar featuring sexy girls from Nottingham and the surrounding area is being launched to raise money for a charity helping British servicemen and women in the current conflicts.

The Ladies in Red Calendar, produced by the popular Nottingham Forest fan site Lost That Loving Feeling, will see proceeds going towards Help for Heroes, a UK charity that supports soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The calendar features 12 gorgeous girls posing in football strips and lingerie, making sure that 2009 already looks like being a good year for Nottinghamshire’s football fans.

What’s more, there is the chance to meet the ladies themselves at the official launch party which is taking place at the Southbank bar in West Bridgford on Thursday, 11 December. There will also be live music and a raffle raising even more money for Help for Heroes, not to mention the unveiling of the calendar itself. Entry is free.

The ‘Ladies in Red Calendar 2009 is available to order from now, priced at £11.99 with all proceeds going to Help for Heroes and delivery in time for Christmas.

Produced by a small group of volunteers from the LTLF site, the calendar is just the latest effort from the long-running fan site to raise money for good causes – in recent years they raised more than £5,000 towards the statue of Brian Clough recently unveiled in Nottingham.

JodieProject manager Richard Crouch said that it had been hard work to produce the calendar but the effort was well worth it considering the beneficiaries.

He said: “I always love to get involved with things, especially where charity is concerned. Once it was talked about this being in support of Help for Heroes I was totally sold.

But it had nothing to do with scantily clad models, honest!

He said: “I’m amazed at how much people can do in a short amount of time when the desire is there, organising both the calendar and the launch party. Southbank have gone above and beyond expectation to help us out. It will be a great night, and hopefully raise plenty of money for a worthy cause.

Photographer Lee Wallis said: “The shoots at the new sports centre at South Nottingham College were great fun. All the models were very receptive of what we were trying to do and happy to give up their time for free to help out a great charity.

He added: “Now I’m just looking forward to the launch party. It should be a great night and very busy. We have a band, a raffle with some excellent prizes and all the beautiful models shall be in attendance as an extra incentive for people to come down. We aim to raise some big money for Help for Heroes.

All photographs in this piece are copyright Lee Wallis Photography.

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  1. If my missus had half as good-a-back end as jodie in the pic = f**k forest i’m stopping home with you my dear !!!! unfortunately she’s built like a fridge freezer so sheffield blunts tonite it is !

  2. Lets hope your missus doesn’t read this blog, seanyboy!

  3. hmmmmm shame i jus got the FHM calendar hmmmm

  4. you’ve got a point there mattyboy ! she hates football though so henny-hoo !

  5. […] We’ve been on a bit of a publicity drive this week promoting the LTLF ‘Ladies in Red Calendar’ this week, including an interview on Central News (about 17 minutes in if you can get the video to work) and coverage in the press and blogosphere. […]

  6. I wanna do it next year!!!
    Done swimwear modelling before so i’m not a munter 🙂

    • *resists urge to say ‘well, you’ll have to send me some pictures!’*


      I’m afraid that it’s the folks over at who were responsible for this… although of course if you do want to email me some photos then please feel free 😀

  7. LMAO!

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