Coventry vs Forest highlights..

The Virgin Media highlights of the Coventry vs Forest game are online, and really it highlights a poor defensive showing for both goals as initially suspected (as I couldn’t rouse myself in time for The Championship this morning!).

Unfortunately they only show the goals – so no coverage of the ‘best save ever’ Lee Camp made near the end, nor our two golden stoppage time chances spurned by McCleary and Garner – but well, it’s free, so you can’t grizzle!

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  1. Pity we can´t get them out of the uk, as we still have to put up with the half asleep script reader offered to Forest fans by forest world. Why can´t they just leave the original commentary !!! I wish some of you would protest as well as I seem to be the only one !!I have been told he is not a moron, so now you know!!
    I pay Forest world for the Highlights .!!!…
    Back to the big match… I know Tyson will be back. I just wish ,like Everyone else that CC would replace dithering wilson with our Captain Breckin !!!!I think a draw but pray for a win !! If defenders concentrate and our strikers convert some of their chances we can do it !!!

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