Congratulations to Carl Froch!

Let me introduce you to the new WBC World Super-Middleweight Champion – Nottingham lad and Forest fan, Carl ‘The Cobra’ Froch.  A fantastic fight between Pascal and Froch went the full 12 rounds with The Cobra triumphing on points, with a unanimous scorecard from the three judges, and ending with accolades from the boxing experts on the bravery exhibited by both boxers.  Not my favourite sport, by any means, but this was mesmerising at times.

So whilst Nottingham continues to prove a disappointment on the football pitch, with Rebecca Adlington’s Olympic antics, and with now with Carl Froch triumphing with a fantastically brave (and perhaps slightly foolhardy at times!) fight.  It was great to see him winning in the Ice Arena, and hearing the Nottingham crowd making a racket in the background!

Well done again, Carl – fantastic.

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  1. Well done Carl, it was a terrific box, agree boxing isn’t my cup of tea, but he battled his way through the 12 rounds. Maybe if the boys can instill some of this fighting qualities, then we wouldn’t be where we are in the league.

  2. great fight!
    blows were landing almost continuously, one after the other

  3. You forget our Cricket Team
    & our golfers westwood etc.
    where are you derbyshire ????

  4. Come on, cricket and golf aren’t really sports, are they? 🙂

  5. Sheepshagging’s a sport in Derbys ….

  6. Well done Carl. I hope the Forest team got back from coventry to see a Forest fan´s gritty performance . I hope you get your dream fight at the City Ground !! Fantastic !!

  7. i loved how the crowd was just going ‘uuuuuuu reds’ the whole time during and after the fight! very clearly heard on the tele.. UUUUUUUUUUUUUU REDS

  8. Rugby Union, I believe, was derived from a fertility rite performed by posh sheepshaggers.

  9. I thought it was ‘invented’ by some remedial in Warwickshire who was rubbish at football? 🙂

  10. If you hear of any link to see this on the internet please let me know !! Thanks.
    As a Forest fan I´m sure Carl reads your blog so this is a nice touch from you..Well done !

  11. Alright mate; if you use torrents then you can get it here:

  12. It wasn’t just ‘You Reds’ the crowd were singing. During the final round it was ‘Oh Nottingham is full of fun’ – clearly audible on the telly!

    Carl has done us all proud. If he has a fight in Las Vegas will there be a mass of Forest fans following him out there?!

  13. He wants to fight Calzaghe at The City Ground, that’d be better than Vegas (unless the flights are free). Would be a bit like England vs. Wales on Trent side 🙂

  14. Entrance and first round now on u tube…

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