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Is Smoulds off to Swindon afterall?

Tight-lipped about the future...

Smoulds: Tight-lipped about the future...

Just when we thought we knew what was what, for now, it seems that the chaps at Vital Forest have some information that isn’t anywhere else.  Smoulds to Swindon is back on, which gives Forest the opportunity we know they love – to not pay out any compensation.  Now who knows as to how reliable such things are, certainly there’s been plenty of background chatter on the forums – but nothing concrete.

The other whisper doing the rounds is that Breckin will be heading to Wiltshire too as an assistant; and that Smoulders’ replacement is to be selected from a shortlist of three, comprising Allardyce, Davies and Curbishley.  Although with Roy Keane resigning from Sunderland today, I imagine it’s only a matter of time before he’s sighted in Nottingham by a ‘source’ – such is the nature of these stories.

Given that over the last couple of weeks we’ve had all manner of things being reported as ‘facts’ and ‘done deals’, I’d always exercise caution until something is confirmed; but I would be very surprised if Smoulds wasn’t still in charge of the side for the Coventry game at least.  If not beyond; given the ferocity and certainty of the rumours before the Barnsley game, I’m reticent to pay much heed to these ones.

That said, Smoulderwood’s position has become increasingly untenable; despite the respite of the Barnsley result.  If I were forced to speculate, I can imagine a Smoulders to Swindon, Allardyce to Sunderland, Keane to Forest type of scenario.  All managers have connections with the clubs, and all the clubs are operating at a realistic level given the past acheivements of the managers. 

If true, it would be a worry – Keane’s record in the transfer market is rather sketchy at best – it tends to be a ‘scattergun’ approach, and an expensive one.  He is also renowned for walking away if he doesn’t meet his objectives; a good thing in that we wouldn’t have to wait around if things went tits up – a bad thing in that he’s volatile and unpredictable.  Regardless, it’s only me mindlessly speculating anyway, so perhaps we should just wait and see…

It will probably be Smoulderwood ’til January now I’ve said all that!


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  1. Is there a League Table of who statistically is the best Manager?

    Not counting CC, I thought it would be Davies, Grant, Allardyce, Curbishley, Clough, Keane.

  2. The chaps at vital football are making pathetic attempts to get more hits. Don´t get drawn into it with your blog. You are too good. We all know there is no way cc will resign and all the players are behind him so lets get back to football !!!!… 3 points at coventry will do for a start !!!

  3. What’s all this Smoulds rubbish! His name is Calderwood!!

  4. Where you been Mike Wroughton? Smoulderwood has been his moniker on this blog since the start.

  5. Keane has walked out of Sunderland, Seems he has a touch of Keegan about him if presure gets to much. Would Keane be a good idea here at Forest is Smoulds did go?

  6. agree entirely with al/margarita vital is a shit site and they had to be the first to start the rumour mill grinding again – just keep on with you humour,wit and occasional serious journalism !!! lol.as for smould’s (keep up mike wroughton) he’ll be here till he resigns cos doughty not paying for him to leave.

  7. just what i was thinking jason !

  8. pop goes the weesal!! lol. Sorry, just had to say it. Seriously though what’s going on @ the City Ground? 3 points on Sat would be great & then again it wouldn’t. It’s a two bladed dagger all this. On the one hand, 3pts would keep us in touch & close the gap on those above us, put 1 over our Midland rivals since the Best saga started & finished in vain. Stability is nice & CC (or Smould or Calamitywood as I’ve called him in the past) has a decent track record in transfers.

    On the other hand, he’s confusing, annoying, his tactics muddle us all up, he has a tendancy to irritate some famous names in Football (wrong or right is not the point), not to mention that he keeps sending the Kids out on loan when he says they’ve a chance to proove themselves @ the CG. He’s also been showed up by all the other managers at the Club too.

    That’s all 4 now…

    If my prev. post shows up sorry – I thought it hadn’t go through…

  9. Keane had a great track record when Sunderland were in a similar position to Forest at the foot of the Championship. I would love to see Keane as manager

  10. I read the vital football thing due to me being a Swindon supporter and it said that he had left to take up the post this week.
    That’s rubbish anyway as our chairman is in America until the weekend and has told Swindon fans that he will release a statement next week about the manager situation but that it could take longer than expected so don’t believe too much in this story.

  11. I have accepted now that cc is here to stay,probably to the end of the season. The comments and body language after the barnsley game said it all. One loss in 7 is not relegation form. Forest are playing attractive football so lets forget change of management…..for now. Are Bennet and Brecks back for the coventry reserve match ??

  12. I have accepted now that cc is here to stay,probably to the end of the season. The comments and body language after the barnsley game said it all. One loss in 7 is not relegation form. Forest are playing attractive football so lets forget change of management…..for now. Are Bennet and Brecks back for the coventry reserve match on saturday ???

  13. In 5 days time we could be out of the relegation zone and 2 points clear, hailing the tactical brillaince of smoulds’ diamond formation, or 10 points from safety, with the end of NFFC forever etc. My guess is 2 draws, 0-0 and 1-1 with the same gap.

    Big week ahead.

  14. Keane not come to Forest. Keane top manager. You all mad

  15. We’re only 5 wins from the playoffs 🙂

  16. FAO William Fang Fang Fu – Forest not want Keane. Keane Spend 80 million on cr*p. Yes we mad but not that mad!

    Radgie – What do you mean play offs? We’re going for automatic mate!

  17. Nice to see positive comments from radgie and Aylesbury Red. We can certainly finish mid table at worst. Everyone has to play everyone else so plenty of time to go. Good team spirit now and everyone wants to play. I just hope everyone stays fit and we then have a good squad to pick from and the chance to rest certain players. The main thing is we need a captain. It´s certainly not wilson,and if Brecks is not playing who ? Camp ?
    Come on you Reds !! A couple more wins and get out of the bottom three. You will then see the difference in our players on the pitch…

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