Is Smoulds off to Swindon afterall?

Tight-lipped about the future...

Smoulds: Tight-lipped about the future...

Just when we thought we knew what was what, for now, it seems that the chaps at Vital Forest have some information that isn’t anywhere else.  Smoulds to Swindon is back on, which gives Forest the opportunity we know they love – to not pay out any compensation.  Now who knows as to how reliable such things are, certainly there’s been plenty of background chatter on the forums – but nothing concrete.

The other whisper doing the rounds is that Breckin will be heading to Wiltshire too as an assistant; and that Smoulders’ replacement is to be selected from a shortlist of three, comprising Allardyce, Davies and Curbishley.  Although with Roy Keane resigning from Sunderland today, I imagine it’s only a matter of time before he’s sighted in Nottingham by a ‘source’ – such is the nature of these stories.

Given that over the last couple of weeks we’ve had all manner of things being reported as ‘facts’ and ‘done deals’, I’d always exercise caution until something is confirmed; but I would be very surprised if Smoulds wasn’t still in charge of the side for the Coventry game at least.  If not beyond; given the ferocity and certainty of the rumours before the Barnsley game, I’m reticent to pay much heed to these ones.

That said, Smoulderwood’s position has become increasingly untenable; despite the respite of the Barnsley result.  If I were forced to speculate, I can imagine a Smoulders to Swindon, Allardyce to Sunderland, Keane to Forest type of scenario.  All managers have connections with the clubs, and all the clubs are operating at a realistic level given the past acheivements of the managers. 

If true, it would be a worry – Keane’s record in the transfer market is rather sketchy at best – it tends to be a ‘scattergun’ approach, and an expensive one.  He is also renowned for walking away if he doesn’t meet his objectives; a good thing in that we wouldn’t have to wait around if things went tits up – a bad thing in that he’s volatile and unpredictable.  Regardless, it’s only me mindlessly speculating anyway, so perhaps we should just wait and see…

It will probably be Smoulderwood ’til January now I’ve said all that!