Olympic committee hope to beat police to brick thrower..

According to some reports, a brick hurled at a coach full of Barnsley fans at the weekend by a Stone Island wearing scrote broke not just one reinforced glass window, but travelled through the bus and broke the opposite window too.  The kind of force required to do this means that despite being on the run by the police, the 2012 Olympic Committee are keen to find the culprit in order to potentially turn his undoubted strength into becoming a shot putter.

There are worries that he possesses such a powerful throw that the proposed stadium plans in London will have to be extended by more than 500 yards, however it is felt that if he gets into training soon enough, there will be potential to train him to pretty much guarantee gold medals in the shot put, and potentially the javelin too.  Police were unavailable for comment, although plenty of idiotic fans of other teams were on hand to post inaccurate slurs on Nottingham Forest forums.

Ramzrulez1994 posted informatively “Ur fanz r scum, innit? Da brik went rite threw da bus n covred a 6 yr old girl wiv glass, it broked windowz on both sides.” 

Whilst any kind of missiles being thrown at a bus is not to be condoned by any sane-minded person, the kind of exaggerations and downright fabrications being bandied around are plain silly.  There wasn’t any spitting on the Barnsley fans during the game – do you really think the stewards in the Upper Bridgford would miss the chance to exert their influence if there was?  There wasn’t any racist chanting either.

So, if you know somebody in their 20’s with blond hair wearing a light blue Stone Island Harrington jacket, then ask them to get in touch with the Olympic committee, because they have the kind of strength that makes world record holder Randy Barnes look like a limp-wristed nancy boy!

Lord Smedly-Smythe-Smythe the second, of the Olympic Committee said “Naturally we’re interested in training potentially outstanding athletes“, when questioned about potentially attempting to avoid this perpetrators punishment, he said “naturally throwing bricks at transport is not socially acceptable behaviour, I would dearly hope that some kind of training schedule could be integrated with some kind of community service type rehabilitation scheme.

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  1. I just had a look to see if there was any mention of this on a Barnsley forum to see what truth there is in the ‘two window’ accusation. This seems to be from someone who was on the bus…

    hi there i was on the coach that was bricked it was coach 4. It was not every nice at all. If it had been one window back than it would have been myself and my girlfriend who would have coped it. It was awful. But the most importent thing is that nobody got hurt.


    None of us would be happy if that brick had killed or seriously injured someone. I travel to some away games and don’t particularly want bricks thrown at me in retaliation or otherwise. I hope the culprit is found and suitably punished – he is certainly not worthy of being called a Forest fan.

  2. Quite right, Aylesbury.

    No need for that at all.

    Mind you, as we were leaving a fair few Barnsley fans were hanging around being very abusive to the forest as we walked past. I’d got my kids with me, so ignored it. But 10 years ago those sorts of comments might have ended up with a brick through a window.


  3. were there accusations of racist chanting aswell then?

    Doesn’t sound like something Forest fans would do…

  4. I spend a lot of my time living in Switzerland.

    Really weird country, if you do something wrong you get punished.

    We had one foreign bloke working in the office without a work permit, he was arrested by the old bill (Swiss style) taken to the Border within a couple of hours and told to make his own way home.

    Give the bloke some armbands and chuck him off Trent Bridge (with his brick).

  5. The comment about stewards made me laugh NFFC.

    The female steward who sits next to me on the back row of the UBE is about 4 stone wet through and seems as about dynamic as a dead slug! If it kicks off up there, it seens VERY unlikely she will be exerting much influence! Still, if you pay peanuts hey…

    Nasty business the brick though…..but your piece made me chuckle!

  6. I didn’t hear any racist chanting, if anything I’ve heard that it was coming from the Barnsley fans.

  7. Keane has just quit as Sunderland boss

  8. Oh my gosh!! ROTFL almost!! Seriously, if he is a supposed tricky well he should be shown some tricks on humanity & not stupidity. Maybe he’s wrth looking at for the Olympics – what a headliner that would be “Hooligan Wins Gold!!”

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