Barnsley highlights..

Watching the highlights of the Barnsley game, it brings two things to mind – firstly, Nathan Tyson’s cross was awesome, admittedly the nearest central defender was within inches of reaching it before Garner, but it was into the perfect area.  And Garner’s timing of his movement into the box was ace too – a real sign that the switch to a more four-four-two like formation really was the right move.

Having said all that, we were massively helped by Heinz Muller diving in the wrong direction as the header itself wasn’t the greatest – but who’s complaining?  It was certainly better than the free header shown by a Barnsley player – which if on target would more than likely have yielded a goal given the range of it.

Unfortunately it doesn’t show what I’m convinced is yet another decent shout for a penalty – so we can’t shed any more light on that, although the shot from Lewis pretty much straight after half time was a bloody good strike.  Lewis was interviewed after the game and admitted he wasn’t quite performing as well as he should, and attempted to step it up in the second half.  I imagine had that shot dipped a bit more into the net our fickleness would’ve let us simply remember that!

In summary it was a reasonable performance, and an invaluable three points – but rather fortunately attained, it has to be said.