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  1. Ha ha! very funny NFFC. I read an interview with Robinho yesterday where he talked about when his mum got kidnapped in Brazil. He said he paid the ransom but has no idea what happened to the kidnappers as ‘there is no law in Brazil.’

    Scary stuff!

  2. Scary stufff??

    He’s hasnt faced a tackle from Jules yet….!!

  3. Wilson shouldn´t even be in our team. I hope it´s Brecks ….

  4. Excellent!

    This is now pinned to my desk at work to wind up (or just confuse) all the Citeh fans. Have you got a higher resolution version?

  5. Unfortunately not, I only made it to post here and didn’t dream for a moment that anybody would print it out!!

  6. Anyone know when the tickets go on sale and what the policy is regarding who gets first dibs? ie. Away season ticket holders, first, etc, etc?

  7. Apparently you’ll need to produce evidence that you attended the 1991 Cup Final, along with voucher 7 from your 1984 season ticket book.

  8. Can’t be Voucher 7 – that was needed to gain a ticket to the FC Burges UEFA Cup game that season 😉

  9. Prices have been announced – pretty reasonable! Just need details on when they go on sale now but looking at the pricing structure, looks like away season ticket holders then home season ticket holders will get first option. Woot.

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