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Third round draw sends us to Eastlands..

Well, it will be a new ground for anyone in a watching-Forest capacity, the last time we played Manchester City they were still based at Maine Road.  Naturally it tends to bring about one of two reactions from the fans.

From those of a more optimistic nature (or younger fans who’ve only ever seen us as also-runners rather than ensconced in the top flight) it’s a cause for some excitement, a draw against a ‘big’ club – and indeed, like the Chelsea game, a club with incredibly rich owners.  For those gloomier souls, they get upset that some kind of bandwagon might get jumped upon, that some of the thousands of tickets that will be available might get taken up by ‘part timers’ – well, duh!  Of course they will.

Even a fan like me, too young to have seen the proper glory days, can remember a time when a trip to Manchester City held no fear at all (except being dropped off in the middle of Moss Side by the coach), but well, you have to roll with the times.  We are where we are, and therefore even if it’s a bitter taste to accept we are likely to lose – or be celebrated as giant killers if we pulled off a shock result, that’s the reality in which we find ourselves!

Fellow Nottinghamshireites Eastwood Town perhaps didn’t get the reward they were hoping for, rather than a lucrative tie with Manchester United or Chelsea, they ended up with either a trip up the road to Notts County, or perhaps more likely, a trip to Kettering – which is where the Magpies need to head on 9th December to face Kettering in a replay, having only managed a 1-1 draw with them today at Meadow Lane.

Either way, certainly having despatched Wycombe already, The Badgers have nothing to fear from either opponent, so will already be having sneaky thoughts about a potential fourth round appearance, and perhaps that lucrative tie!

For those of you still feel grumpy about the prospect of playing underdog to Manchester City, and being part of a bigger-than-usual scrum for tickets for our game up at Eastland, don’t forget, we could’ve been entered into the earlier rounds, and we could’ve lost to Histon!