Swindon calling…

 Came to mind after spotting this headline over on Vital Forest.  Don’t worry, I’m getting ready to go to the match now so won’t inflict further of my random braindumps on to you – well, until later when the unenviable task of a match report shall await me.

Swindon calling, it’s a faraway town
Now it’s looking like the Reds will go down,
Swindon calling Colin Calderwood
As his Nottingham Forest, is not very good,
Swindon calling, now don’t swear or curse
Smoulders’ chances at Forest, have bitten the dust,
Swindon calling, see we ain’t got no skill
And watching us play, is making us ill!

The ice age is coming, optimism’s growing thin
Meltdown expected, if Billy Davies comes in,
Midfield stops running, we all live in fear
‘Cause Forest are falling down, down by the river.

Right, I’m off to find my woolens and make that sad, unexciting and uninspiring pilgrimage to the City Ground.  Can any of you remember a time when a trip to watch Forest was an exciting event?

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  1. Oh dear were you on the cooking sherry last night fella…………?

    Have you thought of applying to the jungle nffc……………..?

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