Never dull? It bloody well is!

What a pickle, what can we expect for today given the events of the week?  Aside from it being bloody cold, of course – so wrap up warm!

1. We beat Barnsley and despite all the rumours, it gives Smoulds a stay of execution.

2. We beat Barnsley, but Smoulds goes regardless and takes the reigns at Swindon.

3. We don’t beat Barnsley and he goes.

4. The (perhaps more preferably) game gets called off due to fog as we’re all given an afternoon off from Forest-induced misery.  But then get dragged into town for a spot of Christmas shopping with the missus.  Maybe it’s not more preferable after all.

The bottom line is nobody seems to know, after it was looking certain that the bronzen one was in the firing line he remains in charge for this game; although it is widely stated with confidence that he will be stepping down afterward, it’s not been confirmed.  Perhaps it was a cunning ruse by the powers that be to sell a few more tickets on a chilly November afternoon (cynic? me? no!), or perhaps an invented rumour taken up too enthusiastically.

Certainly talk of Billy Davies being successor makes me rethink my own feelings around wanting Smoulders to be relieved of his duties; a less inspiring appointment I would struggle to envisage.  Maybe that’s a conspiracy too.  Maybe it all is.

One of the cliches around times of crisis is that kind of blitz-spirit type comment of, “well, it’s never dull, is it?!”… well, frankly, in this case yes it is.  It is dull.  It’s dull seeing all the desperate rumour-peddlers trying to be first to guess correctly what might happen, it’s dull seeing the forums descend in to a mass of repetitive threads in appalling English – personally I’m getting beyond having an opinion about what happens, I just want something to!

On a nicer note, I had an email from a chap at Virgin Media.  As you know (or should know!) they secured the rights to show highlights online this year, and have just expanded their sports pages so that Forest has it’s own page.  So if you bookmark this link, it will take you to the Forest page where you’ll get to see the latest highlights (lowlights?) from our games.  I’ll pop a link on the sidebar thing too as I think it’s a useful page to keep handy.

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