Better the devil you know?

It’s not surprising rumours are rife that Smoulds has walked/been sacked/is talking through his severance package with Forest.  Things have been pretty grim of late, with the odd glimmer of good performances heavily outweighed by an appalling run of results.  Whilst on a personal level – as I quite like Smoulds as a person – it is quite saddening, on a football level it seems beyond doubt that he is not capable, for whatever reason, of turning things around.

Firstly, I know absolutely nothing about what is or isn’t happening.  I had attempted to do a round of the usual sources to try to piece it together – but frankly, as far as I can establish, nobody really knows what is happening.  Early yesterday it was Big Sam poised to step in, today it would appear that Billy Davies is the primary candidate – and whilst I do concede that Smoulderwood really needs to go, I’m not sure about Davies as a successor.

For all his ‘hoof ball’ detractors, Big Sam brings cutting edge training, dietary direction and performance tracking and monitoring; he also brings success (whilst he didn’t exactly do amazing things at Newcastle, it was hardly as bad as it was suggested either; unfortunately Newcastle just seem to have unrealistic expectations).  I think I could cope with that.  Billy Davies doesn’t really inspire me at all.

Today is apparently the day; if you believe the rumours – although I know people who dutifully put aside their work and trawled the Internet all day yesterday; I imagine they’re doing the same today.  I think I’ll just get back to my day job and await the news to break officially.  I’m sad that Smoulds couldn’t seem to adapt, but it seems he can’t – and I reluctantly find myself feeling glad that the signs point to his imminent departure.  Nice bloke, either somewhat lacking in management guile or in the wrong club at the wrong time.

Either way, I wish him well where he ends up (odds on the Swindon vacancy, methinks!).  He’s never quite won the fans around, and unfortunately it seems a policy at Forest to make divisive appointments – certainly all the names mentioned are those; but of course we must remember we’re at the foot of the Championship and – despite it being November still – running out of time to mount a credible charge to safety.  I suppose beggars can’t be choosers.

PS: Does anyone else have that godawful Kylie song stuck in their head thanks to the headline?  If so, sorry!

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  1. I read an article about Billy Davies before he took the D**by job, and it showed him in a very positive light. And to be fair he did well there until a premature promotion…

    Certainly the choice is Davies, Big Sam or Curbishly. Maybe even Pardew?

    The question is, who can best motivate the players we have??? Forget next season, think about the next 20 games.

    If you were a player, who would inspire you the most?

    Oh, PS, it wasn’t, til you mentioned it!!

  2. Big Sam for me…….. he got Bolton to over achieve season after season and he’s definitely a foward thinker, as you rightly point out NFFC.

    Yes I KNOW he’s a “route one” kinda manager BUT would you you rather play neat tidy footy on the deck and lose or “hoof it” and win?? As its a results business, and as much as it pains me to say it, I’ll take the latter.

    Having said all that, I think Davies is the more likely candidate to get the job.

  3. If Calderwood goes (still a big if in my opinion), then I would like Brian Laws (still not agreed a new contract with Wednesday yet, may be willing to listen to offers).

    I’m with Mattyboy – I wasn’t thinking of the song either, until you said it!

  4. I would love Laws; but Doughty only ever appoints managers that will divide the fans; and I think Laws would prove too popular…

  5. Plus he’s just signed a new deal at the Wendies..

  6. Davies doesn’t inspire any Forest fans from what I can see. Come on Doughty, don’t mess this up again. In Alladyce there is a manager who was tipped for the England job not so long ago, we should be doing all we can to appoint him. I really want Calderwood to leave as I can’t see things getting better under him this season, but I would rather keep him than have Davies.

    Laws would be my second choice after Alladyce. Has anyone thought about Warnock? He may fancy the move up North and with money to spend he could be tempted away from an insecure future at Palace (Jordan wants to sell up).

  7. I see wilson wants cc to stay. I´m not surprised as no other manager would have him as captain in this league.
    We sure do need a strong leader in the team,the priority, for the new manager..Laws or Davies will certainly be better than cc !!!

  8. i’m for davies – look what happened last time we had a manager who the sheep botherers had sacked ? he did well at preston did well at the scum, premature promotion to the prem !! as for big sam, dont think he’d drop down to nearly div 1, not bothered about curbishley,pardew or dowie nowt against londoners dont like their acsents. say you wont leave no more, i’ll take you back again , better the devil …………………….. bet earnie is not keen on davies ?

  9. I’m with EgorTheRed on this one. As much as it pains me to say it and it will make Cloughy turn in his grave, I’d rather see us win than be in the depths as we have been for years now. Whilst his football may not be the most attractive he does do amazing things off the park. Apparently his presentation to the FA in that regard when he went for the England job blew them away. Shame its looking like he wants a premiership job. Oh for another Clough to get us punching above our weight again.

  10. Why not go for a top premiership manager, like they’ve got at Newcastle and Bolton?

    Oh, hang on a minute…

    Why are we only considering managers that are currently out of work? If you were recruiting in industry, you would not limit your applicants to the unemployed. We all know what contracts are worth these days so I say let’s steal a successful manager from another club. I’d like either Steve Coppell or Gary Johnson please!!!

  11. Martinez from Swansea for me. It won’t happen, but there, I’ve wrote it.

  12. Yes, most are agreed CC is not and has not been up to the job of team motivation.
    Yet I share the grave doubts expresed elsewhere about the successors currently in the frame. ‘can’t help thinking about the large number of managers we’ve had since BC who have become objects of derision (e.g. Platt, Atkinson, Kinnear, Megson) and the few we’d have liked to succeed but for whatever reason didn’t (e.g. Frank Clark, Hart, Bassett, Pearce). So……have all those appointments been ‘unfortunate’ or is there some other factor within the NFFC culture which leads to this sorry catalogue of failure ? I appreciate that managers fail at some clubs and yet go on to better things at a new location but I just have this nagging doubt that there’s some other, hitherto undefined, factor at the City Ground which has caused this sorry and long-running saga.
    (sigh) Then again, maybe we’re not much different from other – to be honest – run of the mill clubs who’ve experienced past glories and without mega-money are now struggling (e.g. Leeds, the Sheep).
    I’m depressed, more so now than since we were first relegated from the Premiership by BC.
    The gloom is brought about as much by the state of English football with its mercenaries & manager merry-go-rounds as by Forest’s plight & prospects.

    We badly need a saviour and unless someone in the higher echelons of NFFC has the skill to identify latent management talent in the lower divisions or will provide a big money inducement, I greatly fear a Billy Davies type appointment will lead to further heartache.

  13. Sounds hopeless then ?

  14. Looking through the unemployed managers list and skipping past the ridiculous names like Juande Ramos, Avram Grant, Kevin Keegan, etc and ignoring the ones that are just plain simply NO’s such as John Gregory, Bryan Robson, etc then there are a couple of name who, to me, seem slightly more appealing than Billy Davies. How about Joe Royle with Viv Anderson as assistant?

    Personally, and despite the derision of Wolves fans, I’d love to see Glenn Hoddle in the reds hot seat. I just think the players we have and his style of football are made for each other.

    Having said that, I don’t believe sacking CC today would be in the best interest of the club. A new man will be stuck with what we have until Jan. Let CC pull of a last minute loan or two, get Saturday’s game out of the way and then see where we stand.

    If CC does go, I’ll back whoever comes in. And to those “purists” bemoaning the style of football associated with Sam Allardyce – did you give a toss about the style/quality of our football on 5th May or did you just rejoice in our wonderful and dramatic promotion? Would you *really* give a stuff if we survived in the Championship this season playing unattractive footie? Get real.

  15. An interview with CC has just been posted on the official site. Hardly the sort of thing that happens to someone about to be given the boot.


  16. radgie – you caused a mid-afternoon nightmare of manic proportions there. I’d quite forgotten that Bryan Robson was awaiting another clueless chairman to appoint him.
    just too impossible to contemplate…….isn’t it ?????
    (We’ll forget about Kinnear and Atkinson) ;-(

  17. Thing is, CC may well be sacked soon. And, for his sake, I hope he’ll get another job soonish. And I’d be prepared to bet AT LEAST TWO PINTS that he’ll do very well there.

    Just like JK failed us in the third division but seems to be able to keep the pace in the Prem. Just like GM failed us in the third division but seems to be able to do a good job in the Prem.

    We’re now close to having proof that good managers fail at Forest. The problem is elsewhere. I’ve really no idea *where* it is, but it’s not in the dugout. Sacking CC will mean that the identification and squashing of this problem will be postponed for another 18 months while we give The Next Poor Sap a chance. Meanwhile, TNPS will get the sack for not getting us out of the Third at the end of next season.

    It’s not the manager that is the problem. I’m baffled as to why anyone thinks it is?

  18. well in the spirit of naming unemployed rubbish managers, i do believe o’leary is still shuffling down the job cetre plus every couple of weeks for his giro.

    fact is CC is on his way out, i feel bad for the bloke but having spent months, neh years telling people he does know what he’s doing, i have to concede he doesnt, goodbye and thanks colin, i’m as sorry as you it didnt work out, just wish you’d gone already instead of all the messing about we’ve had since tuesday

    whether it be big sam or davies, getting behind the lads saturday is the most important thing, make sure we do and save your opinions for the final whislte.

  19. I’m with Paulie.

  20. Sam has said no, so it´s laws or Davies. Davies knows this division and has won at most of the grounds we have to visit so for this season, and next season he seems a good bet.
    Why are we waiting and risking losing to barnsley or another draw with cc still in charge. ??
    I´m sure he will do well at swindon.. He has shown he is naive and tactically unaware, as the northampton fans warned us !!! He is not ready for this division together with wilson and chambers so i wish him the best….

  21. Why not just have John Pemberton step in?

  22. EL, your crazy, what you suggest is far too obvious and makes too much sense.

  23. Having read the davies article on the 1865 blog I think John pemberton should be given a chance. he can´t do any worse. I thought of that when I heard he was at the doncaster match…What we have now is not working except we will probably beat barnsley on saturday to grant a temporary reprieve for cc,.

  24. Should be a good game now. Wilson and chambers will play well so cc stays and they keep their places. Earnie will have a good game as he won´t want davies here so I´m looking forward to this game…Crazy….

  25. The club are a joke, They should back him or sack him… everyone is in limbo.. we win tomorrow and he carries on until we lose another match, then we will all again call for his head… getting very boring…. ND do one or the other BACK or SACK him !!

  26. I think I’d go with the Pemberton option ‘if we are serious’ (sorry to use that phrase) about developing young Nottingham talent. I think even the most optimistic NFFC fans now have to admit that we are very likely to be relegated this season. The question is, how do you want to go down…

    with a negative monotone whimper ? then stick with CC

    kicking and screaming ? go for Davies/Allardyce et al

    with style, and blooding our young talent ? Pemberton is the man

    It is an easy choice for me.

    Obviously the preffered option is to stay up with a Nigel Clough & Stuart Pearce dream team, but that is as likely as an Arab buying us and appointing Martin O’Neill as manager.

  27. McGaribaldi. Option 2 kicking & screaming anyday. No point carrying on as we are and expecting results to miraciously change, it aint’t going to happen.
    I would rather go down fighting anyday, because if anyone thinks they turn up for a match and feel sorry for us they’re deluded.
    Tomorrow will be an unusal match given what has gone on this week. I hope we don’t hear too much booing (should we lose/draw), and I hope we have a bit more of an atmosphere that the first half of the Birmingham match when there was a fear of relegation in the air.
    We are all behind the team tomorrow 110%. Looking forward to seeing Earnshaw, he might just make the difference ? Stuff the style tomorrow as I said “kicking and screaming” = option 2.

  28. PLAN……A Get rid of Clueless Colin……..PLAN ……B Stay in the championship……..Sort PLAN…….C out next season…

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