Better the devil you know?

It’s not surprising rumours are rife that Smoulds has walked/been sacked/is talking through his severance package with Forest.  Things have been pretty grim of late, with the odd glimmer of good performances heavily outweighed by an appalling run of results.  Whilst on a personal level – as I quite like Smoulds as a person – it is quite saddening, on a football level it seems beyond doubt that he is not capable, for whatever reason, of turning things around.

Firstly, I know absolutely nothing about what is or isn’t happening.  I had attempted to do a round of the usual sources to try to piece it together – but frankly, as far as I can establish, nobody really knows what is happening.  Early yesterday it was Big Sam poised to step in, today it would appear that Billy Davies is the primary candidate – and whilst I do concede that Smoulderwood really needs to go, I’m not sure about Davies as a successor.

For all his ‘hoof ball’ detractors, Big Sam brings cutting edge training, dietary direction and performance tracking and monitoring; he also brings success (whilst he didn’t exactly do amazing things at Newcastle, it was hardly as bad as it was suggested either; unfortunately Newcastle just seem to have unrealistic expectations).  I think I could cope with that.  Billy Davies doesn’t really inspire me at all.

Today is apparently the day; if you believe the rumours – although I know people who dutifully put aside their work and trawled the Internet all day yesterday; I imagine they’re doing the same today.  I think I’ll just get back to my day job and await the news to break officially.  I’m sad that Smoulds couldn’t seem to adapt, but it seems he can’t – and I reluctantly find myself feeling glad that the signs point to his imminent departure.  Nice bloke, either somewhat lacking in management guile or in the wrong club at the wrong time.

Either way, I wish him well where he ends up (odds on the Swindon vacancy, methinks!).  He’s never quite won the fans around, and unfortunately it seems a policy at Forest to make divisive appointments – certainly all the names mentioned are those; but of course we must remember we’re at the foot of the Championship and – despite it being November still – running out of time to mount a credible charge to safety.  I suppose beggars can’t be choosers.

PS: Does anyone else have that godawful Kylie song stuck in their head thanks to the headline?  If so, sorry!