An outgoing, an incoming? And some musings..

Fletcher’s gone back to Palace as his loan was due to expire soon, and he’s still injured – probably a sound move. He seems to have had quite his unfair share of critics despite not really having much of a chance to make an impact through injury; and as a result of that won’t be massively missed from a playing perspective. Which is a pity, as ‘on paper’ he was just the kind of experienced hand we lacked.

We’ve also been linked with former Oldham striker Chris Porter, now plying his trade with Motherwell (not Dundee United as everyone else seems to think!).  There’s no surprise really that we’re trying to get hold of someone capable of sticking the ball in the onion bag, the only tricky is that we could do with somebody capable of stopping it going into ours too, oh, and someone to sort midfield out as well – dearie me, it’s all just gone to pot, hasn’t it?

Supporters are understandably upset, and the scapegoat game is in full flow – it’s a game I’ve definitely participated in historically, I try to avoid it if I can – although it’s hard not to try to seek out those who might be responsible; I’ve kinda given up – although it’s unsurprising that Smoulderwood is spending the credit he earned over recent games much more quickly than he ever amassed it.

It becomes uncomfortable involving oneself with online communities of Forest fans at times like these, with talks of protests once again surfacing (but still without a real purpose insofar as I can determine), it seems that anyone and anything becomes fair game for a lambasting; with little room for rational thought.  The saddest fact of the matter being that these reactions are completely understandable, we do find ourselves reaching a threshold which we mustn’t cross if we are to avoid relegation this season – which will spell disaster for the future of the club.

Despite all that we look forward, if that’s the right term, to a trip to the Keepmoat Stadium tomorrow to face another fellow struggler; the boos from the fans will be ringing still in the players ears, and hopefully they can channel that into a less pitiful performance and get us three much needed points.  Having said that, a bad result at the Keepmoat Stadium, one which saw us all screaming (self included!) for the manager’s head, was the catalyst for what was to follow…

But surely he can’t pull something like that out the bag again, can he?

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  1. At some stage we’ve got to play like Brazil to stay up. Sorry misprint … we’ve got to play like FOREST to stay up.
    Writing’s on the wall for the Manager, so what has he got to lose ?

  2. It is sadly one step forward and two back with calderwood – and if we are honest its been like this all through his term . This is worrying indeed as he has had a fair throughput of personnel over quite some time now and so I’ve concluded its time – the die is set .

    We have to look as always at the Chuckle brothers Doughty and Arthur for the next move – however we ve been here before as well – and its my prediction they will wait
    until after xmas to before administering what has to many fans become inevtiable.

    We lacking cutting edge and competitiveness top to bottom – and whilst other clubs above us have taken steps already to clear managerial logjams – we can predict once again our gallant owner and Chief exec , will like our players on saturday – be second to the ball ?

  3. we have to beat doncaster and if we dont we weill be in deep trouble. We spent more than 3million on strikers in the summer which should be enough to get us goals.But the goals just arn’t coming. I think we need a creative midfielder who can play the balls through again and again for the strikers to run onto and finish but we don’t really have a creative midfielder. If we fail to win on tuesday Colin has to go. U REDS!!!!

  4. We have a creatie midfielder, unfortunately he has been injured or suspended most of the season – McGugan. Our problem lies in defensive players at our desposal and execution of the undoubted talent further forward.

  5. ‘creative’

  6. This time last year the sites and blogs were full of the same derision for CC as now and yet, we only really now remember that last game that clinched promotion.

    Stay calm, keep supporting, and be assured that no-one at the club is trying to lose or even play badly, in fact before the Norwich game the ‘sites’ contained a lot of renewed optimism.

    Change is only likely to bring a short-term gain and surely, we don’t need that (again) – consistency of approach always brings dividends in the long-term. Keep the faith!

  7. Oh well some you draw some you lose..

    My bet is that if we are still bottom by Christmas we are getting a new manager…

  8. Let’s face it fellas, we have got a cracking first XI with strong players on the bench. How many times this season has CC had his first XI available to him? Probably once, twice at most?

    It’s the most significant reason whilst we are languishing down at the bottom of the league.

    We haven’t got our best team available again but tonight is a MUST WIN game. Is McGugan back? We always seem to play a lot better when he is on the pitch.

  9. Yes, we need a creative midfielder. Unfortunately CC alienated him so badly by leaving him on the bench that he signed for Derby. This action (last season) is CC’s biggest sin as otherwise CC’s transfer record is good. CC should go for alienating KFC. Full stop.

  10. SB “Consistency of approach always brings dividends”
    Completely agree … keep your loyalty and money and those banks, stable for years. guaranteed good dividends every year.
    My faith is with the future of the club …. if it ain’t working bloody well change it !

  11. I’m sorry guy’s, but it’s time for Clueless Colin to leave us…. we got promoted last season because the promotion chasing sides choked!!! Not because we set the division on fire!!!
    How is it, that the sides just above us have parted company with their managers already, yet the side right at the bottom (us) are still clinging to the hope that we MIGHT just come up with the goods… Sorry to be the party pooper, but we’re not! The reason these sides got rid of their managers was because they NEED change to survive! Obviously Doughty and Arthur are happy for a season in the championship, but miss league 1.
    My 3 step approach is simple…..
    (1) Beat Donny tonight 0-3
    (2) Get rid of CC
    (3) Someone for the love of god….. expose Arthur as a bloody idiot!
    U REDS!!!!

  12. Lets face it CC has spent a lot of money over his tenure and is there really a Forest fan out there that beleives we got up last season cause w deserved it?? as said in previous posts we only got up because Donny etc all blew it when it come down to the final games.

    The club has to be honest and get a manager in who can motivate the players, cause all i can see is a bunch of half decent players at a BIG club earning big money and simply not producing..

    As rumoured a Billy Davies or a Sam Alladyce would be able to come in and motivate the players and get them on their toes, cause all i see is most of the forest players happy to come in and earn the money whether we win or not… there is no passion in the club…., these players need to realise what a big club we used to be 30 years ago.

  13. Don´t know who is out tonight. I hope it´s chambers and wilson and then we might have a chance of a clean sheet !!!!!! Billy Davies waiting. OK by me ….

  14. nickl360 – CC doesn’t know which XI is his 1st team. He’s never kept the same team this season once (if I’m not wrong). At any 1 time, some of the teams he’s put out could b the ‘XI’ or could be the opposite. 0-0 2night, 1 more match maybe & it’s thanks & bye bye. Maybe it already is…

  15. cc says after the donny match he was pleased with the excellent communication of the team. …..John McGovern was nearly tearing his hair out because of the LACK of communication !!!Players holding the ball too long and not passing into ares for team mates.
    That was a must win match,the pressure the players put on themselves by not beating norwich.
    How many of the players are up for a season long relegation battle????

  16. I would like to revise my comments after seeing the Donny game result, I think we will see a new manger in December. We have a good side, we dont have a good manager. Someone needs to fire them up otherwise it will be a long dark winter…..

  17. All these reports of new managers being spoke to is starting to get on my nerves, this must of started about 6 weeks ago now when Big Sam was putting a consortium together to take us over, then we have the Billy Davies is speaking to the club and now we have got Bothroyd & Dowie on the agenda…

    This needs to be sorted out once and for all, in my opinion they should let Smoulderwood go now, he has been here long enough and achieved nowt, he should of been sacked when we lost the 12 point lead at top of table a couple of seasons back.

    Big Sam should be given the opportunity to turn this football club into a competitive club where clubs know they are in a gme when they come to the City Ground.

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