An outgoing, an incoming? And some musings..

Fletcher’s gone back to Palace as his loan was due to expire soon, and he’s still injured – probably a sound move. He seems to have had quite his unfair share of critics despite not really having much of a chance to make an impact through injury; and as a result of that won’t be massively missed from a playing perspective. Which is a pity, as ‘on paper’ he was just the kind of experienced hand we lacked.

We’ve also been linked with former Oldham striker Chris Porter, now plying his trade with Motherwell (not Dundee United as everyone else seems to think!).  There’s no surprise really that we’re trying to get hold of someone capable of sticking the ball in the onion bag, the only tricky is that we could do with somebody capable of stopping it going into ours too, oh, and someone to sort midfield out as well – dearie me, it’s all just gone to pot, hasn’t it?

Supporters are understandably upset, and the scapegoat game is in full flow – it’s a game I’ve definitely participated in historically, I try to avoid it if I can – although it’s hard not to try to seek out those who might be responsible; I’ve kinda given up – although it’s unsurprising that Smoulderwood is spending the credit he earned over recent games much more quickly than he ever amassed it.

It becomes uncomfortable involving oneself with online communities of Forest fans at times like these, with talks of protests once again surfacing (but still without a real purpose insofar as I can determine), it seems that anyone and anything becomes fair game for a lambasting; with little room for rational thought.  The saddest fact of the matter being that these reactions are completely understandable, we do find ourselves reaching a threshold which we mustn’t cross if we are to avoid relegation this season – which will spell disaster for the future of the club.

Despite all that we look forward, if that’s the right term, to a trip to the Keepmoat Stadium tomorrow to face another fellow struggler; the boos from the fans will be ringing still in the players ears, and hopefully they can channel that into a less pitiful performance and get us three much needed points.  Having said that, a bad result at the Keepmoat Stadium, one which saw us all screaming (self included!) for the manager’s head, was the catalyst for what was to follow…

But surely he can’t pull something like that out the bag again, can he?