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  1. if we don’t win on tuesday i think we are finished. forest were poor tonight, poor decisions as well. tyson should be an option not the only option. i hope people dont go over the top with comments though. we need to keep trying and keep behind the team. no one better will want to come to forest in jan. i will be there on tuesday all the way from snowy scotland. so let’s not give up. the biggest thing missing tonight was confidence, in a young team the fans can either destroy it further or help to get it back.

  2. another dissapointing game we cannot seem to win! whatever we try even against a Norwich side who had a man sent off and didnt look eager to threat. If we don’t win on tuesday then i think we need a new manager.

  3. Similar plan as well, but NFFC …. the glass on the left is empty … change the formation asap !!

  4. For once he produced no excuse. The best thing he’s done in a while. 2 big games then we’ll see where we are. Otherwise 11 vs 10 for 70mins @ home & lose, what can u say?

  5. Good plan mate.

    But for now…
    Wilson, out. Rubbish. No idea, appalling leadership. Moaning at Heath?? Get a grip, Kelvin.
    Garner. How did he stay on? Good player, but crap tonight. Sub him for Earnie, game won.
    Calderwood. Goodbye. Tactical suicide. 3 wingers on at the end, international striker on bench against a tiring 10 men.
    My Player of the last 2 seasons, Clingan. MoM tonight. Why the f**k do our lot boo players? it ALWAYS works against us.

    Barman, pint please

  6. Our best player creative player in the midfield moved to left back? Our best striker moved to midfield to bring on a winger? The man is F*CKING CLUELESS!

    I WANT Forest to lose on Tuesday. For me its the only way we will get rid of Calderwood. Sorry but its true. Get rid, regroup and salvage the season. – NOW before its too late!

  7. Let’s get specific
    Doughty is keeping CC for 1 of 2 reasons.
    1. He thinks he’s the man to get us promoted to the Premiership
    2. He’s trying the sell up

  8. must’ve been one hell of a half time motivational team talk. Utter sh1te. I have tried to remain optimistic but right now I am finding that impossible. Again I’ll reiterate that leadership is essential on and off the field. I’m not seeing either at the moment and as such the young lads lose their way. I’m sorry to have to say it but things must be changed.

  9. This game has to be the managers resposibility.
    Once again he left out our influential captain Breckin…I hope he is captain on tuesday !!!Our best midfilder Cohen was moved out of the action to left back.
    The half time talk should have been Norwich are there for the taking…You won´t have a better chance all season in a six pointer. Go out with quick passing ,wear them out and show all the T.V. viewers and the rest of the league what they have to fear. Show them we are NOT going down !!! Cohen runs back to help chambers as he doesn´t trust him and we give another goal and 6 points away…
    Breckin and Fletcher back on tuesday. A clean sheet,and lets see what happens. As there is no good beer here, a glass of rum now… Cheers !!!

  10. Egor and mattyboy both spot on.You now nffc tonight i accepted against my own self will that WE WILL GO DOWN UNDER CLUELESS COLIN we are simply not good enough.



  11. Earnshaw pulls his hamstring in a warm up. You do this by not bloody well warming up in the first place. Get rid of the idiot of our fitness coach asap. When I saw them wam up against Birmingham he had 15st blokes like Wes at full pace with shuutle runs the same as the 9st, 17 year old kids. They came off for the start of the game 5 mins later gasping for air, lungs pumping. What a piloc ! Get rid. Take him on a permanent bike ride with that twat Arthur.

  12. What an utter disgrace, I’ve supported the Reds for nearly 40 years but for me this was probably the worse performance I’ve seen during that time. Put simply, the majority of the players are league one quality at best. How much more of this CC crap are we supporters expected to take? Personally, it was the last straw, if we go down again and it’s looking that way, I for one will not be renewing my season ticket. If the club cannot match the supporter’s commitment then the towel goes in.

  13. Funny one last night. First half wasn’t that bad. We were moving the ball around, making the 10 men work hard. Good game plan. A few chances created but nothing really clear cut apart from the well worked free kick that saw Thornhill’s effort saved. Needed more venom behind it in truth. Not really sure how Anderson scored as as far as I could tell, he hadn’t been on the pitch for the previous 35 minutes. Wilson’s indecisiveness and dithering on the ball evident again. The ‘captain’ needs to warm the bench for the rest of the season.

    Then we came out for the second half and gawd knows what CC said but they just didn’t turn up. We couldn’t get hold of the ball and when we did we gave it straight back to them. The long punts upfield were back with a vengenence. Cohen was admirable in winning plenty of balls but the flicks and layoffs generally went nowhere and it ended up being absolutely dire.

    No shape, no idea, no leader. There are always a game or two like this during a season, lets hope we’ve used up our quota this campaign.

    Wouldn’t be at all surprised to see the game on Tuesday called off due to a frozen pitch. Good thing/Bad thing? Can’t quite decide. Good in that it gives us more time to kick the players arses but bad in that its often better to get straight back out there after a poor performance.

  14. i was actually ashamed to be a supporter of nottingham forest in my local last night ! we’re fast becoming a laughing stock and i for one wont be around much longer to see it unfold. CC cant be blamed for this one, it lays purely and simply on the shoulders of the eleven wearing the forest shirts.

  15. The situation is becoming ridiculous I’m floating between sacking/backing the manager on a weekly basis. Perhaps my instict was right last December; bring in Billy Davies? But then again we seem to have tried every diferent type of manager over the last ten years & they’ve all been crap with the exception of Harty!!!
    The last fifty minutes was unacceptable last night & whilst there were question marks to be asked of the manager; his players unnacceptably let him down . The lack of heart, fight, commitment and passion was frightening & highlighted the fact that there are NO real competitors/winners at the club. It was almost embarrassing to see their attitude in the second half. Good, experienced, competitive players are clearly what is required in our position. A defeat at Donny on tuesday will really test Doughty’s patience…. and for that matter mine…

  16. No fight second half, but you can see where the problems are:

    Wilson is not a leader on the pitch and his hestitancy and lapses are causing us all sorts of problems, should have cleared cross into row Z for 1st goal and went then stopped in build up for second – Breckin back in for Tuesday.

    For all his hard work, Nathan will never be a natural goalscorer – the header in the first half should have at least been on target. Buy a proven goal scorer in Jan.

    Perch back to rightback and hopefully Tornhill, who I thought had a decent 1st half will be back in Tuesday.

    Not quite sure about backing or sacking the manager but he needs a win on Tuesday

  17. Graham is right. The 11 players on the field last night must shoulder the blame for one of the most abject performances in recent memory (and we’ve seen a few, haven’t we).

    But unless Breckin was injured I really can’t see why he didn’t play. I’m not his biggest fan, but he has certainly brought a stabilising influence to the side when he has played. Surely Calderwood can see this? What has Wilson got on CC?? The guy is a total liability.
    I also think the comment about the fitness coach is right. I’ve often wondered about those pre-match warm-ups myself.

    The only positive to come out of last night? I now know exactly what I’ll be doing next season. Stay up and I’ll get another 5 season tickets. Go down and I wont.

  18. you heard it first here
    Its 7.45 on Saturday night, i’m coming out of the Pitch Diner and look through the door into the glass seating area and see Doughty, Arthur and CC on the pitch next to the tunnel. I do not know how long they had been there but i watched for about 5mins with Doughty,it appeared, being very demonstrative, Arthur hands in pockets looking at the green stuff. CC did not, from that distance, seem to respond but at the end he strode down the tunnel followed by the other two at some distance behind, not good body language from anyone.
    has he been sacked?
    has he walked?
    was it a final warning with a slap on the wrists?
    Lets hope it was one of the first cases
    CC is a tactical flop, his actions make reasonable players perform poorly, apart from Chambers and Wilson who have not got a prayer at this level

  19. Thought – yes, Sat u can blame the 11 on the pitch but u can’t blame them all the time. It’s funny how after 1 defeat u’re all at it again (the slagging off game) but I’ve said it countless of times CC is not good enough for this division. Txs for your help but no more. Pls leave b4 it’s too late… (Nothing’s changed with me – I’ve stuck to the same tune more or less all season)

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