Camp the hero again saving a point at the Gate..

Bristol City – 2
Nottingham Forest – 2

So we’re unbeaten in four league games – yay!  Considering these four games consisted of three away trips to Palace, Direby and Brizzle, and the home game was against high flying Birmingham, then really perhaps that’s an impressive run given our current lowly standing.  Having said that, stats can be twisted in any direction, and we’re still in the relegation zone, and we’re still three games without a win.

The earliest chance fell to Bristol City stooge McIndoe who stole in at the back post and missed with the whole goal to aim at after around five minutes.  Forest took the lead with a very welcome first goal for Garner, Cohen picked out Tyson on the left who calmly took the ball past Fontaine before picking out Garner who calmly slotted the ball into the corner of the net under pressure from the home defenders.

Adebola should’ve done better after getting the better of calamity Kelv and calamity Wes, but with Camp rushing out was hurried into shooting over.  Forest were still creating too, with Tyson and Garner causing problems for the home defence – this time the final chance fell to Tyson who couldn’t quite keep his shot from going just wide of the far post with home defenders bearing down on him.

The equaliser came around 6 or 7 minutes shy of half time, with an unpressured Marvin Elliott absolutely spannering an Adebola cross in from around 30 yards.  An excellent strike, not a lot Camp could’ve done – but definitely preventable had the shooting chance been effectively closed down.  Disappointing, but a tremendous strike nonetheless.

Straight after half time Tyson burst past the hapless Cole Skuse and put the ball past Basso to restore the lead for Forest.  I’m really pleased for Tys who’s been putting in a lot of work lately – as well as today – so he gets not only an assist to his credit, but also a richly deserved goal which will hopefully give him a bit more confidence as we move into a sequence of games were we really need to start picking up some wins.

Elliott was still looking dangerous, and after Johnson sent a ball over the top towards him he could only shoot over with the entire Forest back four chucking themselves infront of him.  Former Forest striker Stern John was introduced by Gary Johnson to bolster his strikeforce, whereas Smoulds recognised the wobbles that were appearing in midfield and put on Fletcher for Thornhill.

Forest almost had it wrapped up thanks to a gifted goal – Anderson payed through Tyson, and Basso had to be quick to prevent an embarrassing ricochet which looked bound to be another ‘Own Goal’ to sit embarrasingly close to the top of our top scorer chart so far this season.  The home side started to build pressure though, and with eleven minutes to go Adebola headed a corner down with the ball falling to Fontaine to shoot from the edge of the area through a crowd.

Chambers had a chance for the Reds, forcing a decent save from Basso, but Camp and Morgan were kept busy preventing attempts by the home side to get the winner.  However, Perchy almost gave us a much-craved win, getting on the end of a Cohen freekick but only able to direct the ball over from four yards with a flailing leg.

And despite this interesting and open battle between two sides, the headline incident happened in stoppage time.  Chambers was adjudged to have fouled Stern John in the penalty area resulting in the 8,452nd penalty for Forest to concede this season without being awarded one.  It was taken well by McIndoe but Camp was equal to it, diving to his right and saving with one hand conceding a corner.

A good match, and a fair result on balance – with the natural euphoria of a stoppage time penalty save giving Forest fans the sense of victory and the home fans disappointed.  We really do need to start putting some wins together though.  I wouldn’t say the pessimism that often plagues my posts is entirely vanquished, but things don’t seem quite so hopeless as they did a few weeks back.

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  1. Indeed NFFC, the lads are starting to get better results for their efforts. Nobody could really complain that Forest had been playing badly, the results were just always against us but some lessons seem to have been learnt and it looks like the boys can always get a result now. The point was a bit disappointing but saying that every points is another slight confidence booster. We do need to pick up some points now though to get us out of the relegation zone by Christmas but that effort and quality is starting to show, slower but surely. Calderwood also seems to be sticking to 442 which should make some of the moaners a little less moany. It’s interesting that I haven’t anyone calling for his head for a while. Funny what better results do, hey! Uuu rreeddsssss!!!!

  2. I was talking to a Forest fan this week who attends all the matches (academy reserves & 1st team) he also seemed to be acquainted with mark arthur & nigel doughty bcause he told me that when we were bottom of the league a meeting was held between the players & the aforementioned doughty/arthur. The gist of this was that smoulds was about to be given order of the boot. The players apparently staged a revolt demanding that smoulds be retained, unless I’m mistaken what we seem to be seeing on the pitch is a team determined to keep their manager. This chap added credence to his info by telling me that the reason marlon left for west ham so cheaply was, that he threatened to stretch paul hart out on the dressing room floor. This is of course second hand & unsubstantiated but to me it seems to add up.

  3. Relieved to get a draw in the end.
    John Mcgovern was continually mentioning lack of composure on the ball due to lack of experience.
    I still wonder why heath and wilson are still preferred to breckin, our captain.
    I would have thought that if you want to give players like Heath experience you do it when you are 3 0 up.
    Maybe he is that good,but I feel more confident when Brecks is playing. Lets hope we get the much needed wins now in the next few games.

  4. Today a Derby fan stopped us from going bottom.
    There’s going to be a time when a lot of the Forest fans realise that we have to start winning, and winnng almost every match. All the hard luck, glorious failure and we’re improving stories are going to rapidly disappear.
    Why are we not winning when we get the chance ?? McGovern said is we aern’t keeping the ball which is inviting pressure on the back 4 (or is it 5, 3, or 6?).

  5. We really need to be looking at a minimum of 7 points from the next 3 games.

    We have two at home and one away.

    After that, things may start to look a bit better.

    The effort seems to be there though, at least we aren’t losing games at the moment.

  6. Good point, careless penalty? Too close 4 comfort & we must stop conceding goals after going in front. As Chris said, a min of 7 but will we? It’s all in the balance. 4 unbeaten & results have helped. Some big big matches which could see our season go anyway…

    Pachua Red – true but at the same time Camp has kept those mouths shut, inc. mine. 😉

  7. we are doing ok, this is a hard league, unbeaten in four, all four games were tough. still have players to come back, we need a win next week, then another against donny.
    keep the faith, this time next week we will have a better understanding

  8. We’re doing much better than we have been, I’m not sure what sort of magic wand everyone is expecting to be waved over the team. I’ve got faith that we’ll pick up some home wins before Christmas. We’ve gone from hopeless to promising, over the past few games. Feed Gardner and Tyson, bring back Lewis and we’ll be fine. There are 7 teams around us struggling to get results at the moment.

  9. Forest have never, ever been a team capable of sitting back and protecting a lead. We always cock it up. Always. So going for the third goal at 2-1 up was absolutely the only way for us to play it.

    Alan – Heath played because Bennett is injured and Lynch ill. He is the next most capable Left Back at the club so not sure why you are questioning his selection. Personally, I don’t see why we brought Lynch in at all when we had Heath.

    Great effort again but, as others say, we must start collecting 3 points or we’ll end up having to win our last 5 games to scrape 50 points and safety – although the way things a shaping up, it could be a record low survival target this season – here’s hoping!!

    Finally, I wanna say I feel very sorry for Smithy -he’s never gonna get a game for us again – but Camp is just such a much better keeper. Anyone know how much the already agreed fee is for his move to be made permenant in Jan?

  10. Radgie – I haven’t read anywhere that we have agreed to sign Camp on a perm basis? I’m sure we are all in favour but do feel sorry for Smith who has been very good for us and kept us in games at times.

    We are a striker short with Cole gone and Earnie injured. Tys is on 4 yellows and could get suspended anytime. It must be nice for Brizzle to have someone like Stern John to come off the bench.

    Also, I notice Aaron Davies and Lee Martin were not in the squad again. Mirtin might as well go back to Manure and I’m so disappointed about Davies. Where is the player that knocked us out of the play offs?!

  11. martin should be playing he has quality weve been rubbish all season and martin isnt playing hes more creative than any other player in this sqaud and as for davies when is the poor lad going to be given a chance….the recent run is a massiv improvement but mark my words it will end soon smoulderwood still needs to go!!!

  12. I feel a bit sorry for both Smith and Davies too. But Camp has proved himself, and at the moment McCleary has (strangely) adapted to the step up better than some of our more experienced players.

    As for Heath, well I like him. I was a bit harsh with Bennett last season, and called him a pub player. He still is, but in this division you can’t get away with pub defending. Don’t get on at me for my opinion, it’s just that there is more to defending than effort.
    Bennett is all heart, but will he ever figure out positional play, or read the passes etc? I doubt it, I think he is as good as he’ll ever be. But Heath is a different type of player, one who may learn, and soak up the information given to him.
    I never thought I’d say this but we do need Breckins calmness and experience at the back right now. Wilson is such a liability.

    So, the dreaded Sky cameras next week….

  13. I note the denial of the takeover talks being described by the reliable MA as “rubbish”. When it came to the forensic journalism of Chippendale and Fray on BBC Radio Nottingham did they ask the question … “has any party contacted ND with a view to buying the club?” ….. no chance whatsoever.
    MA also reckons this is a massive club based on the website hits, so what about the next question “why aern’t people turning up?” As I’ve said before there are another 20,000 fans who don’t turn up and want to see us rise from the ashes.

    Notably, this site is the most viewed today on my news feed. Good honest stuff. Lesson for MA me thinks.

  14. We are improving thats for sure but we still cant see out games.We should have won today and i think this was our stiffest test to date.Whats let us down again MMMM LET ME THINK …….LUKE CHAMBERS we have given away needless fouls and penalties on a regular basis it has to change or TA TA TO CC HELLO LEAGE 1.We have 9 games til turn of year we need to be out of bottom three by then

    We need aroun 4 new players in transfer window

    Chamber out,wilson ,out ,bennett aswell .not good enough CALAMITY CITY.

    Another good report nffc keep it up fella.

  15. Aylesbury Red – I’ll answer your question with regards to Davies with a question. If u can answer that, then te same goes for Davies. The question is this Where’s the Grant Holt of last season? The answer is not in the 2nd division or at Shrewsbury. I’ll let u & the rest chew on it a while.

    Also, I think radgie was trying to suggest that we should keep him and based on his performance he’s already signed.

    Matty – dreaded Sky cameras – in the sense we can’t win only as the last time we played on Sky we did quite well.

    As for players in or out, look at this way, due to our continuous injury list (for whatever reasons are) we look lightweight & it’s true. You must be a very fit/lucky club to have all your squad available almost all the time. We have not this season or last either. In fact, this season has just been an endless list starting from the start of the season when Earnie, Cole, Garner (who we signed injured) amongst other players injured. Earne comes back, then goes back to the treatment table & so on & so on. Yes, we got some great youth but they need time & games in this division & not going out on loan to gain it.

    My thoughts & mons here but the bottom line is we need points & fast….

  16. er moans I meant. So to finish basicly we need a few players with CCC experience pref and no repeat of Lennon & Cole – ie NO OLDIES. CC is not able to get what other managers can out of them. It’s not an attack on CC but a fact most likley due to his Managerial sklls.

  17. Yiannaki – Perhaps the comparison you are making is that Davies has not been given a decent run in the team by Smoulders, same as Holty?

    Grant Holt was played out of position out wide last season by Calderwood in his wierd formation. So he has now dropped down a a couple of leagues but he’s banging goals in for fun for the Shrews – I note that he scored 5 goals in one game!

    Many people won’t agree but I think he could have been a useful asset in this league as we have no big striker like him. I thought on his day he could be a good weapon and he scored a few good goals when he got player of the year. He may have complimented one of the small quick strikers quite well but as he was sold, I’ll guess we’ll never know!

  18. Is it wrong to love another man?

    Because I’m in love with Lee Camp…

  19. Good comments again. I certainly hope Brecks is back for the norwich match or if not certainly for doncaster away where we will certainly need him.
    I´m disappointed with wilson this season and can´t decide if he will improve with experience. Nothing wrong with davies who just needs his chance.
    Yes we do need a big target man.We can´t keep relying on perch and chambers to get forward for corners as the opposition break so quickly now we are going to get caught again at the back. Camp has to be signed of course and hope smith stays with us and accepts his time will come again…Difficult.

  20. Exactly Ayles. It’s not just at Forest it happens but it is a fact which is. Look at Earnie, In the team & scoring goals (when not Injured, of course). Thefunny thing with Holt is that 2 seasons ago he was player of the year & the next he’s pushed into a different position & is eventually shipped out. His reply, is to bang “in goals for the Shrews” & well done to him.

    I see Martins grabbed 2 goals last night in the reserves and Lynch played too.

    As for not knowing, the same goes for Agogo as well. We’ll never know if these players could make the step up. Anyway, we shouldn’t dwell & what might have been but what we have (as already said). Let’s bring on Clingan & co & hope for a win. The rest of this month all the games are 6 pointers & we all know it. Forget the previous games, there gone, the next 3 are the ones which will show how the season will really be…

    Then we can see more or less what’s needed or not.

  21. Mansfield Red – I don’t blame you 1 min!!! lol

  22. I’ve read in numerous places that we have the option to purchase Camp in Jan. The BBC report it here: Other sites report that a fee has already been agreed butno mention of what that amounts to. Reports also state that QPR have the option to recall Camp should the need arise. I knew I wasn’t going mad, you buggers!

  23. Amongst others, even the good old Beeb has it:

    It is reported elsewhere that both a fee has been agreed and QPR have the option to recall. I knew I wasn’t going mad!

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