There was an English club, an Irishman, and a Dubai investor…

O'Neill - moving to Forest according to citizens of cloud cuckoo land...

Not content with the general non-event that was the rumour of a Big Sam led consortium seeking to acquire the mighty Reds, the latest Dubai-based collective keen to waste sink millions of pounds into Forest are going to do so with Aston Villa boss and former Forest player Martin O’Neill at the helm.  If you believe a damn word the Daily Express have to say, that is!


Without being mean to Smoulds, who is very much in NFFCBlog’s good books at the moment, it would be a foolish supporter who wouldn’t take O’Neill and Robertson to replace him in a shot.  However, back in reality – he’s doing a sterling job at Villa, who are in somewhat of a more stable position than us (understatement!).  With their own rich backers, I can’t see even in my wildest dreams such a move for him occurring.

Of course, the O’Neill angle is just one thing.  Do we really want investment from foreign backers?  Investment is a good thing, of course, if used wisely – but it’s also something that can be withdrawn should it either not return profit (unlikely in football!) or cease to provide the entertainment or kudos the investor was seeking in taking over a football club.  At least with Doughty he does have an interest beyond the fiscal.

I doubt very much there’s much truth in it; given the financial climate in the wider world, now isn’t the time to be frittering cash away on what would be a risky investment in a time of financial buoyancy.  On the flip side – if manoeuvred correctly – Forest could represent a relatively cheap acquisition; but few of us would deny that to elevate us into serious cash-making territory (which is basically latter Champions League stages) would take a whopping amount of cash.

So I think that probably means this story is a big steaming pile of you-know-what.  Although of course Mark Arthur making strenuous denials about it does lend it a bit of strength… and it’s in the Evening Post too!