Andrew Cole is a whingeing old soul…

It seems odd for Andrew “Andy” Cole to have taken so long to make comments to the press; but perhaps it involved him getting off his proverbial behind and making his own way there – which would explain a lot.  Some of the comments which have been attributed to him in the media make quite interesting reading – if a tad predictable.  It’s unsurprising that Mark Arthur apparently said at the supporters club AGM that the policy of purchasing has-beens is one that Forest will no longer be pursuing!

“I told them from the outset that I didn’t want to go there to sit on the bench because I didn’t want to be perceived as sitting back and making easy money”
Well, we didn’t want you to be doing that either, Andrew – we wanted you to show an interest, bang some goals in – that didn’t happen.  From your clear disinterest during warm ups to your purposeful ambling around the pitch, unfortunately you didn’t merit anything more than the role of bench warmer, and frankly once injuries allowed, you didn’t even merit a place in the squad.

“I wanted to go there and offer something, but it was a strange one from the start.  I never knew what my role was.  Was it to lend a hand, use my experience or was it a PR thing, to sell a few more season tickets.”
I imagine the cynical PR suggestion has more than a grain of truth; however, your role was a football player – a role you should be eminently fucking familiar with, as it’s been your job for the last few years!  This requires effort on your part, otherwise you get dropped!

“I wanted it to work out, but I was playing for 60 minutes and then getting taken off.  Or sometimes I wasn’t getting picked at all.”
Aside from some neat link up play, Cole clearly didn’t have the legs for it any more – culminating in him being outran by Lee Camp in one game according to rumours of leaked Prozone statistics.

It’s a real pity, as I was quite excited when we signed him, but clearly he came with expectations of special treatment over his less illustrious teammates – which frankly, we don’t need in our dressing room.  He should take a look at the attitude Ian Breckin displays; club captain, but not guaranteed a game – but when he does get a game he performs well.  When he doesn’t, he doesn’t moan about it.

It’s a sad end to an illustrious career for Cole; made all the sadder by his mouthing off and making himself look like a bit of an idiot.  Whether Smoulds was really ‘intimidated’ by him or not (I suspect not), I think he did the right thing in getting shot of him – because clearly whether he wanted to be guaranteed a place in the team or not, his performances didn’t warrant one.