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I took the opportunity when returning past the new Brian Clough statue to record a short video since there were fewer people around than after the unveiling; aside from the undoubted fantasticness of the statue from a likeness, pose and positioning point of view, I had been wondering about the lighting after dark.  Well there was no need to worry, my unlit camera in video mode could pick out the details well enough.

There’s a great video on the Forest website of the unveiling itself taking place, which I had tried to record and somehow buggered up (I never was any good with technology!), although according to NewsNow I did manage to get the first photo of the statue online (albeit not a particularly good one!) once it was properly unveiled.  So that’s a bit of a personal coup for this luddite blogger!

Also, look in the background lower left on the photo the official site chose to use on their unveiling video page.  Can you spot a certain curmudgeonly Forest character lurking there?  I must see if he’s going to write any more diary entries!  As for me, here’s my favourite picture from the day itself, which was a wonderfully orchestrated and emotional occasion – huge congratulations to everyone involved!  As ever, I struggle to end on a serious note!


Smoulds weighs up the competition and starts to plan on shipping in more St. Tropez...

Smoulds weighs up the competition and starts to plan on shipping in more St. Tropez...


Even Gary Newbon getting a bit befuddled and thinking he was in Birmingham didn’t spoil a great day – it was great to see the reaction of the Clough family as well as the huge gathering of Nottinghamians.  Now, with all due respect to my good friends over at Left Lion, I will definitely be ceasing arranging to meet people by the feline guardian, now when I see people in town I will most certainly be saying “I’ll see you at Cloughie!

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  1. I spied Terry the Kitman! Well done to everyone involved, sounds like a geat day. Out of interest, what did Gary Newbon say to suggest he thought he was in Birmingham? (I can imagine he put his big ‘Central Region West’ foot in it!)

  2. Thank You very very much. What a wonderful statue and I love the way his famous quotes are place around the statue. Be sure as sure when I get back to my City of Birth I will pass by myself and see in person the statue of the one, if not the one “in the top one” 😆

  3. Mark Arthur looks like a Dwarf!!!

    In all fairness there should be a lot of plaudits and thanks to those who organised the fund raising events. I don’t know all of them but I know a Rich Fisher was heavilly envolved in a lot of the fund raising as well as a few guys at ltlf… Well done chaps and thank you for your efforts…

  4. Its a fitting tribute to the Great Man himself.

    Many congratulations to all those involved in getting this marvellous statue erected. Without their tireless efforts its obvious this would have not occurred.


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