Clough family set the tone for a day of celebration…

On the day of the unveiling of the Brian Clough statue, the master manager’s family have been speaking about both the man himself, the tribute and how amazed and touched Mr Clough himself would have been at such an accolade.

His wife, Barbara said “All we can think is how amazed Brian would be at the very idea of a statue.  I mean he really would.  He would never believe it.  It’s just wonderful it really is.”  

She also spoke of the softer side of her late husband, perhaps the side that was less popularly and frequently portrayed by his brash media persona.  “He’d be so touched, he really would.  He was easily, very easily, touched by people.

On visiting the sculptor to see the statue, she recounted “It was quite breathtaking when we went to see it, we went down to Les Johnson.  They were such a very kind couple, they made lunch for us then he said ‘come on we’ll go and see it’, and he opened the door and of course it was just in grey, unfinished clay – but it was absolutely incredible, it took our breath away.

Part of the visit was to give Barbara and her daughter Elizabeth the opportunity to suggest changes to the almost finished statue, however no amendments were required.  “We just looked at each other and we said ‘it’s perfect’  there just wasn’t anything we wanted [to change].

Brian and Barbara Clough’s eldest son, Simon, paid tribute to the volunteers who made the Brian Clough Statue Fund such a resounding success.  He said “As a family we cannot say enough about those who came up with the idea in the first place and then set about the task of raising so much money for the statue.

Marcus Alton was the instigator of it all and without his idea and persistence the statue fund might never have got off the ground in the first place.  His wife Sarah, together with Mick Mellors, Mike Simpson, Rich Fisher, Paul Lowe and the Chairman Paul Ellis then set about the task with great enthusiasm and it must be very rewarding for them to now see the project through to its conclusion.”

The Council Leader, Jon Collins, has also been very supportive but I would like to thank everyone who has contributed in any way to making it all possible.  It’s amazing really but working in Nottingham I do realise on a day-to-day basis how much my dad meant to so many people.  I get stopped by them so often in the street it’s a wonder I get any work done!

Nottingham will be in the mode for celebrating the legendary former Forest manager in preparation for the statue unveiling; tributes will start from as early as 10:00am on the big screen – leading up to the actual unveiling itself at 1:00pm which will be conducted by Barbara Clough.  For those of you unable to attend I shall endeavour to get a picture up as soon as possible, but will also take my proper camera to capture the day for later uploading.

Just a reminder that limited edition replicas of the Brian Clough Statue are now available – only 1,000 copies will be produced, and they can be ordered by clicking on this link.

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  1. A legend, a real legend. When we play crap or as indeed we suffered embarrasment in League 1, a spot of nostalgia and reminicience about Brian and his contribution to make an average team world class warms the heart. The fact that he kept football in perspective with the greater problems of the world also showed he was a realist, something which is lost sometimes in the new religion that is football. Hail Brian, prince of Nottingham!

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