A masterpiece.. Brian Clough statue photo..

The long awaited unveiling of Nottingham’s statue of Brian Clough has just been unveiled, and it’s absolutely fantastic. Hopefully the primitive camera on my phone does it justice, but if not, I have my regular camera with me – as do many onlookers!

Proudly standing on the ‘v’ of King and Queen Street, it is great to see a fitting tribute to the great man finally in place, literally in the company of royalty and able to overlook the scenes of so many celebrations he masterminded down in the Market Square.

Huge congratulations to everyone involved with makng this happen – be you a commitee member, a councillor or if you bought some badges and keyrings, the people of Nottingham today proudly celebrate a hero, and leave a lasting monument fitting to his legacy.

Brian Clough’s a football genius!

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  1. Nice photo .Well done..I wish I could have been there!!!!

  2. Brilliant! Very well done to everyone involved for making it happen.

    And thanks for letting us see it so quickly NFFC – great job!

  3. And Derby town centre still has a concrete 4ft high statue of a sheep next to it’s new shopping centre.

  4. This is a true reflection of the great man!!!!

    Well done to everyone involved, and well done NFFC for the quick coverage.
    I think I now have a new screen saver.

    Yoouuu Reeeddddssssss………..

  5. Brilliant for brian and the family and for nottingham.He was a complete one off i will never forget the joy he and the reds at that time gave me.He was also a gentleman always for the underdog was cloughie a mans man but he had a huge heart.

    Nottingham forest football club would never be what it is today ( i hope ) without the the legendary man manager.We played football how it ought to be played ,fast slick on the deck with real craft.You know nffc i saw us beat liverpool at anfield ,beat united beat the best of them in europe and with style also.

    They all enriched my life so much im forever grateful.

    R.I.P Cloughie you were the best.

  6. I can’t believe they did this on a Thursday when everyone was at work.

    I work in Derby so it was a definite no-no for me, sadly.

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