Derby v Forest highlights..

They are now available to view on the Virgin Media website.  And d’you know what is amusing?  Have a look at the penalty incident, see if you can spot which slightly rotund looking type protests for a penalty, and then applauds the referee just as the ball is headed into the goal.  It’s none other than that number 7 fella who probably should have then stepped up to take the penalty, but didn’t.

Further fall out from the game is that calamity-referee Attwell has been axed as a result of his handling of the game, on top of the ‘phantom goal’ he gave earlier in the season in the game between Watford and Reading.  Most media reports focus on the last few minutes of the game, but disregard the fact that Forest had some appalling decisions against them too – not least the offside that never was in the first half, and the incredibly harsh sending off of Lewis McGugan – yet ignoring the shirt-pulling and microphone kicking antics of Emanuel Villa.

So all in all, a deserved fate for Mr Attwell who as an FA ‘rising star’ was perhaps risen too quickly to handle a game of such volatility.  Whilst many Forest fans are feeling grateful for his blunders in the final acts of the game, I can’t help but think that with Lewis still on the pitch we would have remained comfortable in the lead – had Garner been allowed to carry on playing he may well have scored (I don’t think we can call it a disallowed goal as the Derby players had clearly stopped, in fact, Garner was lucky not to be booked for carrying on and putting the ball in the net).

It will certainly spice things up for an already spicy encounter in February.  I just hope that Forest similar restrict the number of Derby fans in the ground as they did for us.  I also pray that we don’t have any tree-related equivalent to those embarrassing sheep masks!

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  1. i’m with you on the last bit NFFC give them a restricted allocation, no more than 2500 and stick to it for all future upcoming big games where a big away following is expected,because it certianly does make a difference to refereeing decisions in front of the bridgeford end??? rant over NO SILLY TREE MASKS!!!!!

  2. What I don’t understand is that there has been absolutely no word whatsoever from the Forest camp regarding an appeal over McGugan’s dismissal. It was a straight red so it can be appealed which I would have thought would be very worth doing seeing as Lewis is facing a 3 game ban.

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