Win the chance to meet Jemmo and Crossley!

My lovely friends at The Approach have been kind enough to offer a pair of tickets to see former Reds Nigel Jemson and Mark Crossley for another ‘An Evening With..‘ format on Tuesday 16th December.  If the chance to hear tales from those two wasn’t enough, though, the evening will also feature the launch of a ‘Babe of the week‘ calendar thanks to BallsMania magazine, who are also supporting the evening.

Should you still need convincing; then you will also have the opportunity to raise money for a great charity called Help for Heroes; who provide support for members of our armed forces injured in action.  And best of all, if you win the competition then you get to go for absolutely free.  However, it will only cost you a mere £10 should you not be lucky, or £29.95 will get you entry as well as a three course Christmas Dinner to get you in the festive spirit!

Full details are on the flyer (click the picture above for a full version), and having had the pleasure of a number of evenings down at The Approach now, I can categorically say that on past form it will be a brilliant night.  Norm in particular was renowned for his antics whilst at Forest, and of course has had a long career after his time in Nottingham too – so I’m sure Darren Fletcher the compere will be able to extract some of those from him!

So, how do you win?  Well, it’s simple really.  The picture to the left is of Jemmo on managerial duty for Ilkeston Town.  There is a rather ominous blank speech bubble emanating from him; I think you can guess what you need to do!  I want you to email me your amusing captions and the funniest will win the tickets!  The deadline for entry is the end of November, when the lucky winner will be notified, and I’ll ask the kind folks at the venue to add them to the guest list.

Don’t miss out on your chance to ask Big Norm if he really galavanted around Nottingham dressed as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle; or to ask Jemmo about his goalscoring antics to knock Everton out of the FA Cup a mere five years ago when playing for Shrewsbury!

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