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    • Now it's rumoured Paul Faulkner has resigned due to his position being 'untenable' - worrying times #nffc 3 years ago
    • Odd move. Freedman one of few managers with a lower win % than Pearce at this level. Good luck, Dougie. #nffc 3 years ago
    • And so it comes to pass that impatience holds sway once again. A sad day. Will we get it right tomorrow? #nffc 3 years ago
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You’ll enjoy watching this…

Thanks to an incredibly optimistic fan who opted to record a video of us taking a corner; since when did we score loads of goals from corners?!  Nevertheless, optimism was repaid, and we get this multimedia treat as a result!



5 Responses

  1. Yeah, I enjoyed the match from the living room, but I so wish I was there!
    A great last few minutes by the way.

  2. Superb shot..i was on the back row so this is a bit more close up. never seen us go so mental for a goal before, although spurs in the cup 3 years ago when taylor scored was pretty close behind. you reds!

  3. Awesome! That is the best phone footage quailty i have ever seen of a game!!

  4. Missed the ball because of the falling snow,so will try again !

  5. Great clip but would be better without the cheesy snow background – could see the ball then perhaps.

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