Big Sam to BUY Forest?

According to the News of the World the rumours linking Sam Allardyce to Forest; speaking of meetings, of him being lined up, were perhaps not as far-fetched as first thought.  But rather than as manager, he is being touted as a member of a consortium looking to buy the club.  Interesting, for sure!  Reliable?  Not just yet.

There are certainly plenty of fans around the forums who often gun for Nigel Doughty and his representatives; so it will be interesting to see – should this story have any truth at all – what the reaction will be like.  Of course, with such little information available to us it’s impossible to make a judgement call either way.

I shall resume this topic at a more suitable time; it’s rather irrelevant right now given that mainly it comes from a source that can hardly be described as watertight, and there’s the small matter of it being less than twelve hours until our boys take to the pastures of Pride Park to face Derby.  So I think I’ll resume thinking about that for now.

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  1. Any move by Big Sam and his consortium would be welcomed. Nigel Doughty has stagnated the club and his past record and management selection has been poor. Forest are a team in decline with the smaller clubs having caught up the likes of the reds who continue to live on the past glories. Its time Forest moved into the 21st century, had a ground to match and a management structure who are ambitious and have the foresight to get the club back into the premiership. Under Nigel Doughty and his deadwood this will never happen.

  2. Can´t get audio commentary…Error on page .anyone know how to get it urgent

  3. Got it sorted at the last minute…. 1 1 as I predicted but Christ What a finish !!! Talk about hearts in mouths…. Camp is obviously a good buy..Well done.. Bring on Birmingham !!!!I wish I could have a couple of pints with you !!!

  4. NFFC, your “Parasite” almost scored a penalty! Thanks Lee Camp, it would be most heartbreaking to lose on the last minute.
    Anybody know where the BC trophy is going now that it’s a draw?

  5. stays there, until we meet them at mecca


    back on the topic though i think this big sam story is rubbish, it wont happen and i hope it doesn’t happen

  7. Idiots calling for Doughty’s head or for Doughty to sell the club really don’t know much about what he has done for Forest. He has ploughed millions in, sorted the debt to a sustainable level and kept us in the real world with some prudent financial management. True his choice of Managers has been chaotic but is he really to blame for that ? He employs a CEO to “run” the club day to day ! He is a Forest supporter, he is not in it to make money ! I would suggest for those of us who support Forest to leave off Doughty because I really can’t see a creditable alternative – Sam Allardyce – don’t make me laugh !

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