Was it worth it, Kris?

The bank of Commons is open, but not for shopping in Nottingham, it seems.

The bank of Commons is open, but not for shopping in Nottingham, it seems.

Read this piece on the website for The Mirror; and see what you think – I’m long past foaming-at-the-mouth angry at Commons leaving; frankly, he was inconsistent – perhaps he needed a change of scene.  I’m finding his media conduct in the run-up to this game quite fascinating though; I wonder whether the price he got for his soul will represent value in the long run for him?

Kris Commons is a silly boy. I’m not churlish enough not to deny I wasn’t disappointed when he decided not to stick around. I’m able to admit that when Derby was confirmed as his destination I was furious. Not that I ever really buy into this ‘playing for his boyhood club’ nonsense, when a football club transcends ‘your club’ to ‘your employer’, I imagine a number of things change.

It’s the re-justifying it that amuses me; you see, he’d pretty much agreed a deal in January with the Sheep – so any conversations the Reds had with him after this were a foregone conclusion anyway.  The suggestion that his move ‘wrecked’ our promotion part is rather strong, it did leave a sour taste though  Amusingly he apparently feels that he shouldn’t be seen walking around Nottingham spending all his money – well no shit, Sherlock!

And so as a self-confessed supposed Forest fan, he’s sold his soul for a better contract – and now has the temerity to lie about it.  Whilst as a collective football fans aren’t the brightest lot at times, our fans aren’t foolish enough to swallow his fabrications – although I’m not sure Derby fans will be pleased to hear his heart wasn’t really in his move down Brian Clough Way.  As I said, silly boy.  He should have kept his mouth shut.

Of course, there could be another reason for his not shopping in Nottingham, the relatively recently upgraded Eagle Centre in the badlands has a Pieminister in it – so he has all his shopping and culinary needs in his new adoptive home.  

Speaking of Pie, and of preparations for the big game tomorrow, if you take a wander over to Stress and Pie they have uploaded a new video – playing on the fact that our numerous lesser Midlands rivals seem to think the term ‘Red Dog‘ is in some way offensive.  Certainly our fans are hungry to the point of starvation for a chance to put one over on our bitterest of rivals; let’s hope the players are up to delivering.  

Every dog has his day, let’s hope tomorrow proves to be that day for the Red Dogs.

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  1. Looks like the Mirror just pinched this story from the Mail (which is a filthy rag at the best of times) but get a look at this complete with pics of sheepy pieman trying to look hard…


    What a brainless tw@t

  2. We’ll see what reception he gets- won’t be good obviously! As a pundit said the other day, bad players don’t get booed. He’s been excellent for us since he joined and has been the best crosser of a ball we have had for a long time. I think there’s little doubt you’d be higher in the league if he were still with you. It must have been a very difficult decision for him to join us although I’d have been upset if he was with us and joined you. Although saying that if he’s as bad as Forest fans make out I wouldn’t have been bothered. – the easiest decision would have been to stay but I think his decision has been justified. For what it’s worth I think we will have too much power and play at too high a tempo for Forest tomorrow and expose your vulnerability from set pieces. Also I think your lack of experience may result in a few of your Nottm born players losing their cool in front of a big crowd – although saying that I think they may have played in front of one before when you played Leeds last year. Let’s hope for a good game and no trouble.

  3. Oh he’s not a bad player; he was inconsistent – and often playing frankly in a poor side, perhaps under-motivated? Who knows. Not I!

    I’m not sure about where we’d be now if he’d stayed, we suffered injuries and – despite it sounding corny – a great deal of bad luck; I don’t think Commons would’ve changed that. I think it’s too early to say whether he’s made the right decision or not (from a footballing sense at least) – but early indications are perhaps true.

    I think experience is a good point; one of the reasons I’m glad Bennett is injured. But I think we might surprise a few people, because we aren’t as bad as our league position suggests.

    Definitely hoping for no trouble; seems unlikely, it’s been a while after all. But we can but hope.

  4. I have quite a few friends who are Forest fans and to be fair what I’ve seen of you this season you are playing technically good football. The main criticism I have is that you look ‘soft’ at both ends and quite often seen to lack ruthlessness. I think if we sat off you and let you play we’d be in trouble, fortunately Jewell will have our midfielders snapping at your heels all the time. We’re definately one of the fittest teams in the league and also one of the physically strongest which I think may trouble you today especially from set pieces. Jewell said he’s had you watched 5-6 times so he should know how you play – mind you he’d need a crystal ball to predict Calderwood’s lineups. I’m not saying we’re any great shakes as we can look dodgy at the back, not as bad with Albrechtsen playing though. We have two key players that will hopefully be fit, the Arsenal lad Barazite is a good player and Leacock helps our defence look more solid. Hopefully they’ll make it as we need them.

  5. Not long to find out! You’re not far off the mark about us, I don’t think, but then you have to factor in the occasion too.. and with that, I must be away!

  6. Good game today (eventually) , I thought you played fairly well for an away side even before you scored and were the better side although neither of us played well. My mate who I took (who is a red) said when you scored ‘there’s a long way to go yet’. How right he was. Obviously the game changed with the sending off, don’t think there was any intent as McGugan’s not dirty player but it was a dangerous tackle. I thought our equaliser was very soft. Obviously I’m gutted about the two disallowed goals having just watched them on Sky and it wasn’t even a pen. Saying that though I thought a draw was overall a fair result. Good luck for the rest of the season and roll on the City Ground match.

  7. That’s pretty gracious; if the boot was on the other foot I think I’d still be fuming!

  8. I still am a little bit but what’s the point – nothing’s gonna change. It woulda been worse if we’d got nothing out the game. The main thing in local derbies is you don’t lose as you can always walk into work without expecting stick. I haven’t got the hatred a lot of fans seem to have – I have some good friends who are Forest fans and they’re decent people so it’s difficult to hate them, even for 90 mins!

    It’s not personal its business!

  9. I know what you mean; but I think I’d put any of ‘the enemy’ amongst my friends on hold for a bit.

    To be fair, a similar-minded Rams fan to you called me before your comment and was very civilised too. Maybe we can be adults afterall!

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