Forest’s worst kept secret confirmed…

Andrew Cole match-worn Forest shirts - rare as rocking horse shit!

Andrew Cole match-worn Forest shirts - rare as rocking horse shit!


Andy “Andrew” Cole is no longer a Forest player, having had his contract terminated by mutual consent, some days after the rumours of such things happening surfacing all over the place.  Having failed to score in eleven appearances (five starting places) the striker has agreed with the powers-that-be at Forest to go their separate ways after yet another veteran signing for the Reds goes a bit awry.

Of course, the cynics amongst us might look at the signing, on the eve of Season Tickets going on sale, as a slightly suspicious one – although Cole had been on loan at Burnley from Sunderland last season at our level and by all accounts done okay for the Clarets.  Rumours that Nigel Doughty had stepped in immediately to remove Cole were countered with rumours of his apparent inclusion in the squad to face Crystal Palace – which he subsequently wasn’t.

Ultimately I suppose we’ll never know the reasons for Forest signing him nor why things didn’t work out as planned – but I guess that begrudging admiration is due to both parties making an expedient decision to not let the situation linger, and get it resolved.  Although I had never really considered Cole much else than a backup striker once our injured lads were back, it does leave us rather light on the striker front – and I imagine considerably lighter on the outgoing wages front (that said, I bet he’s had a pay off!).

It’s a rather ignominious end to a glittering playing career for him; after hearing tales of wanting to see his playing career out playing for the side local to him growing up, I think even the staunchest cynics amongst us were secretly hoping for the fairytale ending of him banging in the goals for us.  Alas, it would appear the career planning of Andy “Andrew” Cole will ever be remembered for being a year or two out of sync, so by the time it was time for the magical ending alas his legs had gone.

Fair thee well, Andy “Andrew” Cole; I fear that you were – from Forest’s point of view – only ever a vehicle to sell a few more season tickets.  I’m not sure what your motivations were, but given your career to date I find it hard to imagine that you came here not wanting to bang in the goals for us – so I wish you all the best in whatever you choose to do next.

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  1. Surely, we need a goalscorer if we’re going to stay up? Sinclair off on loan as well? To stay up we’ve got to give 110% = injuries. Don’t we need a replacement?
    Also, seems like the leaks to the press (aka Agents) are a few days ahead of the NFFC/NEP press office.

  2. I understand he helped to motivate some of our young players when he arrived so they benefitted, but on the playing front he is no loss but with the injuries we are getting we certainly need another big experienced striker .
    I´m counting the hours till sunday, for me it´s 8 15 in the morning kick off.
    footy mad predicts an easy win for d…by. For sure it won´t be that. I would love Earnie to get the winner. He deserves it, and Garner to open his account for us.
    As long as commons is marked out of the game …Fletch is known for his tough tackling…..just one hard one so he knows you are there…….Give us all a smile..
    We can do it !!!!!!!

  3. I hope the next person to walk out the door is CC. I stand by my comments in the past & 2morrows result win lose or draw will not change it. Do you know why we needed a gk? No, not 4 competition but because he sent all the others out on loan. CC said it himself. He continues to brag about the kids yet all he does is send them out on loan if they haven’t broken into the 1st team.

    And as for the Nottingham back in to Nottingham Forest, ha ha ha ha. 😦 Last season might have been that but this year seems to be forgoten about…

    How can Holt be banging in the goals this season & not last but the year b4 he did? Answer – CC!! Soz if people don’t agree but raw facts pont to it. Holts got 12 goals this season in League & Cup games. That’s almost 1/2 Forests total & last season all you could do was knocjk him back. Well he’s having the last laugh now & good for him, I hope he continues to bang them in.

    Do we need to look on further, we could if some fans need convincing but some never will be. McParland & Barlow should have been kept on after their play-off charge 2 seasons ago.

  4. Yiannaki – I usually love the enthusiasm you display and the passion you show, even from afar. I am wondering why you have chosen this moment to vent your spleen in this way?

    And as for Andy Cole, well it is not a big loss – you could say that we could benefit from having another striker on board, but as we were playing with ten men with Cole on the field, I would dispute that!

  5. Yiannaki, I have been a season ticket holder for years and can assure you that Holt is once again at his level – League 2. He did it there before and he is doing it now. He was not fast enough for League 1 and he will definitely not cut it in the Championship. We need another big, mobile striker to win more in the air – something Holt never managed as he spent most of the game on his arse, but then all clubs are after that sort of striker. Wolves seem to have them in abundance.

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