Dignity lacking from down the A52..

The two faces of Kris Commons - from badge kisser to mud flinger...

The two faces of Kris Commons - from badge kisser to mud flinger...

It’s inevitably interesting observing things in the build-up to the first meeting between Derby and Forest in competitive fixtures for a while.  How elements of both sets of support start to puff out their chest with bravado and lose all sense of rhyme and reason, and the inevitable soundbites from players from the two sides start to air as well as the countdown continues. 

This article including a soundbite from a certain Kris Commons has been riling some fans, I just think it’s quite amusing.  You see, he makes antagonistic and derogatory comments about the Reds – a team he largely enjoyed good times with, let’s be honest.  But it’s Earnie who makes the headlines, someone who commanded a sizeable transfer fee, and frankly handles himself with a bit of dignity, which is nice as he’s representing our club.

Now given that league positions make us firmly the underdogs, it could be a case of being gracious in the face of possible defeat.  However, being a gracious victor is a more noble and subtle act – one I wouldn’t expect the likes of Commons to understand.  It gets me thinking about the numerous Derby fans I know, many of whom rank amongst my friends and they tend to fall into two distinct camps. 

The first – and majority – are regular decent folks, who happen to have gone hideously wrong in life and winded up supporting the Rams.  The second group are fairly low in number, but they’re consistent in their desire to:

(a) Proclaim Derby as ‘a bigger club‘ (whatever that means, often using phrasology like ‘The cream of the midlands’ – well, I’m lactose intolerant so that makes you a mere irritant!).  D’you know what?  If it makes you feel better, go for it.  Certainly on league placings and attendances they are certainly ahead of us.

(b) Accuse Forest fans of living in the past – they will do this by, during present-day based conversations,  reminding us that we won some European Cups, which hadn’t come up in conversation before until mentioned by the Derby fan in question.

 (c) They will desperately try to lay some kind of claim to Brian Clough.  Not only did he live in Derby during his time managing Forest, he was a Derby fan, and liked the club better, and thought Derby fans were great and Forest fans were idiots.  Yes, of course he did.  That’s why he stuck with us for 18 years when during his time managing us he could have walked into any job aside from the one the FA were in control of.

Which is the main reason I found the Brian Clough Trophy idea quite distasteful.  You see, I don’t really have a problem that he decided to live in Derby whilst managing us, I don’t even care if he ‘preferred’ their club to ours.  It is irrelevant, but to this group of Derby fans it is imperative to validate themselves and provide some sense of security to overcome their inferiority complex.

For what it’s worth, if any of them are reading, I think the clubs are similar in size, we’re both provincial clubs who historically occupy similar levels when averaged out.  We don’t live in the past – you obsess over our past because, frankly and understandably, you’re jealous of it.  Had your board not sacked Clough you probably would have had it instead of us, in your shoes I’d be jealous too.  And finally, I don’t really care who Brian Clough preferred, nor am I interested in tittle-tattling over his memory – I’m happy to consider him a legend for both sets of fans.

Now Commons has clearly encountered a number of this type of fan and is playing up to them, of course he will have encountered our own less thoughtful element too – but nonetheless, he has a lot to learn if he thinks burning bridges so publically are ever a sensible idea.  Earnshaw, on the other hand, handles himself with professionalism and dignity, which is to the credit of the club – and also earns him the headline on a Derby-based article, rather than the freebie midfielder shooting his mouth off.

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  1. f@*k de@*y sheep sha@@ing ba@tard’s !!!!
    i hope we win on sunday otherwise i’m staying off all websites for at least 3 months !!
    i will be going deep underground, however if we win i will need to buy a new keyboard………….come on red’un’s

  2. Kris Commons is a sheep-botherer.

  3. Kris Commons: baaaaaaa, you big fattie.

  4. and we hate Derby and we hate Derby, we hate Derby and we hate Derby, we hate Derby and we Hate Derby, hate the Derby hate us, sheep sheep sheep shaggers

  5. we will be in derby city centre fom early sunday to see what’s happening !

  6. So, dignity when preparing to face our rivals… that was the theme! Not much evidence of that amongst the comments!!

  7. Some fell on stoney ground…………NFFC!

    I see Mr Commons had a little dig on BBC local news this evening as well. Silly boy as these things have a habit of coming back and biting you on the ass! Heres hoping anyway!

  8. […] mentioned yesterday I tend to encounter two types of Derby fan, the like-minded person led astray by a poor life […]

  9. Daaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrby might thump us tommorow, if that means CC = history, I won’t mind. I couldn’t care less if CC went or not.

    All I care is we put in a decent display and KC can F off for all I (& most of us) care. He can even pick up a Red Card to show his true colours to all (Pun intended!!) and there are no idiots from either side causing trouble either in or out of the ground. I hope the police & stewards are ready for anything in case it might happen.

  10. cracking bit of journalism as ever, all i can say about fatty is, not only do you go and play for them b******s but you also declare yourself a f****n jock !!! you absolute joke – hope i see him shopping in mansfield some day!!! ps the only way we gonna get rid of CC is if we get hammered tommorow !!! talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place .

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