This time next week…

… of course, aside from no longer daring to hope for a good result at the weekend, something else of importance will have come to pass.

The good people of Nottingham will have their statue of Brian Clough, which is due to be unveiled by his widow Barbara on the 6th November.  The location being the ‘V’ of King and Queen Street, just near the Market Square – outside where The Hard Rock Cafe used to be.

So, if you’re able to get into the centre of our fair city next Thursday at lunchtime, then please do so – the organisers and the council are keen for the people who supported the statue fund committee in raising the cash for the statue to come along and see the fruits of their labours revealed to the public.

It’s actually really rather exciting, and the end of a fairly long and interesting journey, so if you can make it there, please do so and join the celebrations.

1:00pm on November 6th, King/Queen Street junction.  Be there!

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  1. I won’t be able to be there but hopefully there will be a decent turnout for the statue.

  2. why don’t they do this outside of working hours? I would have loved to have made it but can’t get into town for 1pm.

  3. I would love to catch a flight over just for the event but in a real world it just can’t be. I do hope somebody or some group records the whole celebration of a great Manager for both clubs and puts it up on the net for all of us oversea fans to see it in the future and for years to come too.

    A great Manager who has achived so much but also missed out on so much. Brian Clough – thank you for everything you brought to the club and to Derby as well. It is the one time when both sets of fans & football as a whole will join together n celebration of one of the greatest Managers to set foot in English Football.

    Furthermore, I’d like to also reopen a topic – a knighthood he never received but fully deserves. Is it dead & buried or is there a chance it could happen?

  4. I’ll do my best to capture what I can for later uploading 🙂

    Regarding the knighthood, they are currently only awarded posthumously for acts of bravery in military service; so in order for Clough to receive one would set a new precedent (not for the first time, I imagine!).

    Whilst I agree he deserves such an honour, I think his death means that it’s rather too late to make such a late and empty gesture.

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