Forest claim first away points at Crystal Palace!

Crystal Palace – 1
Nottingham Forest – 2

We’ve only gone and bleeding well won a game!  Sod’s law for me, I didn’t even get to listen to it as I’ve been out of Radio Nottingham range, and without Internet until now; so it’s been a rather tense evening of old skool updates by occasionally checking teletext to see how we were getting on.  It seems we had indeed reached rock bottom, and now could we have started to spring our way back from the depths of despair?

Fingers crossed!

Smoulds make a few forced changes, Breckin came in for the injured Wilson, Chambers for Fletcher (who couldn’t play as part of his loan agreement), with Perch moving into midfield and Chambers slotting in at right back.  McGugan, Cohen and McCleary completed the midfield, with Earnshaw and Garner starting up front together.  Paul Smith being on the bench quashes rumours he’s walked out – Cole’s lack of appearance perhaps adds fuel to the fire that he has!

So from what I’ve gleaned from reports and a couple of pals who did make the trip down to Selhurst is that Forest dominated early; something we’ve seen in our last few games, Earnshaw bringing early saves from Speroni, as well as going to ground under a challenge in the area.  However, unlike recent games, Forest actually took the lead – Chris Cohen lofting a freekick into the box that Brecks tried to get on the end of, it appeared to just go in directly.

Palace came back at us; but other chances were created, Perch almost putting Earnshaw through – but Speroni quick to react.  Lynch too did well to get his head on the ball to head across the six yard box, unfortunately no Forest players were gambling to convert the chance.  In stoppage time Chambers did well to clear a Butterfield cross after McGugan had given the ball away, allowing him to burst forward.

Second half saw Forest attacking again – McClearly on the left crossing to Cohen who forced a corner.  Half-time substitute Kuqi appeared to hold Lynch at bay whilst Ifill shot, Wes put a block in.  Lewis too was on hand to make a critical interception and pass the ball to safety as Palace started to come more into the game.  Camp having a little more to do than he’s been accustomed, including a smart save down to his right as the ball came through a crowd of bodies leaving him unsighted ’til the last minute.

Tyson replaced a tired Earnshaw with an hour on the clock to join Garner up front, and quickly involved himself with a couple of low balls into the penalty area.  Around ten minutes later Garner too was withdrawn for Matty Thornhill.  Almost instantly Palace equalised, Kuqi – our tormentor at the City Ground – chested down a long ball around 25 yards out, and promptly spannered it beyond Camp and into the goal.  Not the kind of goal you associate with him, much like his deft lob at the City Ground!

Forest didn’t collapse though, as is customary – they responded very positively through McCleary and Tyson.  Eventually this positivity payed off, Chris Cohen managed to get a toe on the ball to put Perch through one-on-one with Speroni, the ‘keeper saved his effort from six yards, but he failed to keep hold of it leaving Thornhill to react quickest and slide in to put the ball in the goal.

Davies was introduced for McCleary and almost scored immediately, Speroni saving at the second attempt, before Palace piled on the pressure.  This was relieved when Forest broke and McGugan again made Speroni work to save from the edge of the area – but we held on, we got the three points and there was, to coin a phrase, much rejoicing!  An invaluable three points for the Reds, and a result that takes us off the bottom of the table – albeit still six points from safety.

An invaluable platform upon which to build our preparations for the really rather important game coming up on Sunday.  Our neighbours also prepared well by beating Norwich by three goals to one at Pride Park this evening, but certainly our first away win – nay, our first away points of the season will certainly work wonders to instill some confidence and hopefully some patience amongst some of our supporters (self included at times).

I’m not getting too carried away just yet; particularly with not seeing the game – but it’s nice to put one over Warnock at least after the shameful cheating antics his side were up to at the City Ground not that long ago.

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  1. Computer broken – keeps saying Forest won away. Must be a virus…
    We are NOT bottom of the league, said we are NOT bottom of the league!!!

    Yooooouuuuuuuuuu RRRRRReeeeeeeeddddddddsssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yeah. Well done. MT scores the winner as well.
    Not a CC fan, but don’t you just luv it, luv it, when someone proves you’re wrong! Gu on, gu on prove me wrong Sunday.
    Tyson for the winner, long overdue, a la Leeds performance.

  3. I bet Calderwood is breathing a minor sigh of relief. Lets see if we can get a result at Derby now.

  4. I don’t think there’ll be anything minor about it!

  5. Did we come age tonight ? maybe, just maybe ! we battled we scrapped and finally got the reward.Credit to the boys for the win and as CC said at the end of the game we should have finished them off earlier

    Exrta sweet turning over warnock aswell ,this is a perfect tonic to go to prideless park and battle for the Brian clough trophy.We will need the same stlye of performance but i think we can do it .

    A happy and contented Ric


  6. Its a bag of mixed feeling for me because it means Deadwood will hang on for a bit longer but relieved in the fact that we at last got some points it is the law of averiges that you cant loose all the time

  7. Calderwood will be breathing a HUGE sigh of relief if we beat Derby!

  8. lets fucking beat the sheep shaggers and commons now… OH COMMONS IS A JUDAS…..

  9. We were the better side against 4th placed cardiff so if the level of performance was maintained the wins will come as I said before todays game . We are also playing attractive football. What more can we say? We ALL benefit from this win so lets stay positive and help the players get us up the table !!!! We deserve a win on sunday so tell the players This is one for the Fans.!!!!!!WELL DONE !!

  10. i urge everybody to follow these few simple steps on sunday at the sheep dip – if fatty comes to take a corner or throw in, in front of us tricky’s we must all on mass stand up and turn our backs to him, leave the little t**t to fester and squirm. well done last night boys, CC the mesiah-yeah right!!!! gone after sunday any money.

  11. Have you seen Neil Warnocks typically gracious comments on the BBC website.. (maybe someone should tell him the current equivilent is You’ve Been Framed)

    Crystal Palace boss Neil Warnock:
    “Their goals were just comedy. You would probably win £250 on Candid Camera for their second one.

    “It’s a joke. At this level you shouldn’t concede goals like that – that is four goals in our last four games that have been farcical.

    “The two at Blackpool on Saturday were a disgrace but that second one against Forest topped it off.”

  12. warnock is a cock, he makes me sick. come on forest make us proud on sunday down at the dip. derby are playing well as we know but you just never know !!! in CC we trust !!!!

  13. went last night, Forest deserved it full stop. From the back-Lee camp so much better at commanding the area and you can see backs much less panicked with him in goal.
    Chambers did Ok- not his position, needs to be in centre of defence, Lynch, first class display and effort well done to him. Wes (i have been one of his biggest critics) was excellent, great credit to him. Breckin was very good, if he plays like this he is the captain we need. In midfield, they worked tirelessly-Perch was excellent, Lewis looked kanackered with 20 mins to go-but understandable. Mcleary,(then Davies) Earnie (the Tyson) Garner (then Thornill) all worked tirelessly. We had a couple of great chances near the end-hit them on the break to get the 3rd.
    although only on for 5 mins Arron Davies looked sharp and I wouldlike to see him start a game soon-I think we could get the form we saw in that dreaded Yeovil match against us.
    Finally great credit to Calderwood-I have been very critical of him-but last night that Forest team gave everything and fought and fought.
    Also well done Forest fans-superb support

  14. Don’t underestimate the difference Brecks will have made to the young lads all over the pitch, not just the back 4. He deserves to keep his place in the team.

    1300 + Forest fans on a cold night in South London is excellent.

    The sheep seem to have hit form but we might just surprise ’em!

    YOU REDS!!!

  15. Phew, relief all round!

    Well done lads, sounds like a very hard-earned victory. At least we don’t have to put up with that d*ck Warnock again this season.

    Smith did indeed go home early on Saturday, but then again he’d been dropped from the team and smacked by his captain and the Manager still played Wilson despite his poor season, so I can understand his reasons. But good to see him back on the bench last night.

    Any news on Anderson? I really hope he’s fit for Sunday. A win there could turn our season around…

    Oh, every time Sky cut over to the game last night you could hear the Forest singing, good on ya lads

  16. TWO goals and THREE points, away from home!! and i had money on Forest to win 2-1, £50 to the good as well, if i didnt feel like shit this morning i would think it was a dream.

  17. I was there last night – what a result, although it has been coming.

    Breckin really made the difference at the back – Morgan looks a different player playing alongside him.

    And you can see how much we have missing Earnie – he gives us another dimension.

    A few too many long balls for my liking – we looked much mroe threatening after Palace equalised and we kept sliding Tyson in to his feet down the left-hand side.

    Man of the Match for me though was Chris Cohen – he never stops running and he was the only one to keep cool when everyone else was losing their heads when we were under pressure for the first 20 minutes of the 2nd half.

  18. Great stuff Forest, 1-0 win will be more than enuff on Sunday. Come on your red b’stards.

  19. I went to Selhurst last night, great turnout on a Tuesday night – atmosphere was proper. Obviously I was pleased / relieved to see the reds win, although I may be a lone voice in saying I was far from convinced by the performance.

    We did try hard throughout, which is commendable and we did look OK in the first half but worryingly we again failed to make this form count by creating goals, until our first was handed to us by way of a defensive error, not a well constructed goal.

    The second and winning goal was again a gift from the Palace defence… take those lapses of concentration out of the equation and we’ve lost another game one nil.

    Looking forward to Derby on Sunday of course but are we going to rely on more defensive mistakes?

  20. Seanyboy, Antics against commons won´t help our boys so forget him…
    Keep facing the players and help wes to keep hulse in his pocket so commons crosses are wasted.
    A victory for us is the best way to make him feel bad so encourage and cheer our boys to victory,which,with your help ,they are capable of.

  21. i’m with Seanyboy, everyone should go to mc d’s before the game for a cheesebuger, when he comes over to take a corner or throw in, launch 1700 chesseburgers in his direction !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! knee deep in burgers, it would be an all time classic

  22. It will be as funny as hell, until he scores a peach of a goal.
    These things always have a way of biting you back right on the ass!
    Well, apart from Gary Charles many years ago…..who can ever forget him going into meltdown following the abuse he got

  23. i know wot your saying al from margarita – but something as simple as turning your backs to him will really be more hurtfull to the little t**t than hurling abuse at him. but i now urge everyone to follow redash and nip to burgerking or mc d’s – classic m8 worth getting chucked out for !!! see you all sunday for the burger throwing fest down at the sheep dip !!!

  24. Good luck to all of you on sunday. Lets hope its a good match. I feel it will end as 1 1 draw. I hope we win of course. I know Earnie will have a good game !!!!hopefully all the attention will be on Earnie giving Garner a chance for his first goal.

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