Be careful what you ask for..

Talk of protest is in the air, which isn’t really surprising.  Let’s face it – we’re in a really rather shit position, Smoulders said to judge him after ten games, and he’s had a bit extra and still we’re in a shit position.  It’s tough, and I can understand why groups of fans are anxious; but true to form – as yet – Forest’s collective set of supporters don’t seem to know exactly what they are protesting for.

It reminds me of a New Model Army lyric; ‘They gave us what we asked for, but never what we wanted‘, following on to ‘We didn’t want a victory, we just wanted to fight.’ This feels a bit like that, really.  We don’t really know how to solve the problem, just that there is one – and we feel we should do something about it.

Because anyone with any sense can see there’s something wrong at Forest – we’re bottom of the league, alarmingly adrift from safety after relatively few games.  But we are showing signs of playing well, notwithstanding a shaky defence, our performances – I honestly don’t think – don’t reflect our league standing.  The problem is that nobody seems to be able to universally put their finger on what is wrong.

And there is the problem with the protest.  The idea seems to have originated on one of the forums, and they don’t seem to have arrived at a specific focus for this protest.  Just that there needs to be one.  Whereas fellow bloggers trentendblog seem to have decided that ousting Nigel Doughty should be the aims of this action.  Until there is a clear goal for any planned protest, then it’s hard really to judge the merit of it.

Will it be a slightly embarrassing taking to the streets with badly spelled banners like in Newcastle not that long ago?  Will it be barely two dozen people in the Main Stand car park before the Birmingham game? (although arguably similar action was one of the catalysts for Joe Kinnear departing us).  I’m not sure – I can certainly understand the impulse, though would be reluctant to comment further until I understand the intentions or purpose of any action that may or may not be forthcoming.

At the moment I adopt my default position as fence-sitter, as there isn’t enough information to either support or oppose these actions; I’m currently assuming the Doughty-focused tirade linked earlier is an over-eager misinterpretation of something that is still being decided.  I would urge people planning such things to communicate very clearly their intentions though, which will help people decide whether to add their voice if they are in agreement.

Distressing times, as ever, to be a Forest supporter it seems.  How I had longed for a season of low drama and mid table obscurity this year – fat chance, eh?

Oh, and the FA apparently are investigating the Dave Jones whining.  I wonder whether they will be investigating the inappropriate chanting that goes on at every ground in the country every week?  The Munich disaster, the Hillsborough disaster, Harold Shipman, false allegations and countless other unsavoury topics – they all get regularly reeled out by mindless fans of clubs up and down the country.  Nothing like a nice random example to make of someone though.

Particularly if it helps Dave Jones sell more copies of his forthcoming book.  I really can’t believe what a meal is being made of this; particularly by Cardiff City supporters who apparently chanted similar things at him back when he was the manager of Wolves!

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  1. This has been coming for quite a while nffc.I think most forest fans are just really fed with the BOARD,MANAGER AND OUR CONSTANT FAILURE TO APPOINT A DECENT MANAGER.

    However i agree with your sentiments there is no focus on anything and clearly the andy cole scenario and player unrest is all telling a story.Youn have said yourself many times that arthur is a poor CE i agree ,doughty has spent money on the club but he is also a niave man his appointments testify to that.Its coming to a head thats for sure what we need is a leader the football might not be champagne quality but we need to scrap for our lives and learn how to win ugly.

  2. Can you see my e mail nffc wanted to send you something but cant access your mail.If so drop me a mail to respond to .


  3. Sorted, Ric 🙂

  4. Win at Derby there won’t be any protest. Lose at Derby they’ll be a riot, probably with the Chairman joining in himself.

  5. Good point about Dave Jones book coming out NFFC – he was very quick to mention it when referring to the chanting wasn’t he?

    Any protest at the minute is a complete waste of time- unless it is aimed at the manger to play a 4 – 4 – 2 and stick to it!!!

    CC needs to bring Brecks back in for some leadership and experience, get the centre midfield 2 working hard to suppy the talented wingers, plenty of movement up front from the front TWO and we’ll be alright.

    As the great man used to say, football is a simple game so dont keep complicating it with these daft formation changes. It might work for Chelsea but our players need roles that they understand. Come on Colin – KEEP IT SIMPLE!

  6. Well balanced post as ever NFFC. I personally think a protest of any nature would be destructive (as opposed to its logical opposite, constructive), and would not increase harmony between (and amongst) fans, players, management and administration of the club.

  7. Never seen the point of banners or carpark protests myself.
    When all said and done Doughty owns the club. Not us.
    If you dont like the clothes you buy from a certain store, or the food from the supermarket then change where you shop. Eventually the owners of said businesses will realise that the product they’re providing isnt up to scratch and change its ways otherwise it will lose money and fold.
    Yes yes, I know football is different because its in your blood from an early age. But a protest against ND will kill the club. He will want his 30 million plus back. Who will buy this club if they got to spend 30m, appoint a new manager at big cost who will then want to spend a few million on his preferred players etc etc BEFORE they own the club??
    Sad to say, but we aren’t worth that kind of investment right now.

    I dont like CC, in fact I’d rather someone like Davies took over. But as customers and fans we need to pull together and drive our boys on despite the current manager.

    There is no easy fix to our problems. But local TV interviewing a load of spotty youths slagging of NFFC while holding up mis-spelt banners isn’t gonna help.

  8. This is absolutely NOT the time for protests: for any protest (‘communications’) to be successful, the key message of anyprotestors needs to be absolutely clear. We are all fed up at the moment, but – as many people have pointed out – it is unclear whether more people think the owners are to blame or CC is to blame, or both. A protest ‘focused’ (?) at both the owners and CC would be scattergun and pathetic.
    Personally I am miffed by everything as CC’s transfer record is (broadly speaking) excellent. What is, however, questionable is his ability to motivate the players. Also, the fact he drove KFC (Forest’s best player of recent years) to sign for (spit) Derby is arguably his biggest sin, in my view: quite how he allowed KFC to become so fed up is the question the owners should be asking him.

  9. Ian: I think money had something (if not everything) to do with it.

  10. Rish: I do not doubt that D*rby are paying KFC considerably more than Forest… but I suspect he would have stayed if Forest had paid him a bit more (but less than Derby!) and – more importantly – CC had stopped leaving him on the bench and playing no-hopers such as G Holt and S Clingan. Anyway, let’s move on! 🙂

  11. …with regards to who would want to buy our club (Mattyboy’s comments re £30m plus…) surely when you look at the sums of money being offered for clubs without the history we have does make me wonder. Surely we must seem like an extremely attractive proposition given average gates of 19,000 (which would increase twofold with the right backing.) Just can’t understand what ND, who happens to also be one of the richest people in the country, longer term plans are for this club. He should sell up and get the f out of the club, taking MA and CC with him.

  12. who would “shoot their granny” for 6 points off warnock and the sheep ? cos i would

  13. Ian – G Holt – No hoper – Oh is that why he’s got 10 goals this season???? Does it matter if it’s a lower league – 5 were against Wycombe who are leaders of the division (in a Cup match).

    Goals we haven’t scored this season he has.

  14. YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I was going to comment here, but it all got a bit long, so I’ve put it on my own site if you’re interested…..

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