Has Cole walked out?

There are whisperings as yet unconfirmed that he is gone, y’know.  If it proves to be true it is an eerie case of history repeating itself, with last season’s shenanigans in signing Neil Lennon only to have him go walkabout and eventually be released to join Wycombe on a free transfer.  Whether this is unhappy coincidence or the signings of these fading stars is just a cynical ploy by Forest to boost season ticket sales, who knows?

That said, should Andy ‘Andrew’ Cole have decided to hang up his boots and depart, I can’t say I’ll be exactly heartbroken.  He kicked up a fuss at not making the team earlier in the season, but his appearances in a Forest shirt have been – whilst not as bad as some fans seem to suggest – not up to the standard I would expect from him; and no, I wouldn’t expect him to be running around like Tyson, he never did that when he was Tyson’s age!

Even if it doesn’t turn out to be true, it has at least brought about an ace pun from a poster on LTLF – although given that there are embryonic plans for some form of protest before the Birmingham home match being formulated on Talk Forest (which you need to register for in order to view, unfortunately), perhaps people would be happier if it were ‘Washing Machines live longer with Col gone’ rather than ‘Cole gone’.  I suppose the truth will out over coming hours and days!

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  1. Has he walked, one things for certain, he wont of run out of the city ground or it’ll be the first time he’s broke a sweat this season.

    seems strange that he wasnt even on the bench on saturday and no word why but with garner and earnshaw back and tyson on the bench, do we need him?

    he had his best game for us against sheff weds but still we ddint score so no great loss, frees up some wages for january.

  2. Cole walking out ………Smith and Wilson in a fisticuffs? Some alleged strange going on at the CG!!! Sounds like we dont have a happy camp does it?

    Im with Dave….. he won’t be missed be. Well by me at least!

  3. he’s that slow he has been walking out since lunchtime on saturday and he’s still not even at trent bridge !!!

  4. haha nice comment redash…

    On a more serious note however, I think Cole is an asset at Forest due to the experience he possesses. Saying this I am disappointed with his performances, I thought he would have played much better. I was praising him before the start of the season and now I feel like I was wrong to do so… something which I’m not comfortable with.

    I think Cole would succeed in a player/attacking coach role… if he isn’t already…

  5. beat me to it

    we don’t need cole now garner’s back

  6. Andy Cole – has talked the talk, but (aside from a few nice words from Garath McCleary) has spectactularly failed to walk the walk.

  7. I think he’s walked the walk quite well, it’s just running that’s proved a step too far!

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