Correction: Has Cole been booted out?

It would seem so. The Guardian is hinting at it, that it’s a Doughty decision rather than a Smoulds one; and other usually reliable sources point to an imminent departure once the legalities and formalities have been tied up.  I do hope that doesn’t mean we are paying off his contract!

Whether this is linked to rumours of Forest players involved in fighting outside the Gatecrasher nightclub in Nottingham on saturday evening is unclear; but after the ‘Tantragate‘ nonsense in the past, I imagine Forest will be very keen to quash any risk of repeats of their playing staff causing bother in the city centre.

Watch this space, it is proving to be an interesting afternoon – if somewhat disappointing, given our problems on the pitch we could do without problems off it.  Hopefully Forest learn from this and stop signing ageing has-beens… whilst it may work for some teams, it clearly doesn’t work for us!

The final suggestion that this story may have legs is that Forest have denied anything is amiss in the Evening Post. A sure sign that something is afoot!

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  1. <>

    Not entirely true NFFC !
    We did employ for an all too short a period, a certain Ian Wright.
    Seem to remember he banged in quite a few goals for us before he p****d off elsewhere.

    Wonder if his son wants to come and play for us ?

  2. I had forgotten about Wrighty!

    He wasn’t a has-been, though – he went on to Celtic!

  3. not bradley !

  4. No over-the-hill has-beens?

    Better hope it isn’t Big Sam lined up as manager then 🙂

  5. I have a feeling we are going to start winning matches and cc will stay…..Seeing Anderson,garner ,Earnie and McCleary, I feel, baring injuries there is hope. I hope Breckin is back to replace Wison and we sign at least one experienced defender to be our potential captain,although it could be Fletch if he really gets stuck in ..
    On another note,I have just e mailed Forest about the half asleep zombire reding his script during the video highlights of the games and asked for someone with a bit of enthusiasm to replace him, or just leave the original commentary on. We need all the enthusiasm we can get at the moment. I´m sure any of you could do a better job than him. Please send protests and hopefully he will be replaced. As far as Cole is concerned,I´m sure our young strikers benefitted from his experience in training,but as far as the team is loss !

  6. Not quite the stability ND and MA are after. the players are clearly not a team if what has been written is true. Given all that is going on, tomorrow night will see if CC has the hearts and minds of the players. I would never boo at a match, never protest, or not give less that 110% support at a match. However, my mind is already made up, we have a Manager who will cost this / our club another fortune in the long run. Wait until the end of November and I don’t beleive we will be able to attract a good quality Manager. Nigel Clough for me, always has been, because if we do get the (R) word we will at least be playing some good stuff next year. As the man once implied he’s earned his stripes in the lower leagues, time to give him his chance.

  7. From the sounds of it Cole has really failed to sparkle. It would be nicer to hear that they he retired rather than left as it always takes two to tango and I dare say Forest must be at fault somewhere for unsettling him (though in the Lennon saga, he was just a nutter). As for managers, though bringing Clough in or even Pearce would be nice sentimental appointments, I don’t really believe Clough has impressed all that much at Burton otherwise he would have moved on long ago. Any other manager that has tried and failed will probably do so with us, other than Curbishley I have to say, who still managed to get West Ham winning in spite of their idiot chairman selling all their best players. To be honest, I am happy to take results rather than performances at the mo as it ultimately makes us more happy to see our side winning. CC has managed to get them playing well but everyone is calling for his head so clearly wins interest us more than how we play. Just my opinion though.


  9. I hope Cole has NOT gone. I’ll saw as he was getting games he was getting better. Also, he has a lot of experience which in the long run will rub off on the players with a good manager which comes to my next point.

    Since Forest had such a good game (according to reports) why the heck has he (CC) gone & changed the team around again??

    Sorry NFFC but Cole & Lennon were never passed it – 6 months ago Cole was playing 1st team football but no sooner he comes over here he picks up an injury, loses faith with the manager & now may be walking out. How can he be doing it with Burnley last year 7 not with Forest this – does 6 months make a player bad? Make your own minds up.

    As for Lennon – maybe he was a nutter as s/one said on here but no-one can doubt what he has done. He may have left here to go to Wycombe but no sooner had he set foot there, Celtic came knocking & took him back as part of the Coaching team.

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