Will we ever win again?

McClearys first half thunderbolt wasnt enough to secure the win

McCleary's first half thunderbolt wasn't enough to secure the win

Nottingham Forest – 1
Ipswich Town – 1

Ready for a trip to the theatre of misery?” quipped my companion as we set off for the City Ground this evening.  Football does rather feel like a chore rather than a pleasure these days, it has to be said.  But duty is duty, and I took my place amongst the 19,000 plus crowd on a cold Tuesday night, the attendance bolstered somewhat by an impressive following from the murky depths of East Anglia on a school night.

So, the first news of the day was that Lee Camp was indeed – as expected – found in goal replacing Paul Smith.  Home debuts were also given to Fletcher and Anderson in midfield as Forest lined up in a four-four-two formation with Anderson on the right and McCleary on the left, with Cole and Tyson upfront.  A familiar back four consisting of Chambers, Morgan, Wilson and Bennett.  

It was a mere three minutes into the game that Forest had the ball in the net, although McCleary was rightly flagged offside as he slid the ball into the net at the back stick from close range.  He had another shot shortly after, which was wide from distance.  Ipswich winger Walters hit an absolute piledriver from miles out at an angle, but luckily for us it struck the underside of the bar and was eventually cleared with Camp nowhere near it.

Eventually we did score, rather shockingly.  Paul Anderson was played through with a lovely through ball by Andy ‘Andrew’ Cole, unfortunately his first touch took the ball too far away giving the visiting ‘keeper enough time to close down – but we did win a corner.  Cohen took this, and it was half cleared to McCleary who hit a powerful drive from 25 yards that nestled into the corner of the net, much to the shock of the home fans who didn’t quite realise how to react to our first goal in ages!

At the other end Camp had a couple of moments where he needed to be on his toes to come out to thwart the lively Walters who seemed to be bypassing our defence at will.  Indeed, it’s worth pointing out the defence, because they were pretty calamitous this evening, but none more so than Bennett, practically every time he touched the ball it was met with chants of ‘that’s why you’re going down!” by the Ipswich fans as another simple pass was put into touch etc.  I don’t think his withdrawal before half time for Lynch was wholly down to injury.

We had the ball in the net again, Nathan Tyson heading and the ball crossing the line despite a strong touch by the keeper.  I’d need to see a replay to be sure, but I am currently convinced that he wasn’t anywhere near offside as he ran from behind the defender to get his head on it.  Of course, what we see in the heat of the moment isn’t always accurate, so I’ll reserve judgement for now.

And so half time came with Forest enjoying a rare lead over opponents.  Immediately as the second half kicked off Lynch took a nasty knock, but played on – and still impressed more than Bennett managed whilst semi-conscious.  Ipswich were starting to knock the ball around more confidently though, which is always a worry, and were gradually starting to look like they might prove more dangerous than they had in the first half.

The breakthrough for the visitors came when Quinn broke down the left hand side of the penalty area, and naively Anderson stuck a foot out.  It was soft, but there was contact, and it was in the area – so whilst Quinn made a meal of it, I was in no real doubt that if you follow the laws of the game, then it’s a penalty kick.  Miller spanked it hard to the bottom right, Camp guessed the right way, but couldn’t reach it.  A disappointing way to lose the lead.

Doubly disappointing was the referee not giving a penalty when Tyson appeared to be clearly hauled back by McAuley at the other end; McAuley I think had been Town’s man of the match, although he benefitted from some very soft refereeing as he kicked and hacked at Tyson all night with little or no recompense from the referee.  He’s a big lad but he has some pace as well – probably best known for his time down the A46 at Leicester.

McGugan was introduced for Cole, and quickly tricked his way to a shooting chance, but his left footed drive, whilst well struck, was straight at Richard Wright in the Ipswich goal, the final real chance of the game came to Wes Morgan who planted a header firmly into the ground, and about two yards wide, from a great position after a corner.  Ultimately, it was the same old story for Forest – either a poor final ball, or a poor final shot.

Ipswich looked a bit like us in that regard – it’s true that their defence actually looked comfortable stroking the ball around in patient build-up play, unlike Wilson, Wes and Chambers who generally look like they’ve only just been introduced to a football at times.  I was impressed with Lynch though.  But back onto Ipswich, whilst they knocked the ball around well in defence and midfield, they too lacked the killer pass or finish.

This means it took a moment of naiveness from Anderson – who had a good game except for this – to give them a chance.  Which is always frustrating, because once again we’re the architects of our own downfall.  Whilst Camp had no saves of note to make, his collection of crosses was solid, and even as a huge fan of Paul Smith, I do admit his distribution was generally a cut above.  I would be interested to compare their abilities at shot-stopping, and see how fans react should his eagerness to get off his line backfires.

On to the fans – I thought it was pretty shameful that significant chunks of them were booing whilst the game was still going on.  To be honest, I’m not a fan of booing after a game but can understand it – but during the game?  Let’s face it, whilst it’s annoying, we’re on the back of four straight defeats, so in that context, perhaps a draw isn’t that bad?  Well, it is – I know – but stop being so bloody fickle – I was willing Forest to score, not just because we so desperately need a win, but because I wanted to see the transformation of the booing folks around me.

In other news, one of the trailists from Arsenal, James Dunne, has apparently signed for us – I’ve no idea whether that’s permanently, or a loan, or what!  The other two lads have returned to the Gunners.  And so there’s another three days to go, and then another trip to the theatre of misery to contemplate; it’s surely not good when trips to see your team play becomes a portent of doom for you, is it?

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  1. another match gone and no win again Deadwood was pleased with his players he praised them for there gutsey performance Please DEADWOOD RESIGN BEFORE ITS TO LATE. Its a point more then i thought we would get but it keeps Deadwood still hanging in there maybe if forest lose on Saturday it will be the final nail in the coffin i relly do hope so

  2. I notice that chambers is STILL picked at right back… Where is Perchy???
    We MUST now beat cardiff,hopefully with Earnie back.
    Mcleary has shown he has been a good buy and his willingness to learn is a good example to the other players. Fletcher should improve as he gets to know the players. I´m still expecting us to survive in this division but I expect our January shopping for players to be conducted by another manager who will need to be in place well before then to give him plenty of time to assess his squad……..Sorry cc but enough is enough !!!!!!


  4. we used to be a yoyo club between the prem and championship, it looks as though we’re still a yoyo club, but between the championship and league one !!! come on colin do the right thing for the sake of the club please !!!

  5. Last night was ABSYMAL! Purely and simply.

    Im not normally “a beat up the manager” kinda bloke but I think CC has reached the limit of his capabilities.

    We need a new manager and we need one NOW! All this talk of wait until Xmas is twaddle. We will be relegated by then if we dont act now.

  6. Theatre of misery is spot on nffc its a sham is what it is the board have been very quiet during the last month dont you think.? I think most of us have lost heart with the constant failure.

    We are now 6 off safety if we get beat on saturday and results go against it will be 9 the mountain is getting higher less games less points for grabs.

    If no change happens we will bee relegated by mid november with new staff facing leage 1 football .WHAT A SHAM AND WHAT A DISGRACE OUR CLUB IS ON THE VERGE OF DISASTER AS FOREST FANS WE ARE ALSO TO QUIET AND DONT GIVE THE MANAGEMENT ENOUGH STICK WE ARE TOO NICEY NICEY.

  7. Last night was poor. I will exempt three players from my damning critisism – Tyson for his workrate and effort and tireless running with scant reward either from his colleagues or the referee. McCleary for a pretty good performance, some neat touches and a bloody large slice of misfortune not to get clear two or three times. Finally, Anderson who looked very promising indeed. The rest were awful. Absolutely clueless. When they had the ball they didn’t know who to pass it to, made some AWFUL decisions, most notably time and time again pumping it up for Tyson or playing it hard and fast into his feet when surrounded by two or three defenders. I’m not sure what you saw in Lynch nffc but he looked total crap to me. Chambers should just be moved to the reserves until we get relegated then he’ll do a half decent job in L1 again. McGugan looked good for the first 5 minutes after he came on then lost interest. Fletcher made some good tackles but was mostly chasing shadows and his passing was woeful. Bennett is simply not good enough for this level. You cannot fault his committment but that does not make up for the fundemental lack of talent. Wes looked OK at times and at others like a carthorse. Wilson – This guy worries me more and more every game. He falls for every single, simple, basic, obvious trick in the book – every frigging time! Also, WHY WHY WHY does he insist on letting the ball bounce before trying to win a header/clear? That is the FIRST RULE OF DEFENDING – DON’T LET THE FKING BALL BOUNCE – You are not under control of where it will go if you do that. Also, he is NOT a leader. We need a change of Captain.

    Having said all that, I honestly believe CC is the right man for the job. It is most definately a case of the players not being good enough and I think CC is working hard to rectify that. Maybe he needs a change in his backroom team – a new coach or something to bring fresh ideas, teach the lads to play with their heads up instead of down – they should know where the fking ball is ffs!

  8. The players need to stand up and be counted. Calderwood wasn’t to blame for some of the dross on show last night, the players were.
    Wilson – looks like his mind is elsewhere or he has been up all night playing XBox ? – it is his hesitancy and fannying around on the ball that I believe is responsible for Smith and Wes’s poor performances – he needs to deal with situations and not be on the back foot. I would strongly suggest bring Breckin back in.
    Chambers – being caught out every game, get Perch in at RB
    Bennet – poor game
    Mcgugan – didn’t look like he wanted to be playing

    On the plus side – McCleary, Anderson and Tyson all looked lively and caused Ipswich real problems, and our finishing looks to be improving – if only 2 were not disallowed.

    One thing that has disappointed me all season is the very poor referees and linesmen, they really look like they have no idea !

  9. Paul what planet are you on!! bring Breckin in?
    He’s not playing cause his worse than whats playing now !!
    As for Calderwood. Last night summed up why we will be relegated if he’s not sacked soon.
    We are pegged back to 1-1 so he changes things – right decision. He brings off Cole – right decision(done nothing and massively over weight). He brings on a midfielder and plays Tyson on his own up front – WRONG DECISION. Consequence? Camp belts the ball down field to Tyson who, if he gets to it(?), has nobody to head it on to.
    The rest of the game Tyson runs around chasing shadows, on his own and getting more and more knackered !!!
    We are at home looking for a winning goal to get three much needed points so we play one up front with five in midfield????

  10. I’m of the same opinion now that I was after the farcical home performance against Yeovil in the play off semi the season before last; Calderwood is naive & clearly out of his depth. He has been backed almost blindly by the club who have thrown money at him since he took over the job and yet he still he fails to deliver. Whilst I agree with your indifference to supporters who criticise during the ninety minutes, I understand where they are coming from. The club treats its supporters with an attitude that almost borders on disdain & has refused to acknowledge any dissent from the stands. How long are we going to give this fool? You epitomized what life has become like under this regime by describing a trip to the banks of the trent as a chore! Yet again Calderwood has spent freely & yet again we have all the orgainzation/structure of a sunday league team.

  11. Maybe it’s time to review the back four, which we all agree is the problem. Lynch should be in the middle, alongside new signing, James Dunne. Perch or Moloney at RB, with Heath/Perch at LB.

    The midfield should have Martin/Cohen on left, Anderson right, Cohen/Moose and Lewis in the middle and Earnie/Garner, when fit, alongside Tyson.

    Bench – Davies, McCleary, Thornhill, Wilson (you have to have a defender on bench) and GK

    4-4-2 and all these players are able to PASS the ball!

    Slightly wild, but hey given the crap that’s sitting at the back now, they don’t need to improve that improve on what’s we’ve already got…? Oh and Cole, get fit, or get out!

  12. I agree with Paul that Breckin should replace Wilson.He has more experience and played well the last time he was picked. It would give wilson a break and shake him up. I´m sure playing to get off the foot of the table is affecting all the players and if they are giving 100 per cent they shouldn´t be booed.If they are not good enough then it´s back to the manager for picking them. If we don´t get 3 points on saturday the board has got to act before it´s too late…

  13. How come people keep praising Tyson. He is fast. FACT. he runs the ball out of play. FACT. he has the first touch of my gran. FACT when one on one with the Goalie no one expects him to score FACT.
    He aint good enough for this division.

  14. Yes I’m of the opinion that if we dont get 3 points at home then it is time to say goodbye to CC. Home wins are absolutely vital for us, we cant take it for granted we lose away, that’s expected do to the defensive nature of our tactics ie can score, never will attitude.
    Frankly, we got promotion on the back of a highly defensive game last season, and CC’s capabilities seem very limited for this level. Fans will, without a doubt snap on Saturday without a win.

  15. We can all remember “just another game” Kinnear can’t we? against derby, timing ey?

  16. Why the comments re Julian Bennett. He went off at half time on Saturday with a hip injury and was hobbling with the same injury five minutes into Tuesdays game. He then broke his collar bone (see various other reports) and yet managed to play on for a good three or four minutes! My god, you lot are hard to please.

    We were outplayed last night, the irony being that we were overrun in midfield because Ipswich played 4-5-1. For once we played 4-4-2 which meant Ipswich had an additional player in the Centre and we couldn’t get near them – we would actually have been better off playing 4-3-3!

  17. Didn´t cc know that ipswich use that system away???Couldn´t he have played 433?
    We are all getting frustrated by the lack of results with the squad we have.
    Our team are now playing in fear. Fear of losing .
    Our reserves play without that fear and bang in the goals. What´s the answer ?”

  18. Dunne is a midfielder, not a defender. Agree with bringing Breckin back – but probably not for the Cardiff game; I think Wilson – despite his shortcomings – is better placed to deal with their strikeforce than Brecks. Or go really radical and put Heath at LB and move Lynch to CB alongside Wes. Mobility I think is critical against Cardiff.

  19. UREF – Im not on another planet (or perhaps the same planet as others on here who agree ?), I just think Breckins no frills defending is what we need right now. I think Kelvin has great potential but he is the weak link at this point in time.

  20. If we lose on Saturday do we all think the board will (need to?) issue a ‘vote of confidence’ in CC? If we lose to Cardiff and then lose to Palace (very likely) they will surely have to? What do people think? Cheers! (I hope we win both games, natually…!)

  21. Difficult. I personally wouldn’t have put Cardiff down as a game I would expect us to win anyway. Hope for a win, be happy with a draw and wouldn’t be too dissapointed if we lost as long as it wasn’t a bad defeat would have been my pre-season expectation.

    Given our circumstances and the quality of opposition, I don’t think we can be too critical of either the team or CC if we get beat by what is a better side. IMHO, all we can ask for on Saturday is a good performance and EVERY player giving their all for the WHOLE game.

    The Palace game is one I feel we should get something out of, even though its away. We’ll be much cuter to the way they play and if we’re strong enough, we’ll win.


    Ian: Why is your name a clickable link? And why does it go nowhere?

  23. I see Duncan Mckenzie is advertised for an evening. He is definately recommended. I wish I could be there.

  24. Radgie – I am hopeless at internet-related things, so don’t really understand your question. But I think I know what you mean and I can’t help/explain. I am at a loss. I don’t intend to provide clickable links anyway!

  25. It’s certainly depressing at the moment, but with just over a week to go to the most important Forest match in years we HAVE to improve. We MUST get behind the team. If we get ripped to pieces by D***y then CC must walk but till then I just pray that we go that ground and play our bloody hearts out.
    PLEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEE Sir Brian, lose to Cardiff, lose to Colins Boys but we MUST beat the Sheep!


  26. Booing during the gane ? Don’t believe it. What ever happended to
    “it only takes a second to score a goal”. Who the hell is paying to turn up and boo? Times need to change at the CG, too many stuck in the past expecting tems to roll over in front of us based on the glory years (including the present Board). I don’t like Calderwood (boring and always plays up the opposition on the eve of a match … great motivation), or Arthur even more (let’s bugger off to China and pretend wer’re not bottom, Tony Blair spin Doctor mould). We should be scrapping for everyting, scrapping like we’re from Nottingham, scrapping against the bull coming from Arthur and his public school didn’t we do jolly well attitude, scrapping from the tea lady to the Chairman. The Boo mob and Arthur are not part of the team … get rid.

  27. Well said Steve. I hope the moranic boo boys who boo during the game will please stay away on saturday. Anderson said how much the players were lifted by the crowd after they got behind the team after the goal. The last thing I want to hear is cc ´s excuse that the crowd didn´t get behind the team !!
    I see Dowie has beaten cc to be the first manager sacked……….QPR are ONLY 9th which is not good enough for their ambitious board…..Nuff Said. Come on you Reds !! were now playing with wingers and no target man..Can the wingers deliver hard low crosses into the box ????????

  28. OK – Total change in the team – he’s ripped it apart today, Players been kicked off the squad, players making their debuts but still nothing. So you lot still going to blame players? Yes, give ’em a chance, yes, another match & we’ll change it, yes, we’re only loosing by the odd goal NO – No more excuses, the only stable factor in this blog is a man called COLIN CALDERWOOD. Make your own assumptions but I’ve had enough…

    & a point or 3 won’t change it.

  29. PS What do Lennon & Cole have in common – neither are good enough for CC!!! Please if that is possible, two players with such great history & experience dropped by a manager who has less years in Management than either of them played.

  30. PS What do Lennon & Cole have in common – neither are good enough for CC!!! Please if that is possible, two players with such great history & experience dropped by a manager who has less years in Management than either of them played.

    PPS – Derby are 1 up away vs Coventry & Paul Jewel dismanteled the squad in the summer.

  31. The inevitable happens & we lose but Coventry find a 90th min equalizer.

  32. Today the players did everything except score.
    I´m certainly feeling better after hearing the commentary and comments.
    Garner can only get better with more games. A win next sunday will do me and I still think a win will give all the players that bit of confidence to go on a run and collect points. I just pray for no more injuries……

  33. Sure I’ll post again after you write your match report nffc, but here’s my brief analysis…

    Superb first half. Garner looked the part, everyone worked hard and played neat quick football out to the WINGERS and we looked bloody good. Unlucky not to go in ahead.

    Necessary change at half time, Tys for Anderson. No reflection on Nathan but suddenly every pass was a long hoof, the 2 centerhalves couldnt get a decent firm head on the ball for love nor money and the ref made an awful decision regarding the penalty.

    CC, why go from an attacking 442 to a hopeful 433? When he was wide Tys tried hard but we just lost our way too easily again.

    Right, the crowd. Much better, loads more encouragement, noise, togetherness.

    Bit of gossip, Wilson punched Smith before the game so Smith apparently went home.

    Pity it wasn’t the other way round.
    Just my opinion.

  34. All due respects guys, please don’t get your hopes up. Cole & Lennon can’t be bad players. So why are they/did not play/ing?

    I don’t believe CC can turn it around, the next 2 games will be critical – Tues vs Palaca AWAY and DERBY AWAY. I sincerley hope we get 6 points but honestly don’t see us getting 1. We haven’t won since we beat Watford, we can’t play week in week out & continue to be unlucky, refs decisios\n bad etc etc etc. ENOUGH – Christmas is a bad time to change Managers, look at QPR – they were 9th start of play & sacked their Manager!!!!!!

    Say we were to lose the next 2, or get a point of the two – would anyone here be happy? How long before the board acts?

    He has 2 games – MAKE OR BREAK – That’s all. After that we’ll talk again. I give my word I will try my best to critcise/unleash or whateve my feelings on this blog after the Palace game but believe me if the worst comes…..

  35. I’ll update tomorrow properly; at the moment I don’t feel much like reliving anything!

    If the Smith/Wilson story is true he should be fined; he was poor today.

    Yiannakis; Lennon and Cole were both good players in their day. Unfortunately their day was long since passed by the time they donned the sacred garibaldi.

  36. So u suggesting under other managers they’d still not produce???

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