Clough in bronze, Clough on screen!

Brian Clough rarely escapes my thoughts, this week he’s rarely escaped both the local and national press.  Today in the Evening Post, for example, the forthcoming statue unveiling has been given a rather exciting prelude – that of Barbara Clough, widow of Brian, proclaiming Les Johnson’s effigy of Clough to be ‘just perfect‘, high praise indeed, from the person above all others whose opinion counts!  The full piece is available to read on the Evening Post website – and it certainly makes the countdown to the unveiling all the more nerve-tingling!

On the national press front, a Daily Mail reading nazi sympathiser (sic) alerted me to more Clough-related news which I hadn’t been aware of, in Charles Sale’s column.  This news is that ITV Sport are working on a major documentary about the Great Man.  The way Sale writes about it is that it is to be couched as a more realistic alternative to the movie adaptation of David Peace’s ‘The Damned United’; and will certainly prove more realistic given the reams of archive material ITV have of Clough, and is being suggested to be a celebration rather than a character assassination which harsher critics than I have levelled at Peace’s portrayal of Clough.

So that’s two Clough-related things to be looking forward to – certainly I anticipate them with a greater degree of excitement than I do tonight’s visit to the City Ground; although with both Smoulds and Magilton under pressure to deliver improvements, it could just be the jump-start we need to get our season back on track.  Gosh, that sounded almost optimistic!

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  1. …even thinking about the great Brian Clough still gives me goose bumps – in fact a couple of weeks back I read something about the great man which brought a tear to my eye, my missus royally ripped the plss out of me!!!!

  2. Top news about the great man ,and gosh i agree nffc you are being a rather bit optimistic.Even if we do scrape a win the issues at the CG under smoulds run deeper than 3 points HES NOT GOOD ENOUGH ITS AS SIMPLE AS THAT.

    WE NEED A LEADER and the reality is we are beggars an average side with a glorious past we will have to take what we get.I think you were spot on when you said after derby we might get a change of management after getting stuffed.

    Looking forward to hearing how the chuckle brothers play morgan and chambers or maybe the three stooges and throw bennett in aswell

  3. Wow, you trusted a nazi sympathizer who, to his shame, reads the daily mail? Brave stuff, taking on his suggestion NFFC!

    Confidence has sadly seeped away from this Forest Fan as I just cannot see how we can get results. We play well, other than against Wolves and possibly Plymouth (though that was scrappy more than anything) and we ar plumb bottom. I had never been one to call for the managers head, but I find little else to explain what is going wrong. We have very good forward players, McCleary continues to impress me as he seems to get better and better, the midfield is solid albeit when in 4-4-2. Defence, pretty bad but with the chances we make it shouldn’t matter. But sadly it does and the whole team is missing a trick and I fear, more than anything at this point, that the boys heads will drop even before the enter the ground which is the ultimate recipe for disaster. I like Calderwood, he seems cool under pressure and I always like to see people given a chance, he doesn’t have any experience at this level so in part he has done as well as he can. But I think, especially if they lose tonight, a change is in order.

  4. Who though? That is the question!

  5. Now here’s a thing…. I’ve just rung up a couple of the lads to see if they want a lift to the game tonight, kids cant go, school night, so room in the car.

    The lads aren’t going!!!
    Out of the 7 who go from my area regularly (and only 1 doesn’t have a season ticket) there is just me who is going to the game. Why? “Other stuff on, we’re crap, CC is shite, and the best one ‘didn’t realise we were playing”.

    That just about sums up how a lot of Forest fans are feeling right now.

    If Brian Clough could see what has happened to the club he built he would be a very sad man indeed.

  6. Well said mattyboy its becoming a sham the board dont have any backbone thta why we are in such a mess.

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