New recruit in the goalkeeper Camp..

It’s certainly news that a lot of the more knuckle-dragging fans around me will be pleased about; Forest have today completed the loan signing of Queens Park Rangers goalkeeper (and former Sheep) Lee Camp.  Given the nonsense that gets spouted about Smith, it should quieten down those who regularly spout vitriol in the direction of the player who has probably had a big hand (literally) in the miserly collection of points we’ve amassed this season.

That said, whilst I don’t think we need a replacement for Smith – I do think he needs credible competition for his place; and Camp certainly provides that – so I’m happy to have him on board.  If he is capable of gaining some kind of order from our back four, then perhaps the hints in the Evening Post that he will be in the sticks tomorrow night against Ipswich might be a good thing.

I still think that would be harsh on Smith though, however if we get a result then who cares at the moment!  Welcome on board, Lee – I just hope you’re not another Daryl Powell style plant from down the A52 – because imagine that, as a goalkeeper he could do much more damage than the former did as a ‘midfielder’!  I must learn to cage my over-active imagination.

The bottom line is that we had needed another keeper at least to cover for Smith in case of injury – the preference would’ve been a keeper to challenge him for the number one jersey.  I think that, on paper at least, this signing ticks both boxes.  Now we could just do with a couple of fullbacks, please, Smoulds!

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  1. Hey, do you have any past archived audio commentaries to upload so we can all have something to cheer about….?

  2. This signing is long overdue and I agree with the Post. Smith has been in the comfort zone for too long and has not been bossing his defence. Whilst he has not been a bad keeper this signing will make him a better one purely because it will provide the necessary competion.

  3. What has happened to Perch? Is he injured?

    No mention anywhere of why he wasn’t in the squad at QPR, or mention of him in the match preview for Ipswich tomorrow.

    Seems strange as he has been one of the most consistent players so far this term, and should be playing instead of Chambers at full back.

  4. Very good point Marc! He is not listed as being injured on the official site either?

    I notice that Breckin didnt make the squad either. He might as well go out on loan to get a game as he is clearly no longer in Calderwoods plans.

  5. I couldn’t help but look at what the sheepsh*ggers think of Lee Camp. Found this qote from one of them….which doesnt sound too promising!

    ‘Never really liked him when he was here, and when it got tough his Dad got involved and pretty much ended his rams career. Nothing to worry about if he plays against us, never seen a keeper that has less control of his penalty area than he does’

  6. looking forward for more information about this. thanks for sharing. Eugene

  7. Off the net, Arsenal midfielder James Dunne has signed for Championship side Nottingham Forest after a successful trial period. Dunne joined Arsenal as a scholar in the summer of 2006 and has been a regular for the Reserves and under-18s over the past two campaigns.

    As for other 2, they r back @ Arsenal.

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