Another saturday, another defeat, but we scored!

Queens Park Rangers – 2
Nottingham Forest – 1 

As last night’s beer subsides I can start to gather my thoughts; I hadn’t still intended to be in London now, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow and take a bit of pleasure when you can!  Last time we visited Loftus Road we were to go out of the Championship with a whimper, and be consigned to three years in League One.  Well at the end of this visit we still find ourselves bottom of the pile, and still 5 points from safety!

Infuriatingly, it was another one of those performances that, nestled amongst a few wins and draws, you would write off as a bit unlucky – I thought.  However, you can’t have a season full of bad luck, and as we rack up seven defeats out of eleven (I’m excluding Wolves as that was just a solid tonking), you have to start to look for an explanation other than misfortune or things just not quite clicking – I’m rapidly running out of cliches for a start!

The first half was pretty positive; you all know the routine by now – despite lots of possession, some of it even tending towards threatening, the final ball or critical decision making meant that chances were limited.  It was good to see Anderson in the side, and along with McCleary they looked to be the most likely source of any real danger.  The home side created a few chances too, but the defence and Smith held firm – the closest was when Smith couldn’t hold Buzsaky’s shot but the ‘keeper was quick enough to recover and grab the ball before itwent in.

Half time saw Lynch introduced for Bennett.  The first action was a Cohen cross to Cole which brought a decent but not exactly unexpected save from Cerny.  Shortly after Rangers took the lead – a long throw-in into the box and the ball in the net off the crossbar.  Cue all remaining confidence Forest had shown to visibly drain from the players.  It’s just the way things seem to be at the moment.

The lead was doubled when a combination of a bad clearance by substitute Lynch and nobody closing down or marking Akos Buzsaky who spannered it deftly into the corner from about 25 yards out to pretty much make it game over.  The very welcome return of Lewis McGugan for debutant Carl Fletcher, and Davies for Anderson, eventually sparked some life into the Reds, but first the home side were continuing to threaten with Buzsaky again coming close.

Lewis nearly got straight into scoring ways with a long range effort on his left foot – but couldn’t get it to dip enough to go under the bar.  When Forest did manage a credible effort on target – after Cole flicked to Tyson who spun and shot, the QPR keeper was equal to it – sprawling to the ground to tip it around the post.  From the resulting corner Cohen spannered over from six yards.

The goal came on 83 minutes after Cohen was fouled for the umpteenth time in the game, and it was converted by substitute McGugan from around 25 yards with a curling right-footed shot that could become is trademark if he gets a few more of them.  A glimmer of hope for the travelling fans, but even the most optimistic of us could only applaud Forest’s continued battling, but write it off as fruitless before the final whistle had already gone.

Worrying times.  On the positive side, I was impressed by Fletcher who put in some tough tackles and distributed the ball sensibly.  Also, we finally scored a goal in the league (for ourselves) for the first time since the home game against Burnley.  Small steps, eh?  I’m not sure we have time for small steps to improvement – however, as players like Anderson, Garner and Earnshaw become available with a positive addition like Fletcher, there is still a tiny remaining shred of hope for improvement.

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  1. I was at Loftus Road yesterday. Despite the defeat (to a side who weren’t very good) I went away relatively optimistic: this Forest side is streets ahead of the one that went down (at the same ground) three/four years ago, at least in respect of its midfield/attacking threat. I think with Earnshaw, Anderson, Martin, McGugan, McCleary, Cohen, Davies, Tyson, Fletcher, Garner, etc, there is too much attacking talent available to CC for us to go down. The downside is Andy Cole, whose body language is a disgrace. And he needs to shed about two stone!

  2. Ive lost all hope of a turnaround under CC i said on the forum 5 weeks ago that come mid october we would be in crisis well here we are and still in the crap.Dilluded forest fans who dont know football keep harping on about bad luck and refs ,nffc and several that comment on the blog saw last season that under smoulderwood we were going nowhere.

    We lack leadership on and off the field we couldnt hit a barn door at 5 yards with these strikers they are not good enough.And at the back we have the CHUCKLE BROTHERS IN CHAMBERS AND MORGAN I USED TO PLAY AND I WOULD LOVE TO PLAY AGAINST THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE BOTH PANTS.


  3. Like a lot of absentee Forest supporters I’m thoroughly fed up of this “glorious failure” epidemic parked when and truly within the CG. As I’ve said before, you get some decent football and Management down there and there will be an additional 20,000 of us who will be fighting for a ticket each Saturday. The sporting heritage of Nottinghamshire is so much greater than our colleagues down BC Way ….. Come on Lads, Get a Grip and stop making excuses.

  4. I give Colin one more game. NFFC can not afford to risk going down again.

  5. Chaffey, well said.

  6. Chambers has to go in january or out on loan to a lower div. side. CC brought him from his old club and keeps sticking with him. Perchy at right back please…Morgan too,sadly is NOT good enough for this division. Why can we all see it and cc can´t.
    I´sure if we don´t get maximum points in the next 2 games then doughty will have to act. There is a limit to our patience. With the players we have when all are fit,I still don´t think we will go down,but to give cc 2 more games is fair. The question still is who would replace him. All good managers are employed .Our team is young and a win could give back the confidence so they play again like they did against reading………

  7. anybody want a cheap 3/4 season ticket ? ad enough !!!

  8. Seanyboy, I will give you a tenner?

  9. i will give you £50 for it

  10. So what do we reckon???? Two more defeats and CC will get the boot??

    Personally I think we will win on Tuesday night and delay the inevitiable. Typical if thats the case.

    Am I dreaming it, or did I read somewhere he tendered his resignation but Doughty refused it?????

  11. I went yesterday and thought a lot of effort and commitment from the players. Quite a few fans were critical of Andy Cole but again the front players were feeding on scraps. I have been very critical of Wes recently but he played very well and needs to keep that level of performance. I am bemused because QPR were there for the taking-but despite a huge effort we just couldn’t do it-probably because we are bottom of the league and we have a manager who cannot inspire the team to ‘do whatever it takes to win’
    Positives- Fletcher was good fought hard and tackled like he meant it! Tyson worked very hard (as did all the team,) Anderson will be an asset, Lewis is class full stop!
    Negatives- Calderwood why oh why! how can you get this squad of talented players to be bottom of the league-Played 11 lost 8 won 1 drawn 2- it is not good enough !!and you need to leave by choice or otherwise- because we will soon be adrift and relegation this year I fear will be a tragedy and a point of no return. Come on ND we need a change and we need it now! big time.

  12. I refused to pay moneybags QPR £30 so I missed the game. I assume CC played his usual 4-3-3 formation?

    Ian Hall (first poster to this article) thinks ‘there is too much attacking talent available to CC for us to go down’. I know what you mean Ian – we have some really good players and much different to when we had the likes of Darren Powell in the team. There is plenty of time to get out of this but does CC have the ability to make it happen?? Most people seem to think not.

  13. any advances on £50 ?

  14. The problem is deep rooted and points in one direction.
    Leeds last season would have been promoted by a mile (at our expense) without the points deduction. Leicester are flying in Div one at the moment. Both sides will be promoted this season. Our manager(?) with comparable resources took 2 years ! . Our back four have conceded a hatfull because he considered that being able to do well in Div one they would be ok in the Championship. Truth is Chambers is an average Div one player. Wes massive heart but not technically good enough. Wilson could’nt get into the Preston side in the Championship. Bennett ok going forward but, again, not good enough defending. Up front Cole overweight, taking his money and the piss!!
    All points to one man.
    Surely he’s only got two more games !!

  15. Aylesbury,

    We played 442 on saturday, and to be honest looked very good for it, Anderson looks like the Commons replacement we all hoped for and McCleary had his best performance this season.

    We got plenty of decent balls into the box from open play, but just don’t seem to be able to get on the end of them at the moment.

    Its almost as if the forwards are going to where they think the ball should be going rather than gambling (all a confidence thing)

    For me, the key thing from the whole game was McGugan coming back. We now have a genuine goal threat from centre midfield and I really believe he can slip in the type of passes our forwards need. I love Cohen for all his effort and honesty with each and every performance but he’s just a bit toothless, no real final product from open or set pieces.

    Our defence on the whole did ok, but when you’re not scoring the pressure of keeping a clean sheet just seems to be too much and every mistake is being punished.

    I like Smith, he’s one of the best shot stoppers around, but, thats only a small part of goalkeeping. If you’re not controlling your box, organising defenders, coming for cross, distributing well, then that will cause a nervy and edgy defence, the less confidence the defence has in their keeper, the deeper they drop and the deeper they drop the more likely they are to concede.

    Because of this, signing Camp could be exactly what we need. It will hopefully shake things up a little and bring a little more order (and also give Smith a chance to rebuild some confidence)

    It IS getting towards the point of no return, but I STILL believe things will turn round over the next 5 days.

    It is so important we score first tomorrow night, do that and you will see the pressure lift of the shoulders and hopefully. Hopefully we can go from there and push onto Saturday.

    2-0 tomorrow night (McGugan, Tyson)

    Come on you reddogs, lets get behind them…

  16. Steve – thanks for answering that, perhaps Calderwood has now finally accepted that 4-3-3 just isnt working for us.

    I like your rationale of the decision to bring in Camp. The lad says he is fed up of sitting on the bench at QPR so I cant imagine he is coming to do the same here.

    Apperently Commons ran the show for Derby on saturday which just adds to the pain of our current predicament. Grrrr…

    Come on you reds, 2 nice home wins this week would make us all so happy!!!

  17. CC is nightmare, most of us are agreed on that. But he is going nowhere until he proves he cannot delivery with somewhere like a full squad. Lets hope THE TEAM can turn it around with so many good players coming back 5 6 7 or 9 points before the sheep and things will be totally different. I still think with or without CC we can get out of this, we really do have some quality players, we just need some confidence and a new back four in January !!!!!

  18. £50 is here waiting if you want to sell

  19. The things we seem to be able to collectively conclude upon reading these posts are as follows: 1) the current squad is significantly better than the one that went down 3-4 years ago (a terrible squad full of has-beens and never-will-bees); 2) the current squad has enough individual ability to finish about mid-table in this division; 3) CC appears to be the weakest link. But will it be ‘you are the weakest link, goodbye…’: the next 3-4 games will surely be crucial for CC. Surely.

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