Andy ‘Andrew’ Cole – next Forest manager?

The Peoples choice? (sic) for the not-yet-vacant Managers post at Forest as rumours hit silly season

The People's choice? (sic) for the not-yet-vacant Manager's post at Forest as rumours hit silly season

Rumour peddling is a potentially counter-productive endeavour; indeed, seemingly everyone who follows a team has a ‘source’ or is ‘in the know’, intermingled with the general jokers and wind-up merchants you may be lucky enough to find somebody who actually does have ‘good’ information, however, you would have to ask yourself why that person would then impart it to seemingly random people – more often than not via the internet.

Of course, should I find out interesting things I tend to write about them here; not that I think I’ve ever unEarthed any exclusives – I tend to just offer my opinion, for what it’s worth, on things that have already come to pass, or speculate idly about any widespread gossip that is doing the rounds – which is largely the purpose of this entry – because the Sunday People have come up with an absolute corker.

Not content with the usual Sam Allardyce to replace the imminently-sacked Smoulderwood, they believe that Andy ‘Andrew’ Cole is next in line for the poisoned chalice.  That’s right, the fella who has no coaching or managerial experience, the one who agreed to sign for us so he could get that experience.  You couldn’t make it up!  Of course, if it turns out to be true, then more fool me – or rather, more fool the Forest board!

Whilst I dabble in a bit of rumour peddling myself, I’m becoming increasingly aware of the destructive potential for such activities.  Of course, it’s nothing new – newspapers have done it for years as have fanzines, but the ubiquitous and instantly-updatable channel of the Internet accelerates it to epic proportions, reaching a far wider audience more quickly, including those involved in the dramas.  It’s interesting, for sure, but I’m not sure always beneficial.

For what it’s worth, I’d be incredibly surprised if Andy ‘Andrew’ Cole is unveiled as the next Forest manager, or indeed, is ever unveiled as Forest manager.  It does seem an odd time of the season to be whisking the manager away to China for presumably some kind of meeting that really he doesn’t need to be at, though, so perhaps things are afoot.  Now who’s starting unfounded rumours?  I’d better stop there.

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  1. dunno about andrew cole but i do feel he would be good because he would be a young manager and because he’s still playing he knows all about the modern game and would be able to communicate to the players at there level Also it would be very different to what forest have had in the last couple of years, which we don’t know is a good or bad thing. Although i do think it would be a bit risky bringing him in. this being his first managerial experience.

  2. Although not a trained coach or having any managerial experience,he couldn´t do any worse tactically than cc,but there again neither could John McGovern or Kenny Burns,or half the contributors to this Blog !!!!!

  3. Classic! It must be international weekend or something! My brother’s best mate’s sister’s cat’s best friend’s owner’s plumber’s dad’s budgie told me in an ‘exclusive’ that the statue of Sir Brian has more chance of success than Andy Cole, and certainly understands 4-4-2 better than CC. (I hope he was watching the England match, because, guess what, we played better with 4-4-2 – it’s the English system and we all understand it)

    When Andy Cole moved to Man Utd my Geordie mate told me that he was seriously over-priced. I said – “but what about his goal record – he scores 40 goals a season!”, and he said “Yes, but he gets 10 chances every game, and only scores 1. Without Peter Beardsley giving him the supply, he’s not that great”. I don’t think Andy Cole brings much to Forest, because he only knows the 6 yard box, and now he’s too slow to get into that. He will not be a good manager at all, unless he’s a very quick learner. He’s not got the calibre of a Roy Keane, or a Gordon Strachan, or a Mark Hughes, and can galvanise a team around him. He’s not that kind of person.

    Ideal Forest manager, in fact…

  4. This blog is ace, needs to be easier to find when typing in “Nottingham Forest”. As for Cole, I’ve always disliked Doughty’s investment in “potential” with the likes of Platt and Calderwood being backed with far to much money when the likes of Hart got naff-all – what are we a training ground for new managers? And then there’s the other extreme of too old-school bosses like Kinnear and Megson, Jurrasic to say the least. Allerdyce I can live with though, and Clough would at least have the fans full support even if we got relegated which may be good enough reason why now is the right time to bring him in so he can settle. Whoever comes in though Calderwood has to go first so I’ll be happy with that as an early Christmas present, and lets hope Doughty doesn’t look for potential or experience, just someone who’s good 😉

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