Disappointing, to be sure – but what of Big Sam?

She wheeled her wheelbarrow, but our formation was narrow...

She wheeled her wheelbarrow, but our formation was narrow...

There’s a lass at work who can be a bit slow; she’s not stupid, just gullible, and doesn’t engage her brain before she speaks sometimes. ‘I heard Forest are playing tonight; who’ve they got?‘ she said, not really interested – but thoughtfully engaging me in a subject she knows is dear to my heart. ‘Ireland, well, their B team‘, I responded. She paused. ‘Ireland? Aren’t they a country?

After the laughter had died down it did raise an interesting point; our ‘prestigious’ friendly against a group of players eager to impress the new gaffer of the Irish national side was perhaps rather ill-timed.  Of course, it provides an excellent opportunity to build fitness and team spirit, and those Forest fans lucky enough to be able to drop their lives at short notice and make the trip to have a nice jolly in Dublin, but well, given our current – erm – ‘situation’, another defeat isn’t exactly what we needed.

Familiar foes of Wes Hoolahan and Andrew Keogh linked up against a Reds side missing numerous regulars, although with the likes of Smith, Perch and Cohen a few regulars were present.  The most excellent news is that Joe Garner got some more football under his belt.  The less positive thing is that Forest didn’t score, conceded two and didn’t create much at all – according to reports.

However, we shouldn’t be too downhearted – a friendly is, after all, just that – and given that Kerslake was in charge, with Smoulders being whisked to China with Mark Arthur to plan our next sojourn abroad, it does perhaps underline the, well, dare I say pointlessness of the exercise aside from perhaps an opportunity for the squad to bond further on a trip away, and for some of the fringe players and those returning from injury to get a decent run out.

The only other thing of note to comment on are the growing Allardyce flavoured rumours doing the rounds.  It’s being largely reported in the media that Forest are lining up the former Notts County, Bolton and Newcastle gaffer as a replacement for Smoulderwood; although a person kindly directed me to a source on LTLF’s forum who suggested it could be a ‘to be brought in to work with’ type arrangement – as well as revealing that Smoulds has tended his resignation again recently, for the second time in his Forest career.

Of course, it could all be a big pile of steaming gossip, rumour and malicious lies.  It’s interesting to speculate though.  Whilst we’re on the subject of LTLF, they appear to have released some new content-driven stuff in the form of a blog – which makes some good reading and adds to the growing pantheon of Forest-related blogs!  Bonus!  As for the rumours, I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that I don’t believe anything ’til it’s confirmed and done.

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  1. I remember watching Bolton in the Ueffa cup……..like waiting for paint to dry…yes he got results with the team but my word was it dull football……..thats why the Ginger one has slotted in well with the club……..

    I think calderwood should go soon if things dont change but not big Sam….please no!

  2. ‘Ireland? Aren’t they a country?‘

    I’m guessing it was the same person who asked “Is Punani Japanese?”

  3. Gosh, lay off the girl – she siad the right thing. She was suprised to hear Forest playing a fiendly against a Country. At least she knows her Geography. It could have been a lot worse.

    Anyway, why did Smith play & we didn’t have another Goalie to throw on? Just as Cole was taken off I don’t see why Smith couldn’t be too. A missed opportunity to get 1 of our young keepers to get time under his belt if u ask me. We’re complaining Smith has no competition. No surprise then.

    We lost 2-0 in a friendly against players on the verge of the Irish 1st team. Yes we didn’t score but the opponents aren’t a league team. Keep that in mind.

    Good to see Garner with more time under his belt – he needs that & Forest need him too. That’s why we signed him when he was injured, right?

    As for the big Sam rumours, there’ll be more if the defeats continue….

  4. The game was a bit of a non-event by all accounts and though Mr’s Frey and McGovern were on sparkling form again, the match was anything but sparkling. The Irish side had some good players so it was a good test for Forest even before the game and it showed in the match. I’m not sure there was a lot of urgency from Forest though and it felt very much like a friendly from our boys at least. The Irish guys also would have been trying to make a point that they can play well with different players from other clubs. A disappointing result, again though. Nice to hear Garner playing, pity about Anderson and nice to see Byrne in the team who seems to be the gem of the reserves at the moment. I don’t think the game has helped us though and with big spenders QPR up next, I am starting to get a little worried. As for Big Sam, though he is boring and though he had a mare at Newcastle, he is good defensively (something we all thought Calderwood was good at but turned out not so) and maybe he won’t be daft even to play 4-3-3 away from home. I still think it too early to get rid of Calderwood but as Christmas fast approaches, I dare say he will be out if we continue in this vain of form (or lack thereof). Uuuu rrreeeddssss!!!!!

  5. Anyone who wants big Sam at Forest should be lined up and shot – forthwith !! If we wanted that type of manager, we should have hung on to Megson. For goodness sake people, Forest play nice football, these guys play dreadful football – BC will be turning in his grave at the very thought of them taking over the reigns.

    Not convinced that CC is the man for the job, in fact I never have been, especially after the play-offs fiasco, but I can’t see the point in replacing him now – unless of course an outstanding candidate comes to light; preferably an ex-Forest man. Shame we missed out on Laws, Pearce, etc but no point crying over spilt milk.

    Anyway, Radio Nottingham are insistent that they have had it from a very reliable source that all rumours to do with Sam are complete an utter *ollocks! Make of that what you will, but personally I hope they are right and he is not being considered.

    I think we should judge the manager on his full squad, so with this in mind we have to give him until early next year when Anderson and Garner are “match” fit. Hopefully out bad luck and injury woes will abate and very soon we’ll be firing on all cylinders.

    Cast your minds back to the Reading game but add in a second striker to partner with Earnie….. now there’s something to look forward to; lovely poassing football, a clean sheet and a more clinical/dangerous strike force.

    Let’s stay positive, and see where we are come the back end of January. My bet is that we’ll be doing considerably better by then. So vamoosh you doom mongerers! :o)

  6. Good comments Scran I agree !!

  7. I was at the game – I was working in Belfast anyway with a night off and a train ticket, and the idea of Forest being an international team struck me as something to see so I can tell my grandkids about it in 30 years time.

    Forest didn’t look that keen, but one thing did stand out. They got pushed around quite a lot. There wasn’t anyone with any presence – maybe the Irish side was particularly weighted towards big lads last night, but we didn’t seem to have anyone much bigger than 5’8″

    In the first ten mins or so, there was some really good passing football up front, but that was soon stopped and after that, the Irish more or less camped in our half.

    You’re right though. I doubt if it did anyone much good to get bossed around in front of a non-league type of crowd.

  8. Offered to resign?


    Out of ideas? Sick of the board? Hates the fans?

    My Bolton supporting friend says Big Sam always said the style of play depended on the players available. However I’m sure Megson used to say the same.

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