Clough statue gets a date for unveiling…

It’s the press release we’ve all been waiting for – or well, I know I have!

Nottingham’s lasting tribute to legendary football manager Brian Clough will be unveiled in the city at 1pm on Thursday, 6 November.

Thousands of people are expected to cram into the Old Market Square to see an eight-foot high statue of the former Nottingham Forest boss for the first time. The eagerly-awaited ceremony is being performed by Brian’s widow Barbara on behalf of the Clough family.

Mrs Clough said: “The sculpture will be a fitting tribute and I am really looking forward to unveiling the bronze statue in Nottingham. “The small group of volunteers who raised the money and the many fans who supported the fund will be delighted that the unveiling of the statue is about to happen soon. I am sure that a lot of people are very much looking forward to the day.

“Everyone has been so kind and I would like to personally thank all those who have contributed to making this all possible.”

The Statue Fund is being administered by Nottingham City Council and Council Leader Jon Collins said: “This is lasting recognition for a remarkable man who did so much for Nottingham and Nottingham Forest. It’s been a fantastic effort by the Statue Fund volunteers and the Council has been pleased to support them. I’m sure there will be lots of people turning out for what should be a very special day.”

The event is the culmination of an 18-month long fund-raising campaign by the volunteers, who were determined to smash through the £60,000 target figure needed to commission the statue.

Paul Ellis, who is Chairman of the Statue Fund, said: “The dedication that people have shown in raising the money just shows the esteem and affection with which Brian was held by the Nottingham public. He will be forever in their thoughts and the statue is a fitting and lasting tribute to a man who did so much to put the city on the global sporting map. Throughout the world, Nottingham is now synonymous with Nottingham Forest … and Brian Clough.

“Mrs Clough has taken a keen interest in the fund-raising efforts of the Statue Fund and we are delighted she has given her total support to a project that has meant so much to so many people in the area.”

The statue, which has been produced by world-renowned sculptor Les Johnson, will stand near the Old Market Square, where King Street meets Queen Street.

The city centre location was chosen in recognition of the unprecedented world-wide acclaim that Mr Clough brought to the city. He was also made a Freeman of Nottingham.

In addition to Barbara Clough, her daughter Elizabeth and sons Simon and Nigel, there will be a huge gathering of players, colleagues and friends of the master manager to see the unveiling.

The Forest team and manager Colin Calderwood will also be present in what will be a memorable day for the city and its sport-loving public.

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  1. Great effort by everyone involved im sad i wont be there to see it enjoy all you reduns who get to the day.The man and the team of that era will forever be sketched in my heart and soul.

    R . I .P Cloughie you were a legend

  2. Yes………great, just a pity that Peter Taylor isn’t getting the recognition that I believe he deserves for everything he did for Cloughie (well, everything positive he did for Cloughie at NFFC that is).

    Halcyon days, sigh

  3. Agree completely about the omission of Peter Taylor being unfortunate; however that doesn’t detract from the appropriateness of having a proper tribute to Clough 🙂

  4. Happy days. I’ll be booking the day off when I get into work tomorrow 🙂

  5. why are these things done after the person has died?

    glad he is getting a statue, i have heard county are doing similar thing for Jimmy

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